Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Beauty And Spa Biz

 The Most Love-laced Day Of The Year Is Almost Upon Us

Couples are swooning.

Hearts are beating faster.

Red and pink lovey-dovey decorations are filling the public spaces around us.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day – the most loving, ooey-gooey, and romantic holiday of the entire year.

You probably love Valentine’s Day for lots of reasons; the passion, the gift giving, the amore. But you know why else you should love love love Valentine’s Day?

It’s a huge sales date for retailer and service providers like you, so if you do it right, you can really capitalize and make some serious profits.

Not sure how you can implement Valentine’s Day into your marketing strategy? That’s okay!

The good news is that there are hundreds of different ways to implement this holiday into your marketing plans, but if you’re feeling a little insipid and need some inspo to get your creative juices flowing, just check out some of our go-to tips below!

Happy Valentine’s Day, beauties --- now, get to planning and marketing your biz!

Understand Your​​​​ M​​​​​arket, Then​​​​​ Strateg​​​​​ize

First things first, you need to know your audience before you can start your strategy. 

No matter who your target market is, it’s likely that you can still implement some kind of Valentine’s Day strategy – but your approach to this will definitely differ if you’re dealing with different demographics.

For example, if you serve mostly a male clientele, offering a ton of lady-based services on special won’t really boost your business in time for Valentine’s Day (and vice versa). Understand who you’re dealing with.

Galentine’s Day Over Everything

If you don’t understand the power of Galentine’s Day then you’re missing out on a powerful tool in our industry. Galentine’s Day is the ultimate girl-power-lady-appreciating-wonder-women-day of the year and it would be a silly marketing strategy to ignore.

The beauty biz caters a majority of their services to women, so it’s vital to ensure you’re including a Galentine’s Day approach to your marketing strategy. Celebrate women and their powerful female friendships by pushing Galentine’s Day promotions, offering Galentine’s day contests, and even offering Galentine’s Day special services that you don’t typically include!

Don’t Forget About the Cute Couple Specials

Even though Valentine’s Day is about love of all kinds, you truly cannot ignore offering specials, discounts, and promos to the cute couples of the world.

 Offer cutesy-discounts to couples who come in together for a service, advertise special promos for lovely-dovies who want to have a special day together, or offer a great gift card deal for SO’s who want to buy something special for their partners.

Try to capitalize on both services and products during this kind of special.

Encourage Self-Love as a Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make during the Valentine’s Day window is entirely forgetting about the single people.

Valentine’s Day is about love of all kinds, not just romantic or coupley love, so ignoring the idea of self-love is a huge marketing no-no during this time of the year. You’re in the beauty biz – an industry that’s got a strong foundation built on the treat yo’self-mantra, and the self-love practice largely includes beauty services.

Take advantage of this! 

Show the single people that they can practice self-love on this beautiful holiday and that they can celebrate it with your biz! Offer some self-love promos, some self-love discounts, and some special services that you’re offering to the single people of the world!

We guarantee that you’re going to rake in a lot more business than other businesses who ignore the single folk on this day.

Make Sure Your Customer’s Know About Valentine’s Day Promos Early

Your marketing strategies – as clever as they may be – are only successful if you give your clients proper notice.

It’s unlikely that you’ll receive a solid turnout on your Valentine’s Day specials if your market has no idea that you’re running special promos. Make sure that you’ve got your strategies in place well in advance and that you’re pushing these out to your clients with plenty of time for them to take advantage of them.

Employ your email pushes, your social media, your newsletters – whatever route you take to inform your customers, ensure it’s happening early enough and regularly enough that they know they can plan to take advantage of it!

Push the Relevant Products and Services

Knowing your marketing and understanding how to market, can only be successful if you’re pushing relevant products and services. If you’re running a Valentine’s Day special that caters to beautifying yourself for your romantic, steamy date, then promoting a day-of facial or chemical peel probably isn’t the right move (who wants to be splotchy, red, and peeling on their big date?)

Try pushing things that make sense for the day you’re offering them – eyebrow shaping, destress massages, blowouts, Valentine’s Day makeovers, color treatments, etc. Know what products and services to push and when to push them for the ultimate Valentine’s Day marketing success.

Themed Social Media Contests Are a Must

As cheesy as it might seem, people totally get into clever, funny themed social media contests.

Maybe your run a social media contest where you gift a discount code, gift card, or free service to the person who shares the worst Valentine’s Day date or experience.

Maybe you offer a shout out on your social media pages to the person who shares the most Valentine’s themed picture. Whatever you do, make sure you’re theming it with Valentine’s Day in mind and ensuring that you’re getting some good social shares at the same time (just because it’s a day of love doesn’t mean you can’t kill two birds with one stone, right?).

Keep it simple, keep it clever, and most importantly, keep it lovey-dovey themed.