Nail Technician Liability Insurance

Excellent-rated nail technician liability insurance that covers beauty professionals for more than 500+ beauty and wellness services. No membership fee, no quote process. Get fully covered liability insurance for nail technicians for less than 49 cents per day, in under five minutes.

Immediate Liability Insurance Coverage

Receive instant nail tech insurance with an insurance certificate after purchase.

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We provide A rated liability insurance for thousands of nail techs that is backed by 5-star customer reviews.

Mobile Nail Tech Liability Coverage

Be confident knowing you are protected wherever you practice in the United States.

Member Benefits

With your insurance, you will have access to over $750 of member benefits and discounts.

How Much Does Nail Technician Liability Insurance Cost?

Your nail tech liability insurance policy protects you and your practice. We provide perks and benefits that other liability insurance companies just don’t offer. When shopping for nail technician professional liability insurance, price can be a major deciding factor. But, does more expensive really mean more benefits and coverage? With other competitors, membership fees are required in order to obtain liability insurance. With us, no membership fees are required to become insured, and you receive all of the benefits and liability insurance coverage limits without any extra or hidden fees.

Two Year

Lock in a rate of $150 per year by purchasing our two year policy, with all the same benefits.




One Year

Protect your career for a single year. Get comprehensive coverage at the most affordable rate.





Protect yourself in school & after. Buy a policy just before graduation for a full year of discounted coverage.




Nail Technician Insurance Highlights and Coverage

Nail Technicians know all things nail care and nail art. They are licensed professionals with hundreds of hours of required training to help those under their care look and feel great. However, even the most skilled nail techs, giving clients their utmost attention and care, can still find themselves facing a claim against them for damages as a result of some form of loss event. One of the most cost-effective safeguards available is to have comprehensive liability insurance. Interested but unsure where to start? Below we’ll walk through the details, cost, and some of the more frequently asked questions we’ve received from fellow nail technicians seeking the peace of mind coverage affords.

Nail Tech Insurance Coverage Details

Professional & General Liability:

$2 Million per occurrence |
$3 Million per year

Personal Injury and Advertising Injury:

$2 Million

Identity Theft Protection:


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Everything You Need Bundled into One $169 Policy

We designed a policy that makes things easy. Get insured 100% online in less than 2 minutes and receive immediate coverage and proof of insurance.

Not quite ready for coverage? You can still sign up today and set your policy to start any day up to 90 days from when you purchase.

Bonus Benefits

  • Free Custom Website
  • Industry Product & Tool Discounts
  • Portable coverage that follows you anywhere you practice

EBS Plan Details

Professional & General Liability

$2 Million per occurrence
$3 Million per year

Product Liability Coverage

$2 Million

Rental Property Damage Protection


Identity Theft Protection


Stolen Equipment Protection


What Do We Cover?

EBS offers liability insurance for more than 500+ beauty and wellness professionals.

  • Acrylic
  • Airbrush Designs
  • Charms
  • False Nails
  • Gel
  • Manicures
  • Instruction
  • Pedicures
  • Polish
  • Foot Scrubs
  • Parraffin Pedicures
  • Facial & Body Masks

What Customers Are Saying

We are proud to have 5- star, excellent-rated customer reviews. We are dedicated to bettering our insurance and membership to meet the needs of all nail techs.

Check out what some of our customers are saying below:

Quick, Easy, Affordable. Thankfully never had to use it, but Elite Beauty is quick, easy, and affordable. I would recommend it to other beauty professionals.


EBS Customer

Definitely has made the process of getting insured easy to do. And I’m very impressed with how clearly they explain coverage so I understand what I’m getting, Highly recommend.


EBS Customer

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Protect Your Career with A Nail Technician Insurance Policy

Whether you are renting a space at a salon/spa, work in you own beauty spa, or as a freelance beauty professional, purchasing a nail technician insurance policy supports and protects your career wherever you go. Liability Insurance provides peace of mind and assurance no matter where your career takes you as a nail tech professional. A little insurance knowledge about the nail industry can empower you to make the right decision when it comes to researching and purchasing a professional and general liability insurance policy. Below is a complete breakdown of everything you need to know before purchasing an nail tech insurance policy.

Nail Tech Insurance FAQs

What Does Elite Beauty Society Nail Tech Insurance Cover?

The best nail tech insurance policies will provide essential coverage for the liabilities that can present themselves in the normal course of business to nail tech professionals. General liability, also referred to as slip and fall insurance, covers members from a loss event occurring simply from having a customer enter your premises. As the moniker implies, a simple puddle of water on the floor which causes a client to slip and fall can give rise to a claim. In this case, the member would be covered up to $2 Million per occurrence and $3 Million aggregately per year. Professional Liability claims are also called malpractice claims because they occur while you’re performing your discipline’s service. An example would be if you applied wax that was too hot and a patient were burned as a result. In this case, your professional liability limits would cover the claim up to the same limits as your general liability coverage. EBS also provides product liability coverage, up to $2 Million per occurrence and per year if an equipment malfunction were to cause an injury.

But we don’t stop there, in addition to the comprehensive coverages listed, members also receive identity theft protection, a free professional website, and access to members-only discounts on top esthetician gear and accessories. It’s always good to be informed and we invite you to
compare us to the competition. Once you discover how EBS compares you’ll know why we are voted number one for esthetician insurance.


What Is Professional Liability Insurance For Nail Technicians?

As an nail technician, you are responsible for the health and welfare of your clients. Your education and experience enables you to offer your clients excellent services. But you have a responsibility to protect your most precious asset—your career. Let’s face it: Accidents happen. But you can be prepared for the unexpected.

Professional Liability Insurance is a form of risk management in which the insured skincare professional can be protected and relieved of the financial responsibility of a potential loss.

What does that mean?
It is designed to protect skincare professionals from claims arising outside of their direct professional skills.

Read more about the type of liability insurance nail technicians actually need.

Do I Need Nail Tech Liability Insurance If I'm Working Part-Time?

Yes, even for a part-time nail tech, you will still be performing the same hands-on treatments with a variety of tools and apparatuses that can, unfortunately, give rise to a claim being filed against you. A client’s adverse reaction to a body wrap or a burn from wax that was too hot are both real-life scenarios that have led to actual claims being filed against nail technicians. Some states even require nail techs to carry professional liability insurance in order to obtain and/or renew their licenses. Be sure to check the State Board for your discipline in the state in which you desire to practice before setting up shop.


How Soon After Purchasing Does My Insurance Go Into Affect?

One of the most convenient aspects to Elite Beauty Society’s policies lies in the ability to obtain instant proof of coverage. As soon as you purchase a professional nail tech liability insurance policy and the system processes the order, you’ll receive an email with proof of coverage, as well as, access to a host of additional member benefits.


What's The Difference Between Nail Technician & Beautician Insurance?

Nail techs generally focus their practice on nail care and the variety of services and art associated therein. Comparatively, beauticians, or cosmetologists, tend to focus on hair, nails, and the application of make-up. However, there are many examples of nail techs that perform certain cosmetology treatments within their practice and vice versa. In fact, some states will allow one license to cover both disciplines, but be sure to check with your State Board for details. Elite Beauty Society’s liability insurance policy covers nail techs, as well as, more than 450 additional beauty and wellness services, including cosmetology, estheticians, and even salon business owners insurance.


I'm Still An Nail Tech In Training, Do I Really Need Coverage?

Unless you like gambling with your future, definitely. Even while in training, you’ll have client-facing situations and other circumstances where a claim event could occur. Without insurance, you’ll face having to pay for these claims out of your own pocket. For students who are enrolled in nail tech courses and are not licensed yet, you may still purchase a comprehensive esthetician professional liability insurance policy at an incredible rate of just $49 for a full year of coverage. When you sign up prior to graduating your courses, you receive the full limits of coverage and all of our members-only benefits of the professional program for a full 12 months.


How Much Does Elite Beauty Society Nail Tech Insurance Cost?

We have several options for nail technicians to choose from so they can find what works best for them and their business. For a one-year policy, the current rate for full-time and part-time skin care professionals is $179, which is good no matter where you practice in the U.S. For a two-year nail tech insurance policy, the rate is $299, a $59 savings over buying two, one-year policies. We also offer incredibly affordable nail tech student rates—just $49 for a full year of coverage.

In addition to all-inclusive coverage, we also offer a tremendous array of exclusive, members-only benefits. Recently, we’ve also been able to add micro-blading coverage to our insurance plans. This addition is only $499 per year. Read more about how much nail tech insurance costs as well as the costs of not having insurance.

What Makes Your Nail Technician Insurance Program Stand Out?

To be worth the investment, nail tech insurance should be both affordable while also being reliable. Our nail technician insurance program provides smart, real-world coverage at rates that run around $13 a month. With this program, you get all the way up to $2 million for each occurrence of general or professional liability, as well as $2 million in aggregate for product liability coverage. Not stopping there, when you sign up, you get instant access to a free professional website to market your services online and access to $750+ in member benefits. Our program really stands out when we throw in hundreds of dollars worth of discounts and early access deals on products and services from some of the best names in the beauty industry like Paul Mitchell and Redken.


What Type of Insurance Should a Nail Technician Have?

At a minimum, an esthetician insurance policy should provide comprehensive coverage for each discipline that you choose to offer to clients. The policy should include provisions for general liability, as well as, professional liability claims. Elite Beauty Society liability insurance coverage provides generous provisions for each of these, all the way up to $2 million per claim and a $3 million annual aggregate. 

Why Do Nail Techs Need Insurance?

In any industry, accidents are inevitable and unpredictable. The average claim in the spa industry is $5,500! Without insurance, this cost would come 100% out of your own pocket.

By carrying esthetician liability insurance, you can transfer the risk of monetary loss to your insurance provider. You no longer have to carry the emotional stress of figuring out how you’re going to pay a claim or defend yourself during the investigation period.

It only takes a single lawsuit or claim to bankrupt you.

You are a skin care professional with specialized training and certification. Though you may not be ultimately responsible for an injury or damages, your role makes you a target. Even baseless claims require you to defend yourself.  Legal defense can be costly.

Do I Need To Be Licensed To Buy Insurance From EBS?

Yes, professional nail technician liability insurance from Elite Beauty Society requires individuals to be licensed or certified in accordance with any regulations regarding their profession in the states in which they practice.


What Are The Unique Benefits To An Elite Beauty Society Policy?

Elite Beauty Society offers many additional member benefits designed to help you and your business thrive. In addition to a comprehensive professional liability insurance policy, you’ll receive award winning service from our insurance specialists that can help you anytime you need to contact us. You’ll also receive instant coverage the moment you sign up for a policy. Finally, you’ll have access to exclusive, members-only benefits like an identity theft protection plan, a free professional website, and discounts from some of the top names in nail tech products and accessories.

My Policy Has Expired, Am I Still Covered For A Claim?

We want you to have absolute peace of mind and the assurance you’ll be covered no matter what. So unlike other insurance carriers out there, Elite Beauty Society uses occurrence form coverage in our professional liability insurance policies. This means that even if your policy is expired and someone files a claim against you, you’re still covered as long as the claim event occurred during the period when your policy was still in effect.

Do You Offer Nail Technician Coverage In All 50 States?

Most definitely! Our nail tech insurance coverage has built-in portability. This means if you change jobs, move states, or change from using a mobile salon to a stationary setting, you don’t have to do anything with us beyond making sure you update your contact information. Have peace of mind and the freedom to provide services wherever it’s advantageous because your nail technician insurance is still 100% effective in all 50 states throughout your policy’s term.


How Do I Compare Nail Tech Insurance?

Decisions you make early in your career can have lasting effects so doing a comparison is a great idea. When comparing your options for the best nail tech insurance, you should compare the coverage breadth and depth.

Breadth in nail tech insurance means how widespread the coverage applies to events applicable to the industry. Look at the different coverage options included with the policy to determine which applies best to your unique situation.

Depth of the coverage means how much coverage of each option is provided. Solid nail technician insurance plans will provide at least $2 million per occurrence for general and professional liability claims, as these are the most common types of events for nail techs.

We are confident in our nail tech insurance program. See why hundreds of your fellow beauty pros rated our program as ‘Excellent’.

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Professional & General Liability Included?
Personal and Advertising Injury Included?
Identity Protection Coverage Included?$$$Add'tl Cost
Health, Dental & Vision Coverage Access Included?
Includes Member Benefits?
Coverage in 50 States?
Monthly Payment Options?
Price$199At a Quote$179$175$96

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