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What Does Hairstylist Liability Insurance Do?

Hairstylist insurance helps protect you if a client sues you with a liability claim or another form of covered loss is experienced. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there is a real possibility for accidents and a client filing some sort of claim against you over the course of your career as a hairdresser. Beautician insurance helps cover the costs related to such a claim in the case of a lawsuit or other costly issues. 

The protection that stylist insurance provides means that you have help covering the cost of a liability lawsuit and other accidents. This not only ensures your financial security and protects your personal resources but gives you confidence knowing that you are covered in case of a variety of unforeseen circumstances. 

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Elite Beauty Society is proud to have 5- star, excellent-rated customer reviews. We are dedicated to bettering our insurance and membership to meet the needs of every cosmetologist.

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Thankfully never had to use it, but Elite Beauty is quick, easy, and affordable. I would recommend it to other beauty professionals.


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Everything I was looking for was covered by Elite Beauty Society. I liked the fact that it offers coverage for services I hope to add in the future. The site was fairly simple to navigate. I recommend if you're looking for straightforward, easy-to-understand information.


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What Services Do We Cover?

EBS offers coverage for more than 450+ beauty and wellness services.

  • Hair Extensions
  • Instruction
  • Permanent Hairstyle
  • Wig Stylist
  • Thermal Styling
  • Esthetician Services
  • Hair Coloring
  • Men's Grooming
  • Shampooing/ Conditioning
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Hair Braiding
  • Children Services
  • Micro-needling
  • Facial Waxing

Protect Yourself with Hairstylist Insurance

Working as a hairstylist can be an incredible experience. At Elite Beauty Society, we understand the everyday ins and outs that beauticians go through, as well as the tools you use to make magic happen for your clients. You have put in hard work to get where you are and deserve to know that your financial future should be secure if something unforeseen happens. That’s why we offer top-tier hair stylist liability insurance. 

Hairstylist insurance is the protection every beautician needs to protect themselves and their finances in the event of a liability lawsuit against them. Whether you are a student still learning your craft or it has been a lifelong career, protect yourself with insurance for hairstylists. 

Hairstylists Insurance Coverage Details

Professional & General Liability

$2 Million per occurrence
$3 Million per year

Product Liability Coverage

$2 Million

Rental Property Damage Protection


Identity Theft Protection


Stolen Equipment Protection


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EBS Plan Details

Professional & General Liability

$2 Million per occurrence
$3 Million per year

Product Liability Coverage

$2 Million

Rental Property Damage Protection


Identity Theft Protection


Stolen Equipment Protection


What is the Cost of Hairstylists Insurance?

As an investment in your career and the financial security of your future, it is important to know how much it will cost and compare options. Our comprehensive coverage for hairstylist liability insurance offers incredible rates for flexible coverage terms. With the same great coverage for each option, we provide the ideal plan for every stage of your career.

  • Full-time hairstylists for $169: If you work as a full-time stylist, you can get a year of liability coverage for $169. You can pay all at once or in monthly installments over 12 months. 
  • Part-time hairstylist for $135: If you only work as a stylist part-time, you can receive a year of hairdresser insurance for $135. You can either pay monthly over 12 months or as a one-time payment. 
  • Full-time coverage for two years for $279.95: You can prolong the length of your coverage to two years for $279.95. You have the option to pay over 12 months or all at once. 
  • Student rate for $49: If you are still learning your craft and perfecting your skills, we offer a student rate for the first year of just $49. You still receive the same excellent coverage, just at a significant price break. We believe in investing in the future generation of hairstylists and are here to help you on your career journey.


Two Year

Lock in a rate of $139 per year by purchasing our two year policy, with all the same benefits.




One Year

Protect your career for a single year. Get comprehensive coverage at the most affordable rate.





Protect yourself in school & after. Buy a policy just before graduation for a full year of discounted coverage.




Elite Beauty Society offers beauty insurance monthly payment options, as low as $15.49/month through Paypal Credit.

What Could Go Wrong: Types of Liability Claims

Not all liability claims are created equal. Elite Beauty Society offers comprehensive liability coverage that covers professional, general, and product liability, as well as additional coverage. Each type of liability is related to specific circumstances that may occur and potentially result in a lawsuit. 

General Liability

General liability claims have to do with incidents that are not correlated to your work as a hairstylist. General liability claims are commonly called “slip and fall” claims as these are often the incidents that result in a claim. General liability claims will often be trips over a loose rug or out-of-place piece of equipment, slips on neglected puddles or slick floors, or falls on the premises. 

Here is a potential example of a general liability claim:

A client is walking in for a wash and trim. While they are walking in, they slip into a puddle on the ground from a leaky water fountain that has not been fixed. As they fall, they reach out to catch themselves and break their wrist on the impact. They need to take an ambulance to the emergency room to receive treatment. 

After they have been cared for by the emergency room, your client contacts a lawyer to hold you responsible for the cost of their medical treatment, their attorney fees, and the loss of income while they recover. The cost of this incident adds up quickly and could leave you in a difficult place financially. 

In this situation, general liability coverage would help you cover the expense of a liability claim. EBS would cover up to $2 million per occurrence with an annual aggregate of $3 million. As a hairstylist insurance policyholder, you would be well protected from a general liability claim. 

Professional Liability

Professional liability claims are those that are directly related to your occupation as a hairstylist. Professional liability claims for hairdressers often include incidents like burns, cuts, punctures, and scratches. As beauticians work with sharp or hot objects every day, there is a natural risk that an accident could occur during an appointment with a client. 

Here is an illustration of when professional liability coverage would be necessary: 

You are working with a client on styling their hair using a bubble wand curler. As you work, you lose your grip on the hot iron, which falls on your client’s lap, causing them searing pain. They quickly stand up, but they are severely burned and need to go to the hospital for treatment. This incident requires a while to heal and resulted in a permanent scar on their leg. Once they have been treated, they contact their lawyer to file a liability suit against you for the cost of the medical treatment plus the pain and suffering they endured during the incident. 

In this unfortunate circumstance, professional liability insurance for hairstylists would help protect you from paying the expense of the claim from your personal resources. EBS would pay up to $2 million per occurrence in a professional liability claim. The comprehensive coverage ensures that your financial resources are protected should a professional liability suit be filed against you. 

Product Liability

Product liability claims are another of the three main types of liability claims that EBS hairstylist insurance covers. As a beautician, you use products with nearly every client you see. Whether it is hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, or serum, hair products are a natural part of being a hairdresser. The most common product liability claims include allergic reactions to products or irritations because of a product. 

Let’s take a look at a potential incident of a product liability claim:

You are finishing up styling a client and are using hairspray to hold the style in place. You use a visor to protect your client's eyes, but some hairspray seeps through and gets in your client’s eyes. This causes severe irritation, and they want to go to a doctor because they are in pain from the hairspray in their eyes. 

Once your client has seen a doctor, they learn they are allergic to some of the ingredients in the hairspray you used on them, which is why their reaction was so extreme. They hire a lawyer to file a product liability claim against you. They are demanding compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as their medical expenses. 

In this incident, product liability insurance would help cover the expense of the liability claim. The coverage that EBS provides for hair stylist liability insurance would help keep your financial resources secure in a circumstance like this and cover up to $2 million per occurrence.

How Elite Beauty Society Stacks Over The Competition

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Additional Coverage

Not only does the hairstylist insurance from EBS cover the above liabilities, but it also offers excellent coverage for other unfortunate incidents. Additional coverage includes:

  • Rental property damage: A lot of stylists work in rented commercial spaces. If an accident damages the rental property, you could be held liable by your landlord for the cost of the repairs. That is what EBS includes coverage rental prodigy damages and will cover up to $100,000 in repairs. 
  • Stolen Equipment: If your equipment is stolen or damaged, EBS will cover up to $1,000 to repair or replace it.
  • Identity theft protection: As most hairstylists use some form of online advertising or booking, there is a greater risk of cyber attacks from malicious hackers. EBS includes up to $25,000 to recoup losses due to identity theft.
  • Occurrence-form coverage: Unlike many insurance companies, EBS only offers occurrence-form coverage, meaning that if an incident occurs during the term of the coverage, it still qualifies for coverage even if the claim is filed after the policy expires. We want you to have the best coverage possible and will ensure that you are completely covered.

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