Associated Skincare Professionals vs. 
Elite Beauty Society

What's the Difference?

When purchasing esthetician professional liability insurance policy, it's vital to have all the facts and know all of your options.

Associated Skincare Professionals (ASCP)

  • Professional & General Liability Coverage: $2 million per occurrence, $6 million aggregate. 
  • Personal Injury and Advertising Injury: Not Offered
  • Two Year Policy Option; Not Offered
  • Student Rate: $15, coverage ONLY for in classroom services.
  • Immediate Coverage: No, coverage goes into affect the day after the application is approved
  • Identity Protection Plan: Not Offered.

Elite Beauty Society (EBS)

  • Professional & General Liability Coverage: $2 million per occurrence, $3 million aggregate. 
  • Personal Injury and Advertising Injury: $2 million 
  • Two Year Policy Option; save up to $59 per year
  • Student Rate: Only $49 per year, no matter where you practice!
  • Immediate CoverageAs soon as you apply, you're covered!
  • Identity Protection Plan: $25,000

How else does Elite Beauty Society compare to Associated Skincare Professionals?

Elite Beauty Society offers professional estheticians and beauty professionals all-inclusive liability insurance as low as $179 a year where as Associated Skincare Professionals is $259 per year. We also offer same day coverage immediately after checkout, whereas ASCP offers coverage the day after your application is approved.

EBS Policy: Less than $0.50 cents a day and $80 less than Associated Skincare Professionals.

Get more affordable and more inclusive coverage with Elite Beauty Society.

Esthetician liability insurance protects you and your career. Having esthetician insurance is a relatively low cost business protection, that far outweighs the price tag of the average lawsuit and having coverage protects you from claims regarding accidents  that can happen in your spa or client sessions. 

Elite Beauty Society Insurance Rates

Two Year

Lock in a rate of $150 per year by purchasing our two year policy, with all the same benefits.




One Year

Protect your career for a single year. Get comprehensive coverage at the most affordable rate.





Protect yourself in school & after. Buy a policy just before graduation for a full year of discounted coverage.




Esthetician Insurance Highlights and Coverage

One of the most cost-effective safeguards available is to have esthetician liability insurance. Elite Beauty Society offers comprehensive coverage for more than 500+ services that will protect your career.

Esthetician Insurance Coverage Details

Professional & General Liability

$2 Million per occurrence
$3 Million per year

Personal & Advertising Injury Coverage

$2 Million

Identity Theft Protection


Occurrence Form Coverage

Industry's Preferred Choice

Elite Beauty Society Membership Perks 

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Trusted by Over 200K Professionals Nationwide

I was hunting for a good insurance policy that covered all the services  I offer, and stumbled across EBS. What a wonderful experience, and great customer service. And EBS is affordable plus the benefits to be with them are great. Thanks EBS!!

Sarah, B.

All representatives are extremely polite and willing to help out in any way possible….I have been a member for quite some time and would recommend them to everyone…Thank you for all your help when needed.

Tammy, B.

Absolutely love the experience. I've had EBS for 2 years now. First year just myself as a student and second year I upgraded to a professional policy . Enjoy the service and refer everyone who doesn't have insurance..

Stephanie, E.