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At Elite Beauty Society, we strive to support all the various and unique needs of our professional beauty community and we are excited to be a part of your journey in this amazing industry!

At Elite Beauty Society, we strive to support all the various and unique needs of our professional beauty community and we are excited to be a part of your journey in this amazing industry!

Through our FREE guides, templates, eBooks, and resources you can set yourself up for immeasurable success in our industry.

You'll find information on:

  • How to Deal With Difficult Clients in the Salon or Spa and Templates to Respond With.
  • How to Market Yourself as a Hair, Nail, Spa, or Barber Professional.
  • How to Do Your Taxes, Plan for Retirement, and a Downloadable Exemption Worksheet.
  • How to Write a Resume to Get You Hired in the Beauty Industry.
  • Downloadable Salon and Spa Playlists, Curated Just for Beauty Pros.

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Dedicated for All Beauty Professionals

Mobile Stylist Ebook

Being a mobile stylist takes self-motivation, determination, and having a passion for the beauty industry.

This is the perfect guide that gives you all the tips and tricks you need to become a successful mobile stylist! You will learn everything about this unique career from start to finish.

Mobile Stylist eBook

Salon Suite Guide

This is the perfect guide to help you understand the salon suite model. You will have access to the top salon suites to rent from and understand key factors to keep in mind when beginning your journey.

If you are thinking about switching to salon suites, this is guide is everything you need to become successful in the suite life!

Salon Suite Guide

Liability Insurance Guide

In this guide, you will receive a quick overview of what liability insurance is.

Beauty professionals will have a deeper understanding of the different types of insurance and become confident in deciding which insurance works best for them. This guide will help you understand the importance of need professional and general liability insurance for your career!

Liability Insurance eBook

Balayage Guide

This guide is dedicated to all balayage everything.

You will learn what balayage is, what techniques to use, and the different kinds of balayage! Step your game and skills with the ultimate balayage guide for stylists!

Balayage Guide

Salary Guide

This guide is all about finding out your ideal clientele so you can become a money-making beauty pro.

We have listed examples of wasted expenses that you may be spending in your salon/ spa, and tips on how to manage your money and grow your paycheck.

Salary Guide eBook

Tax Guide

Our taxes, finances, and savings guide provide beauty pros a quick overview of insurance, preparing for your future and save for retirement.

Become confidant in your future financially and learn the importance of how planning your future now will make you less stressed later in life.

Taxes eBook

Successful Beauty Business

Instantly boost your career with this Marketing Guide!

You will learn basic marketing tools and become confident in running your own marketing regime. Marketing can substantially impact your beauty professional career, you can become a marketing pro with this guide!

Successful Beauty Business eBook

Self- Care Ebook

Working towards a healthy mind and spirit can help with your daily stresses in your career.

Beauty professionals spend most of their time caring for others, in this guide, learn how to take care of yourself to keep you from feeling burnt out.

Self Care eBbook

Side Hustles For Beauty Pros

An estimated 45% of Americans have side hustles and boosting their income. 

We have created a Side Hustle eBook that is solely for beauty professionals. 

This eBook provides ideas for side hustles, how to start your own hustles, and quick business tips. 

Elite Beauty Society Resource Center FAQs

What Does a Cosmetologist Need to Know About Marketing?

In short? A whole heck of a lot! We don’t say this to scare you, just to inform you—running a cosmetology business is, at its core, running a business. And cosmetology marketing is forever going to be an enormously important piece to the puzzle. Marketing is an essential part of any successful business, so understanding what marketing is, who you’re marketing yourself to, and how to develop a cosmetology marketing strategy that works for you is key to creating the ultimate business (and bringing in a lot of clients, too).

We get it—marketing might not seem like something you want to focus on, especially if it’s a totally new skill for you. But there’s no need to be intimidated about starting from scratch—we’ve got you covered. Elite Beauty Society’s beauty industry resources are filled with beauty industry eBooks that can help you learn the marketing basics you need (HINT: check out our Cometology Marketing 101 eBook!)

The best part? All of our cosmetologist resources are totally FREE! That means you’ll be on your way to becoming a marketing pro in no time—and at no cost to you!

How Can Access to Free Beauty Professional Resources Further a Cosmetologist’s Career?

In the cosmetology industry, continuing education is everything. From acquiring licenses to tack on new, trendy services to your repertoire to finding continuing education courses at your local beauty school, there’s no such thing as too much education in our industry.

And of course, that applies to studying up, reading, and gleaning new information about our industry, your niche career, and running a business. At Elite Beauty Society, our Beauty Industry Resource Center is constantly stacked with FREE beauty professional resources to help you grow every step of your career.

Whether you’re just starting out in the cosmetology world or you’ve been here for a while, there’s no end to your education journey—keep up with our beauty industry eBooks, our regularly updated blogs, and our other FREE cosmetology resources to continue that growth!

How Can a Cosmetologist Start Their Own Business?

Starting your own cosmetology business is an insanely exciting prospect—think about it, you get to be your own boss, have total creative freedom, and can hire on a team that can make your business dreams come true. But don’t get us wrong, it can also be a little bit intimidating, too!

There are tons of steps you need to take to start your own cosmetology business, not to mention all kinds of factors to consider like renting (or purchasing) salon space, finances, taxes, services, marketing, liability insurance, and more. That’s a pretty long list of to-dos, isn’t it?

But no worries—we’re here to help. Start from the beginning with our (even longer) list of FREE beauty professional resources. From beauty industry eBooks that cover all the basics of running a business (like our liability insurance eBook, our Taxes, Finances, & Savings eBook, and our Renting a Salon Suite eBook) to regular blogs that are brimming with business tips and tricks, our catalog of free cosmetology resources is ever-growing!

With our help, you’ll be well on your way to starting your kickass cosmetology business in no time!

How Does a Cosmetologist Land the Perfect Gig?

Landing the perfect cosmetologist gig is tough—not only do you need to make sure all of your own ducks are in a row so you can perfectly showcase that you’re the right pick for the job, but also, you need to make sure you’re asking everything you need to know to be sure that this gig is perfect for you!

But how exactly do you go about making sure you’ve got everything figured out? We can help! Our beauty industry eBook and FREE cosmetology resources can walk you through every step of the pre-interview process all the way through to your first day on your job.

Some of our cosmetologist resources available here (for FREE) will dive into building and writing the ultimate resume, chat with you about liability insurance you need (even when you land the perfect gig), and go through all the 101 tips you need to know about salon environment, marketing yourself the right way, and interviewing like a champ.

What Does a Cosmetologist Need to Understand About Social Media?

In this day in age, social media is practically the end all be all for digital marketing. Knowing how to run a successful social media campaign for the beauty industry, understanding how to populate your page, and being on-trend in the digital world are all musts for creating a booming cosmetology career!

Not feeling totally ready to take on the social media world as a cosmetologist? Don’t sweat it—we’ve prepared some super rad FREE beauty resources right here to help you tackle the social media marketing game in your sleep. Our FREE beauty professional resources feature eBooks (like our Beauty Pro Guide to Social Media), cosmetologist resources like regularly updated blogs about social media, and so much more!

Elite Beauty Society can have you running a social media campaign like a total professional in no time at all!