Microblading Insurance Made For Your Beauty Business.


Elite Beauty Society now offers the most comprehensive beauty and microblading insurance at the lowest cost!

Elite Beauty Society covers cosmetologists, nail technicians, estheticians, makeup artists, and more than 350+ beauty, health, and wellness services.

Our microblading insurance follows you no matter where you provide your services, whether you are in your own salon suite, in a client's home, at a trade show or on the go.

Let Elite Beauty Society protect you and your license, with A rated, comprehensive and affordable microblading insurance. 

Most affordable,
straightforward pricing. 

Continuous business support,
product discounts and more!

Fast checkout process & immediate certificate.

Program tailored to beauty professionals.


If you've been insured with Elite Beauty Society for 6 months, or longer, you can add microblading coverage onto your policy! This additional coverage comes with all the same benefits of the standard policy.



If you've never been insured with Elite Beauty Society or have been insured less than 6 months, you can purchase complete coverage and add microblading, at the lowest rate in the industry!


Or call us at 1(800) 983-9508  to speak to a live insurance representative.

Your Policy Limits + Member Benefits

  • PROFESSIONAL & GENERAL LIABILITY: $2 million per occurrence, $3 million per year
  • PRODUCT LIABILITY: $2 million per year
  • OCCURRENCE FORM POLICYElite Beauty Insurance covers claims for incidents during coverage, even if the claim is filed after your policy expires.
  • ONE ANNUAL MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: Choose from one of four beauty publications: Beauty Launchpad,Eye Lash, NailPro, or DAYSPA
  • FREE INDUSTRY NEWSLETTER: Enjoy a free weekly newsletter and be informed of beauty news, continuing education and more!

*To be eligible for Elite Beauty Microblading coverage you must: Be a licensed beauty professional, complete a 5 day in-person training program, practiced on 5 live models during your training program, and obtain proof of certification.*

Why Do I Need Insurance?

In any industry, accidents are inevitable and unpredictable.

The average claim in the spa industry is $18,477, and we have seen claims as high as $125,000! Without insurance, this cost would come 100% out of your own pocket. By carrying liability insurance, you can transfer the risk of monetary loss to your insurance provider. You no longer have to carry the emotional stress of figuring out how you’re going to pay a claim or defend yourself during the investigation period. 

Microblading is a fantastic but vulnerable service, It only takes a single lawsuit or claim to bankrupt you.You are a professional with specialized training and certification. Though you may not be ultimately responsible for an injury or damages, your role makes you a target.

Even baseless claims require you to defend yourself, and legal defense can be costly.

Or call us at 1(800) 983-9508  to speak to a live insurance representative.