Microblading Insurance

Tailored to Your Microblading Artist Career.

Why Choose EBS for Your Microblading Liability Insurance Needs?

Excellent-rated microblading liability insurance that covers beauty professionals for more than 500+ beauty and wellness services.  Get A rated coverage for less than 49 cents per day, in just five minutes.

Immediate Coverage

Once you have completed our 5 minute online application, you will receive instant proof of coverage.

#1 Trusted Insurance

Over thousands of beauty professionals have trusted us to protect their career. Read customer reviews.

Mobile Coverage

Do you practice at more than one location? Don't worry, our coverage will follow you within the United States.

Member Benefits

We are more than just microblading insurance, EBS has over $750 of member perks tailored to the beauty industry.

What Customers Are Saying

Elite Beauty Society is proud to have 5- star, excellent-rated customer reviews. We are dedicated to bettering our insurance and membership to meet the needs of every professional.

Check out what some of our customers are saying:

Fast & Efficient. Perfect for new business owners. The process isn’t the easiest to open up anything on your own. Thank you Elite Beauty Society!


EBS Customer

Everything I was looking for was covered by Elite Beauty Society. I liked the fact that it offers coverage for services I hope to add in the future. The site was fairly simple to navigate. I recommend if you're looking for straightforward, easy-to-understand information.


EBS Customer

What Services Do We Cover?

EBS offers coverage for more than 500+ beauty and wellness services.

  • Microblading
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Eyelash Services
  • Microshading
  • Eyebrow Lamentation
  • Instruction
  • Saline Microblading Removal
  • Oxygen Infusion Facial
  • Make-up (not permanent)
  • Facials
  • Chemical peel (no lasers)
  • Endermologie
  • Esthetics
  • Acne treatments
  • Ombre Brows

Microblading Insurance Highlights and Coverage

In this industry, accidents are inevitable and unpredictable. The average claim in the spa industry is $18,477, and we have seen claims as high as $125,000.+ Without insurance, you would have to pay 100% out of your own pocket. But by carrying liability insurance, you can transfer the risk of monetary loss to your insurance provider, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Microblading is a fantastic but vulnerable service, you are a professional with specialized training and certification. Though you may not be ultimately responsible for an injury or damages, your role makes you a target. Even baseless claims require you to defend yourself, and legal defense can be costly.

Let Elite Beauty Society protect your career with A+ rated, comprehensive and affordable microblading insurance.

Microblading Insurance Coverage Details

Professional & General Liability

$2 Million per occurrence
$3 Million per year

Personal Injury and Advertising Injury

$2 Million

Identity Theft Protection


Elite Beauty Society Member Perks 

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Discounted Health Insurance Marketplace

Receive discounted rates to ACA Health Insurance with Dental/ Vision Plans

Lifestyle & Travel Discounts

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Access 600+ Hours in Continued Education

And, So Much More!

Elite Beauty Society is continually adding more member perks to better serve our community

Everything You Need Bundled into One $169 Policy

We designed a policy that makes things easy. Get insured 100% online in less than 2 minutes and receive immediate coverage and proof of insurance.

Not quite ready for coverage? You can still sign up today and set your policy to start any day up to 90 days from when you purchase.

Bonus Benefits

  • Free Custom Website
  • Industry Product & Tool Discounts
  • Portable coverage that follows you anywhere you practice

EBS Plan Details

Professional & General Liability

$2 Million per occurrence
$3 Million per year

Product Liability Coverage

$2 Million

Rental Property Damage Protection


Identity Theft Protection


Stolen Equipment Protection


What is the Cost of Microblading Insurance?

Elite Beauty Society offers the most comprehensive beauty and microblading insurance at the lowest cost.

Elite Beauty Society covers microblading, cosmetology, microshading, ombre brows, esthetics and spa, and makeup services, and more than 500+ other beauty, health, and wellness services. Our microblading insurance follows you no matter where you provide your services, whether you are in your own salon suite, in a client's home, at a trade show.

 When shopping for professional microblading liability insurance, the price can be a major deciding factor. But, does more expensive really mean better coverage? Elite Beauty Society's Insurance has no membership fees, and you will receive coverage that is tailored to protect you. See our rates below:

Member Rate

 If you've been insured with Elite Beauty Society for 6 months, or longer, (on your current policy) you can add microblading coverage for a discounted rate. This additional coverage comes with all the same benefits of the standard policy.




New member rate

If you've never been insured with Elite Beauty Society, you can purchase our standard policy and add microblading coverage at the lowest rate in the industry. 




*standard policy rate ($169) not included in price*

Why You Need To Protect Your Microblading Career

Whether you are renting a salon suite or salon booth/ chair, work in your own salon, or as a freelancer, purchasing a microblading insurance policy supports and protects your career wherever you go. Liability Insurance provides peace of mind and assurance no matter where your career takes you. A little insurance knowledge can empower you to make the right decision for researching and purchasing a professional and general liability insurance policy. Below is a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about a microblading insurance policy.

Microblading Insurance FAQs

Do you need insurance to perform Microblading services?

Different states vary considerably in their requirements for microblading and permanent makeup professional’s insurance requirements. In the past, some states required a cosmetology license to practice. As of May 2017, if you take the blood-borne pathogens training course, you are safe to practice microblading. Always check the State Board’s website for the specific requirements of the state in which you plan to practice.

Since microblading involves needles, there may also be certain Health Department certifications required within the locale. For example, the Florida Department of Health classifies microblading and permanent cosmetics as tattooing, which requires its own license and certification. Some states and several certifying boards make it a requirement to have insurance in order to obtain a license and/or certification.

However, even if it’s not a specific requirement consider this, the cost of purchasing a comprehensive microblading insurance policy from EBS pales in comparison to the cost of a potential liability claim against you, your business, and your license. Simply put, one of the one cost-effective means with which to protect you and your business from a claim is to have the security of a microblading insurance policy in place.

Do Microblading members receive the same EBS member benefits?

Absolutely, when you purchase insurance from EBS and add coverage for microblading professionals, you will have the same industry-leading benefits afforded to all our members.

By far the best benefit of an EBS microblading insurance policy is the robust and comprehensive coverage provided. We are more than just insurance, we offer $750+ in member perks.

Members receive a free, customizable website to promote your business online where the majority of clients will first be introduced to your specific services. You’ll also get exclusive discounts and early-access on a variety of products and tools from industry leaders.

We offer access to find the cheapest rates for health insurance, and discounted rates on dental + vision insurance.

What types of claims can be filed against Microblading professionals?

Microblading professionals require additional training and certification in order to safely provide services to clients. Because of their use of tools which puncture layers of skin, even with proper care and attention to detail, complications that could give rise to a claim event can occur. We’ll briefly go through each liability coverage with examples of possible claim events that can, and have, occurred.

  • Professional Liability - often referred to as “malpractice” insurance provides coverage for claims that arise out of performing your service. For example, you're using your permanent makeup machine but then faulty wiring causes an electrical short, which overheats the instrument, and burns your client’s skin. With EBS, an event like this is covered up to $2 Million per year. If the client had extensive medical bills to treat this, you could be left paying these costs out of pocket without comprehensive insurance.
  • General Liability - also called “slip and fall” insurance as claims occur from simply operating your business in a physical location. An example could be a client tripping over a loose rug, injuring themselves, and filing a claim.

Can Microblading be performed in a mobile salon?

This depends on the state, county, parish, etc. in which you plan on operating. The State of Florida classifies microblading as tattooing, requiring licensure as a tattoo artist and also limiting the service location to a licensed tattoo parlor.  

Always be sure to check your State Board for the specific requirements for training, testing, certification, insurance, and licensure.

What services does Microblading insurance cover?

With EBS, our policies cover more than 500+ modalities and counting in beauty and wellness services.

Coverage is extended to the various beauty services like aesthetics and cosmetology, as well as other skin treatments like dermaplaning and even a variety of yoga practices.

We want our members to be free to use the combination of services that works best for them and their clients and not be hampered with having to add additional coverage each time they learn a new modality.

Where can I see a microblading insurance comparison?

At EBS, we want you to have all the information you need to make the best decision for your own career when it comes to microblading insurance. To save you some research time, we went ahead and published a complete insurance comparison of our plans right alongside the competition.

See for yourself how our program stacks up and why so many beauty pros trust us to protect their careers.

What is microblading liability insurance?

Liability insurance provides you with coverage for unexpected situations so the expense doesn’t come out of your own pocket whenever you have to file a claim.

What's the cheapest microblading insurance available?

On an apples-to-apples comparison, EBS offers the most comprehensive coverage options available, at the lowest rates. We are able to provide this because our program was designed by beauty professionals, for beauty professionals. Check out our insurance comparison to see for yourself how our plans compare.

How much does Microblading insurance cost?

For the convenience of our members and members-to-be, we offer several options to fit with however you choose to provide services. For EBS members (that have been insured 6 months or longer) that want to add microblading coverage onto an existing policy, coverage can be purchased for $349 for an entire year.

For new members, you can purchase a comprehensive policy and add microblading for just $499 per year, one of the very lowest rates in the industry yet one which affords some of the best coverage options available.

We also offer a benefits-only option for just $39 a year, which excludes any insurance coverage, but does give you access to all of EBS’ exclusive, members-only benefits and discounts.

Do you need a Microblading license to order to purchase insurance?

Yes, EBS requires that microblading professionals need to be licensed prior to purchasing insurance coverage. As well, microblading professionals must acknowledge that they have successfully passed a five-day training course, have practiced on no less than five models during training, have obtained a certification of completion for their training, and accept full responsibility for maintaining and sterilizing equipment prior to rendering services.

If you are new to microblading and are interested in practicing, we have a guide to help you through it all.

What kind of insurance do Microblading professionals need?

At a minimum, an insurance policy for microblading professionals should have robust provision for general liability and professional liability claims. From our extensive work in the industry, we’ve also chosen to provide coverages for many other common claims that can occur during the course of providing these services.

Our goals are to provide our members with the most comprehensive insurance program available (including identity theft protection) for the best price. This specific suite of coverage options has been tailored especially for beauty professionals, including those providing microblading and permanent cosmetic services.

Call us at 1-866-868-2689 to speak with a real life, knowledgeable sales representative or you can fill out our handy contact form and we’ll get in touch to review how EBS microblading insurance can help be a safeguard in your unique circumstances.

What does "A rated" Insurance mean?

To be rated as “A rated” an insurance carrier has been vetted by an independent rating agency like A.M. Best, as having demonstrated the financial integrity to be able to honor it’s obligation to pay on customers claims. At EBS, we’re proud to have the backing of A-rated insurance carriers on all of our policies. 

Can you transfer Microblading licenses to another state?

Each state has its own rules for how to transfer an existing license from one state to another. Be forewarned, the process can be lengthy so the sooner you can get started, the better. You may have to complete additional training or certification in the new state/county you wish to operate in. Be sure to check your new state’s board for specific licensing requirements.

Is EBS Microblading insurance portable?

Yes, the beauty of a microblading insurance policy from EBS is the fact that coverage is fully portable and follows you no matter where you provide clients your unique services - from private salons, to house calls, trade shows, and throughout all 50 states.

Call or click to contact our team to see just how convenient and comprehensive coverage provided by EBS can be for you and your business.

Is microblading insurance worth it?

You never see a claim coming, or else you wouldn’t really need insurance. But insurance provides you with that safety net for the unexpected so that your livelihood isn’t affected by an accident.

As simple as it sounds, a slip and fall case in your place of business could result in a lawsuit easily running into the hundreds of thousands. Without insurance, those costs are on you.

Is microblading insurance required by salons?

Yes, most salons will require their independent makeup artists have insurance prior to being able to render services out of their space.

With EBS, you get full coverage for yourself and for things like damages to a rented space.

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