Valentine's Day 2022 Looks Your Clients Will Love
The Must-Have Hair & Makeup Looks for the Lovey-Dovey Holiday

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we’ve gotta be honest with you—we freakin’ love love.

Yep, when it comes to this super cheesy holiday, we say let Cupid’s arrows fly and the clouds rain chocolate kisses and roses—the more love the absolute better in our book.

With this knowledge in mind, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised when we tell you that there are like, one million V-day looks we absolutely think you should try out on your clients this year.

No, we’re not going to make you try all of them, but we have included some all-time faves in the list below to help you prep for those pre-V-day appointments.

Have some tried-and-true Valentine’s Day looks yourself? Leave us a comment in the reply section at the end of this article, we’re always down to add to our list of must-have lovey-dovey looks!

The 2022 Valentine’s Day Looks You Won’t Want to Miss

Get ready, get set, get the love on—we hope you adore these V-day looks as much as we do.

Go-To Curls

Go classic, go bold, go curly. There’s something sweet and sexy about a beautiful, curled look—and of course, stylists like you love a good curly-haired look because it can be a statement look on its own or contribute to an even more stunning hairstyle. In other words, there’s a lot you can do with a bunch of beautiful curls.

Want a pro tip? Try for a curling wand that has a relatively wide barrel to get those loose but stunning curls—go even wider for a much more laid-back, wavy look.

Low Bun, Fun Scrunchie

It sounds simple, but a sweet little chignon or a sleek bun can be such sophisticated looks on their own. Add a scrunchie—especially a Valentine’s Day lovey-dovey scrunchie—and you get a sleek look with a little pop of fun and flavor.

Go loud with heart patterns and kisses or just throw V-day a bone with a sleek, pink, silk scrunch keeping everything in place. What does this style say about you? You’re as sophisticated as they come—but you’re not afraid of a little fun.

Dreamy Braided Half-Up Half-Downs

Give us half-up half-down styles every day of the week, please—but especially on Valentine’s Day. Halfsie styles tend to add a little drama, lots of sweeping structure, and plenty of romance to go around—that’s why they’re the perfect, go-to look when you’ve got a hot date or a cute night out with your sweetheart (or like, a night out with the gals, too).

French Braid Crown

You know the braided crown look, right? Well, this look is like that but adds a little cohesive dash of polish and prestige with two French braids worked into a crown braid. Tack this look on with some loose waves and volume and you’ve got a very romantic style that’s sure to pair nicely with whatever makeup look you have planned.

Want to give this look a little extra pop? Nothin’ says drama and romance like a little extra length or volume a-la hair extensions. This might be the perfect time to

Smoky Eyed Vixen

Turn the drama way up and opt for the sexiest eye makeup look of all for a steamy V-day. Yep, that’s right, we’re talking about the smoky eye, and even though it’s hardly a new trend, it’s hard to top in the hot AF department. Whether you take the smoky eye to total glam or just opt for a softer smoky look, this is a tried-and-true fave that never fails on a hot date.

Pops of Pink

Soft pinks are a must on the day of love! Whether you opt for a pastel pink monochrome look that lines your lids with shimmery pins and your lips with a muted pink lipstick or you’re opting for a creamy, rosy pink on the cheeks, you must include a little pink in your V-day look. That’s like a law, right?

Wispy Lashes

Volume is great when it comes to lashes, don’t get us wrong, but this Valentine’s Day, we’re all about finding the length with your lovely lashes. Make those babies pop with some minimalist eye makeup, a little winged liner, and a whole lot of mascara to really give the lashes a wispy moment and a life of their own.

Red Kisses

Has there ever been a more appropriate time to bust out a red lip? We think not. Opt for the perfect shade of red this V-day no matter what your plans might be.

Remember, not all red lips are created equal. Make sure you’re working with your client’s cool or warm skin tones to opt for the right shade (maybe it’s more on the pink side for some and the orange side for others).

The good news? There’s a perfect red lip for everyone out there—it might just take a little digging to find it. But let’s be honest, it’s so worth it for the perfect red, kissy look this V-day.

At the risk of being redundant, we’ll just ask—do you love these looks or what?

While V-Day only comes around once a year, there’s plenty of reason to spread love every dang day of the calendar. So, get lovey-dovey this V-day and try to carry it through the rest of Feb. Because for real, who said these V-day looks can’t be everyday looks? *Spoiler* they totally can be.

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