Top Beauty Trade Shows for 2019

Newsflash, guys, 2019 is upon us, and with this new rotation around the sun, you’re probably making a few huge resolutions to help you improve yourself, both personally and professionally.

Now, we can’t speak to your personal game for 2019, but when it comes to your profession in the beauty industry, we’ve got the perfect solution for you to level up your career in 2019 – trade shows.

Call them what you will – trade shows, beauty expos, glam fests. No matter what you end up calling them, the reality is that beauty trade shows are the hot-spot for up-and-coming beauty experts (and amateurs) who are looking to change their game and up their beauty know-how.

Want to know more about these legendary expos happening around the world?

We thought you might! We’ve laid out some information about beauty trade shows in general, how they can benefit you, and of course, we’ve listed out some of the must-attend shows happening in 2019You won’t want to miss out on these!

And because we love you, #BeautySquad, we've complied a list of ALL the beauty trade shows happening around the country, through all the rest of 2019. Download your complete calendar below!

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What Exactly is a Trade show?

It’s hard to bite the bullet and pay your way into a trade show when you don’t have all the details – so we’re going to outline exactly what a trade show is to give you a better idea of the investment you’re making in your career by choosing to attend a reputable trade show.

If we’re going to get proper, the real definition of a trade show is an exhibition where businesses, professionals, and individuals of a particular industry get together to promote services and products, host classes, and provide unique insights that you likely won’t find anywhere else.

The less proper but more exciting way to describe a beauty trade show? It’s a glitz-and-glam fest (typically spread out over the course of a few days) that’s filled with fun new products, celebrities and influencers in your industry, and tons of sneak peeks, educational classes, and connections you couldn’t get anywhere else! Sometimes, these trade shows even go above and beyond and host exhilarating concerts, ritzy parties, and exciting meet- and- greets--- it just depends on the expo!

Let’s Talk Benefits – Why Should You Go to a Trade Show?

Okay, okay, we reeled you in with the glitz and the glam. But the truth is, as fun as these tradeshows and expos can be, they’re actually incredibly valuable for you, your career, and your future in the beauty industry. There are real, concrete benefits that go hand-in-hand with investing trade shows or expos.

We’ve laid out a few of them here to give you a good, hard look at why tradeshows are so vital!

Educational Classes

This is one of the best parts about attending a good glam show – they have tons of unique, interesting, and modern classes that you can attend. Want to up your skills in a new, blossoming hair trend? There’s probably a class for that. Need some advice on running your business in the beauty industry? There’s likely going to be an expo (or several) with classes on the subject. Need a little extra help nailing down your skill in a particular part of the biz? There’s probably a specific class for that, too.

In short, expos offer you all the classes and they’re typically part of the price you’re paying to attend the expo. In some cases, you’ll have access to unlimited classes, in others, you’ll only be able to pick a handful, but either way, you’re getting an education that you likely wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere (for the price, anyway). The added bonus? Often these classes are taught by high-end, famous, and long-admired professionals and influencers in your industry!

Mentorship and Meet-n-Greets

Expos typically bring in professionals, influencers, and long-admired individuals in the industry to chat with you, lead demos, have talks, and give advice. Think about it – where else are you going to get the chance to meet some of your industry heroes?

Products Sneak Peeks and Discounts

Expos and glam shows are the premier places to get a sneak peek at the newest products and they’re also the place you’re likely to get a pretty handy discount, too! When you attend a symposium, you’re also more apt to see a live, helpful demo of how to use the products you love --- it really doesn’t get better than that!

Connections and Networking

While trade shows and expos can provide you with incredibly useful, concrete additions to your career (products, demos, skills, mentorship, etc.) they can also provide you with valuable, abstract gains – connections.

When you choose to invest in a trade show, you’re choosing to put your money toward more than just products, demos, and classes, you’re investing in the environment around you and the people who make up that environment. You’ll have access to all levels of professionals in your industry, you’ll be able to connect and network, and you might even make lifelong friends. This is one of the most valuable advantages that trade shows and expos can offer you!

Not All Beauty Trade Shows Are Created Equally

Now that you have a better idea of why trade shows are so valuable, you’re probably absolutely itching to attend one, right?

Hey, we don’t blame you – all this talk of trade shows has us signing up for all the trade shows in 2019. The good news? There are so many to choose from!

We’ve laid out a few of the trade shows that we consider absolute-must-attends --- check them out below and start building up your trade show schedule for the new year! There are some that are leaps and bounds better than others and can help you connect with the industry's most iconic educators and brands.

But which beauty expos are can’t-miss and which are so last year? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of must-attend pro beauty trade shows for 2019. We’ve got all the nitty-gritty details you’ll need, what you can expect, and more! 

Our biggest piece of advice? Save up to attend one or two, trade shows can lift your professional beauty career to the next level

Redken Symposium 2019

This annual seminar hosted by Redken is a huge deal in the hair industry!

It’s a 3-day, hands-on, live experience with demos, classes, and more given by world-renowned and famous Redken artists, educators and brand ambassadors. At this symposium, you’ll cover all your bases – networking, mentorship, product demos, hands-on experiences, and classes.

In short, it’s everything you need to perfect your art – in fact, it’s such a valuable, comprehensive seminar that we wrote up a whole article about it on the blog!

Check out all the deets and get your tickets quick (if there are any left!)

When: Sunday, January 20 – Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Tickets: Prices are subject to change closer to the event, check out ticket prices here and get registered.

WebsiteCheck out the Redken 2019 tradeshow details here!

America’s Beauty Show

This annual event (hosted by the Chicago Cosmetologists Association) is a beauty event for everyone. Whether you’re a cosmetologist, an esthetician, a nail tech, a stylist, or more, there’s a place for you here! There are over 80,000 professionals, individuals, influencers, and brand ambassadors who attend this symposium and every year it comes back with a bigger and badder bang than the previous one. The cool part about this event? All the funds raised through America’s Beauty Show are used to build, drive, and advance the salon industry through the disbursement of scholarships, educational packages, and lobbying for professional licensure! Not only will you be learning, perfecting your craft, and building important contacts, you’ll be bettering the industry all at the same time!

When: Saturday, March 30- Monday, April 1, 2019

Where: Chicago, Illinois

Tickets: Ticket prices are subject to change – look here for an accurate ticket price!

Website: Check out the America’s Beauty Show website here!

Behind the Chair Show

Glitzy award shows? Hands-on experience with some of the top influencers in the industry? A giant industry-wide pool party? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not – it’s simply the plans for the 2019 Behind the Chair Show. Even though all of the details haven’t been listed out yet, if the plans for the 2019 expo are anything like the 2018 event (wild, exhilarating, and educational), then you’re going to want to purchase your 2019 tickets quick when they go up for grabs in February! You can expect world-renowned stylists, famous influencers, and the top professionals in the industry attending this show – you won’t want to miss out!

When: August 24 – August 27, 2019

Where: Washington, D.C.

Tickets: Ticket prices will be available for purchase in February of 2019!

Website: Check out more information on the BTC Show Expo here!

Premiere Shows

These annual beauty expos are chalk-full of glamour, fashion, professional styling, and industry leaders from across the world. Premiere events are some of the top trade shows in the world that help to connect licensed beauty professionals with manufacturers, distributors, and other professionals in their own industries, and beyond.

Premiere currently hosts 4 annual shows: Premiere Orlando, Premiere Birmingham, Premiere Philadelphia, and Premiere Columbus. Premiere Orlando, arguably the largest beauty trade show (and spa trade show in the country) offers over 650 classes to help you improve your skills and receive the latest education, you won’t have trouble filling your day with classes to take and things to do at Premiere Orlando! There are also nearly 800 exhibiting companies with multiple resources available to help you discover all the latest brands, techniques, products, and people!

This trade-only event gives strictly the professionals access to a unique forum where they can try new products, learn new innovations, and buy, sell, or source products from exhibitors.

When: June 1-3, 2019

Where: Orlando, Florida

Tickets:  Ticket prices range from $60-$85

Website: Premiere Orlando & Premiere Shows Home

International Salon and Spa Expo

This special expo is for the salon and spa experts in the cosmetology world! Join over 40,000 industry leaders, influencers, and professionals within the spa and salon world for educational classes, insightful lectures, live demos, competitions, and tons of fun! Hosted by the Professional Beauty Association, the ISSE combines fun, prestigious award shows, trend research, and hands-on experiences!

When: Saturday, January 26 – Monday, January 28, 2019

Where: Long Beach, California

Tickets: Ticket prices can range from $30-$70. Please check out the ticket page here for an accurate price!

Website: Check out the expo’s website here!

International Beauty Show

If you’re looking for a well-rounded, advanced, and exciting expo that’s going to help you perfect your craft, build your business, and overall have an amazing few days of learning and fun, then look no further than the International Beauty Show. This famous expo is a huge celebration of the beauty industry --- there are over 500 exhibitors, 100 free classes, and industry-leading education opportunities by some of the best in the biz! You can count on hands-on workshops and master classes, world-class networking opportunities, and invaluable industry connections! Make sure you get your hands on these tickets fast – these are expected to sell out!

When: Sunday, March 10- Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Where: New York City, New York

Tickets: Ticket prices vary from $75 to about $350 – check out the link here to find the perfect ticket for you!

Website: Check out the website here for ticket information, class schedules, and more!

The Makeup Show

Calling all MUAs – this is a must-attend event in the upcoming year, so start saving up and planning now! The coolest thing about the Makeup Show Expo? There are so many opportunities to attend this year! You can check out the expo in Houston, New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, or Chicago! You can expect intimate hands-on workshops, brand focus sessions, keynote speakers and presentations, and some of the most exciting, innovating professionals in the industry in attendance. Get ready for inspiration, connections, and education – your craft will never be the same!

When: Dates differ for each location ranging from August to October. Please see the website here for more specific location dates.

Where: Houston, New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Chicago

Tickets: Prices range from $45 to about $62 and are non-refundable. See the ticket page for more information!

Website:  Check out the website here!

PHAME: Professional Hair and Makeup Expo

This is one of the biggest beauty expos in the United States and it’s located in easy, breezy, beautiful LA. PHAME is a two-day, non-stop hair and makeup exposition that helps to connect you with today’s most innovative beauty brands, culture creators, and influencers. 

Not only will you have enormous access to leaders in your industry, you’ll be gifted with the best prices on the hottest products, granted all-access passes to education classes and new skill sets, and be able to brush up on all things beauty. Though PHAME isn’t specific to licensed beauty professionals, the amount of free product, new skills, and beauty influencers who are present should be enough to convince the professionals to wade through the crowd of new-hopefuls that are attending. It doesn’t hurt that PHAME offers industry discounts to professionals, too.

When: Details haven't been announced for this 2019 show yet, but check out the recap of last year here!

Website: PHAME