Pride Hair, Nail, and Make Up Looks

While inclusivity should be celebrated all the freakin’ time (can we get a YASS here, people?) there’s no better time to let your rainbow flag fly than Pride month. And guess what? We’ve OFFICIALLY entered the mecca month of all things Pride—JUNE.

That means it’s the perfect time to get Pride ready and rock some of the trendiest, hottest, edgiest, and overall best Pride styles around. Get your Pride ‘fits ready and don’t forget to rock something extra stylish for your makeup, hair, and nail looks!

Listen, we totally understand how picking the perfect Pride look can be hugely overwhelming—but don’t sweat it! We’ve come up with some of the sweetest new styles for you to rock the ultimate Pride looks. Check them out here and thank us later!

Sweet Pride Hairstyles

The best part about Pride is that anything goes—that means if there ever was a time to rock an epic hairstyle, it’s now. Be wild, be free, be you! Rep a style you’ve always wanted that pays a little homage to something that’s a big damn deal!

Loud & Proud & Rainbow All-Over

Have you always dreamed of all-out rainbow hair? Now is the freakin’ time, fam. Color that cut with all the shades of the rainbow to fully rep your Pride, well, pride! Get loud, get crazy, and get FABULOUS, because nothing says I LOVE PRIDE like an entire head rockin’ the rainbow flag.

Rainbow R​oo​ts

You want to touch those roots up anyway, right? Why not go rainbow roots just in time for Pride? If you don’t want to commit to a total rainbow mane, a quick pop of rainbow root color could be just the thing to rep your Pride style while keepin’ it entirely unique to you!

Pastel Pride

Pastels are a huge trend for Pride (and also just like, the best in everyday life, too!) Want to rock a purple but don’t want to go so vibrant? Pastel lavender sounds like it might be for you. Want a sweet peach without going totally hot pink? Pastel it up! Or, rock all the colors of the rainbow in a sweet, subtle way with pastel rainbow shades

Don’t Forget Brows

Who says your hairstyle has to stop with the hair on top of your head? Your brows deserve some love, too! Go rainbow, go purple, go vibrant blue! Let those bad boys pop and make a dang statement!

Sweet Textured Undercuts

A little pop of texture and pizazz in undercut form is a great way to let your Pride flag fly! Rock a rainbow heart, your favorite pattern, or anything else you want!

Temporary Dye

Not totally invested in the permanent thing? That doesn’t mean you can’t rock a sweet color for Pride month! Talk to your stylist about digging into some temporary dye so you can love your look for Pride month without totally committing to a crazy color.

The Pinnacle Pride Nails

Act like your nails aren’t a hugely important as a statement style—go ahead, we’ll wait. That’s right, your nails matter, especially come Pride time. That’s why we’ve gathered together some of the best Pride styles to get you ready for Pride month.

Ombre Nails

Rainbow or not, an ombre makes for a great Pride style. Whether you want pastels, sparkles, or a classic rainbow look, a sweet, gradient ombre says I’m Here and I’m Pride-Ready.

Get Sparkly

Sparkles, friends. Need we say more? Whether you want sparkly polish, bling-y add-ons, or something totally custom, we say when it comes to Pride, there are never enough sparkles. Pro-tip, a sparkly rainbow style is EPIC all the time, but especially for Pride.

Pastel Pretties

Remember that pastel hair trend we were talking about for Pride hair? Why the heck wouldn’t you go Pride pastel for your nails, too?

Orbit Nail

Multi-colored, neon, subtle pastels, or a primary color, orbit nails are back and they are the sweetest (PS, they look great as a unique take on a rainbow)

Matte Kaleidoscope

Go rainbow, go solid color, go neon—we don’t care what we do, but we do suggest you go matte kaleidoscope for Pride. Why? Because it looks epic!

Pride Make-Up Looks

First things first—any Pride style your rock is going to look freakin’ phenomenal. That, partnered with the fact that all Pride styles are wild and fun means that you can go totally nuts with your Pride makeup looks. The only thing that matters? That you love your look!

Bold Lips

Get ready to see some bold AF lips at Pride this year—and we’re not just talkin’ about your bright pops of red. We’re talking glittered out, rainbow-ombre, gassed-up, shimmery bold lips that look amazing and make you feel like a star! The main idea here? When it comes to lips, there’s no such thing as TOO much.

Sparkly Add-Ons

And of course, Pride is the perfect place to bling it out and add on all the sparklers you wouldn’t wear in your everyday life. Whether you want sequined bling to create fun patterns on your face, have that perfect sparkly eyeliner, or simply want to bedazzle your brows, you can never go wrong with sparkles.

Unique Highlights

You know a good highlight is everything (that glow is gold, okay!)—that’s why you should never sleep on a sweet Pride highlight. Whether you want a pastel shimmer or a bold bright light, make sure you’re accentuating those contours!

Rainbow Freckles

Obviously, rainbows rule Pride—and you know what, we can’t get enough of that. Want a fun take on rainbows that doesn’t make you feel blah or unoriginal? Try to add on some rainbow-flecked freckles to give your face a fun, themed pop. Want to take it a step further? SPARKLES.