Two beauty pros laugh and enjoy each other's company during their beauty mentorship.

Is A Beauty Mentorship the Right Path For You?
7 Signs You Could Benefit from Learning From a Beauty Pro

The most beautiful thing about the beauty industry? There's so much out there to learn. 

The scariest thing about the beauty industry? Um, same answer. 

There is endless information, millions of skills and techniques you could master, and infinite paths you could take on your cosmetology journey

How can you know which info is right? Which skills are worth perfecting? And most importantly, which path within the industry is the perfect fit for you? 

All of those questions have the exact same answer–by teaming up with a qualified beauty pro mentor to help guide you. 

This blog is breaking down the basics of beauty mentorship–we'll talk about why it's a must and how you can tell it's time to invest in a fabulous mentor-mentee relationship. 

What's a Beauty Mentorship? 

First things first, let's chat about the fundamentals. 

A beauty mentorship is a lot like other mentorships out there. You're teaming up and placing your trust in a qualified expert whose job it is to advise, direct, and guide you toward your highest beauty pro self. 

Every mentorship is different, of course, but the general gist of a mentorship is the same. It's likely you can expect your mentor to:

  • Weigh in on big decisions
  • Inspire you and encourage you to take important business steps
  • Help you brainstorm creative new ways to set yourself apart
  • Teach you to perfect a certain set of skills 
  • Offer business and entrepreneurial advice 
  • Further your career and fine-tune your career course 

7 Signs You're In Need of a Beauty Mentor 

You Feel Tired, Disenchanted, & Uninspired

If you're feeling major blah about the industry you used to feel so passionately about, it's possible that the industry isn't the problem. Maybe you're in a rut. Maybe you've been doing the same dang thing for so long that you don't even know that you're suffering from boredom, lack of inspo, or a dry spell. The good news? It's curable–you just need an inspiring mentor to help you reignite the spark you felt for the industry, your career, and your future.  

You're Struggling with Perfecting New Skills

A beauty mentor is there to be your guide, your teacher, your educator–they're in this thing for you. If you're having a hard time perfecting a skill that you know you need help with, a mentor can be the ultimate resource for getting it all to click. Trying to keep up with the evolution of this industry all on your own can be challenging. With a mentor to show you the ropes–especially with things that are new and scary– you'll have a committed partner in crime who's got your back, pushes you to do hard things, and helps you get better at the skill you're chasing. 

A cosmetologist teaches another cosmetologist a new makeup technique during their beauty mentorship.

You Want to Level Up Your Career 

Sure, mentors are sometimes skill teachers and cheerleaders, but other times, they're the perfect dose of inspiration. If you don't know how to take your career to the next level, a mentor can be the ultimate person to brainstorm with, bounce ideas back and forth with, and dream with. Want to make a six-figure salary? A mentor is a must! 

You can take their route or have them help you come up with your own version of success. If you're feeling totally lost on what comes next in your career, a mentor is a great place to start kicking your dreams back into overdrive. 

You're New to the Industry

A mentor is perfect for newbies seeking their direction in the industry. If you've just embarked on your beauty pro venture and feel like you don't know which way is up, teaming up with an experienced beauty mentor can be so advantageous for the first few years of your career. Work with someone who's been where you are, who knows the ins and outs, and who has been resilient throughout the never-ending changes the industry undergoes.

You Know Continuing Education is the Ticket 

If you've always valued continuing education and know it's got endless benefits for your career as a whole, you're the perfect person to hire a beauty mentor. Digital courses and online learning are great. CEs are crucial. Expos and trade shows are all great ideas, too. But access to a mentor who can provide you with personalized advice and training? That's absolutely priceless. 

You Crave Accountability 

Some of us just don't have the discipline to do the things we need to. A coach–or a mentor–can provide that healthy spoonful of accountability we need to stick to our word, do hard things, and set ourselves up for success. If you struggle with accountability, a beauty mentor can be the push you need to keep your word and get things done. 

You're Nervous About Trying Something New

Let's put it this way: some people thrive when someone else is challenging them to take big, new steps. Without that challenge, they might never try something new. Finding a mentor who pushes you, encourages you, and stands by you as you take new and exciting leaps in your career can be so rewarding. 

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