A bride receives a special wedding facial

The Best Wedding Facials for Brides on Their Big Day
5 Facials You Should Add to Your Service List 

Your bridal clients come to you because they know they can count on you to help them achieve that glowing, angelic, perfect skin look on their big day.

And it makes sense, right? You’re the best in the biz, and you’re damn good at what you do. When it comes to helping clients craft top-notch skincare routines and creating stunning faces, there’s no one better.

But we’ve got a question for you–when was the last time you took a look at your bridal service list and re-thought it all?

Listen, we get it–you’ve got staples for a reason (they work, duh). We’re not asking you to throw out your tried-and-true methods (no way!)

If your clients are looking for glowing, hydrated, fresh AF skin on their big day, you might want to regularly take a look at your offerings and ask, “what can I add to this list?”

Why? You’ll be able to provide services for more people, you’ll be able to broaden your offerings, and you can bring some modern, techy approaches to bridal skincare like never before. And trust us, your brides will def thank you for it.

So, you’re on board, sure, but where do you start? We’ve got you. Read below for a few must-know suggestions we’re sure you’re going to want to tack on to your repertoire ASAP.

Must-Add Facials for Your Bridal Skincare Service List

Brides, grooms, wedding party, whoever they are, they’re after the same thing: A hella good look on the big day. And, of course, skincare is a part of that. Of course, as an esthetician, you know that everyone’s skin is different–AKA, everyone will benefit from a prescribed facial that’s right for them.

All that to say, not every person you treat will require one of these facials, but these are some super common, super advantageous facials that are a must-consider for your wedding service list.

LED Facial

We love any opportunity to talk about color light therapy. With a few different LED wavelengths, this mild but effective treatment offers your clients a boost in natural cell turnover, the chance to kill more acne-causing bacteria, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

The best part about this facial? We already gave you a hint, but we’ll just give you the answer–it’s mild AF. That means you can offer this to your clients days before their wedding without risk of irritation, peeling, or reactions. We love this one for wedding clients because it offers all the benefits without the risk factors.

Microdermabrasion Facial

Remove that outermost layer of dead skin ASAP with a microdermabrasion facial. What’s the goal here? You can reduce the appearance of fine lines and dull wrinkles, mitigate acne scarring, and get rid of that outer layer harboring hyperpigmentation. What lies beneath is glowing, fresh, and renewed skin–AKA, the ideal look for a wedding day.

A bride receives a wedding facial a few days before the big day.

Oxygen Facial

Gentle, mild, and healing, an oxygen facial is a perfect option for someone with sensitive skin that’s literally looking for a morning-of type of deal.

What will you get from this facial? A bright, soft, and glowing look. 

What won’t you get? The risk of irritation, inflammation, swelling, or redness.

Chemical Peel Facial

We’re adding this one to the list with a few caveats.

But first, let’s talk about the benefits.

A chemical peel (when approached and executed correctly) can give your clients the glowing skin they’ve been dreaming of since, like, forever. A chemical peel is the go-to for cellular turnover, boosting hydration, and getting rid of discoloration.

That being said, this is a facial you need to help your clients prepare for.

A chemical involves some pretty heavy peeling and puts your client’s skin at greater risk for sun irritation and damage.

This is not a facial to offer a few days before the wedding. We’re talkin’ weeks or months, people. It will provide significant benefits for your clients on their wedding day, but it’s a strategic facial that needs to be planned for in advance.

Pro-tip: if your client will be in the sun a lot for their honeymoon, you’ll want to really take this into account before you suggest a peel.

High-Frequency Facial

What’s the one thing no one wants on their wedding day?

Yeah, a freakin’ pimple.

And, of course, right at the time of the wedding is when people are more likely to break out (stress, big life changes, diet changes, and more factors can lead to this, of course). Help your clients combat this with a high-frequency facial.

This type of facial uses (you guessed it) a high-frequency machine to literally zap away the bacteria that are living on your clients’ faces.

The result? A substantial reduction in pimple-causing bacteria, a downtrend in inflammation, and an uptick in collagen (and you know collagen is like the GOAT when it comes to skin health).

Whether you want to add one of these to your list or all of these to your list (we vote all, BTW), these go-to facials are sure to help your wedding clients find that supple, soft, and stunning skin they're looking for on their big day.

Have a few go-to offerings of your own? Share them with us here! Drop your fave wedding facial in the comments below and let us know why it’s a must-consider for all wedding-focused estheticians.

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