EBS’ Partners Priv and beGlammed Merge to Form the Pinnacle of Mobile Beauty Service Providers

Beauty lovers, professionals, and enthusiasts, listen up—we’ve got some huge, monumental, amazing, fantastic, insane news that you won’t want to miss.

Elite Beauty Society is over-the-moon excited to announce the merging of the two most fabulous, on-demand beauty companies we’ve ever seen— beGlammed and Priv.

Now, instead of two amazing companies, we’ve got one never-seen-anything-like-it on-demand beauty app known as Priv, a combination of everything badass and beautiful. 

We don’t just love this merger because we’re partnered with both of these companies (though, full disclosure, we totally have and have loved every moment of it), we’re also entirely excited because each of these companies have been steadily bringing their own brand of magic to the beauty-industry table.

The fact that they’re combining their individual superpowers to bring us epic mobile and on-demand beauty services in full force?

Well, that’s literally everything we’re ​living for right now.

How These Two Badass Companies Became One

Both of these amazing companies planted their roots in the industry in 2014, so,they’re both relatively young companies.

That being said, both companies, even in their infancy, basically hit the ground running when they launched. Their individual successes over the past 5 years have been notable, especially within a multi-billion-dollar niche where it can be easy to get swept away by industry giants.

Still, each company had something the other didn’t. Whether it was a service location, a specific skill set, automated systems, or customer service practices, both companies noted their own gaps. So, when Joseph Terzi, founder of Priv and CEO of the newly merged business, approached beGlammed about joining forces, immediate interest brewed.

Now, Priv (the name of the merged company), will serve more clients in more cities, offer better customer service, function with a more efficient automated system, and ultimately, become this hybrid super-beauty-force that’s hugely scaleable while keeping that signature, personal touch that every beauty-customer desires.

Why This Merger Matters

Spoiler Alert: Because now, you’re dealing with the #1 mobile beauty provider.

With the newly merged Priv, you’re getting something one-of-a-kind—a mindful mix of innovation and beauty that’s not just putting a focus on convenience, but rather, self-care as a whole. And the opportunities are endless for beauty pros looking to showcase their skills and make a little extra cash.

So, why exactly does this merger matter? For a lot of reasons.

  • Now, Priv is much, much bigger

We’re not saying that the previous Priv or beGlammed didn’t have a wide service net, but now, their merges makes their web even larger. You can find Priv in over 32 cities utilizing the talents of nearly 10,000 beauty professionals!

  • Priv gives customers the best of the best, no matter what they're looking for.

This isn’t just a hair and makeup thing (although, hair and makeup are definitely on this list). Priv is all about beauty and self-care in every aspect, so they’re providing services for everything. Fitness, nails, makeup, hair,—you name it, Priv has it. If you're a professional in the beauty, health, and or wellness industries, there's a way for you to get involved and create a new side hustle.

And the best news for stylists and beauty pros, the new entity has more than 500,000 registered users. 

  • Priv is for everyone

 Men, women, supermoms, teens—no matter who your target clientele are, Priv has a service for them So whether you're a babrer, an esthetician, or blow dry specialist, you can find your people.

  • It’s all about beauty and modernity

This is still beauty, but like you’ve never known it before—literally at the touch of a button. Priv is all about making customers feel cared for and beautiful, but doing it with a modern twist. 

We’re obviously incredibly excited about this news (for good reason, of course), and we can’t wait to see where Priv goes, how it advances, and the changes it will make in the beauty industry!

Check out all the new details about the merged Priv here and hop on this hype train!