Deck The Halls With Holiday Hair

Holiday Party Hairstyles That You Need in Your Life ASAP

Boughs of holly? Yeah, you can forget that quicker than you can say mistletoe.

This season, it’s all about deckin’ the halls with the most enviable holiday hair of the season—right in time for those holiday parties you’ve been waiting for all year.

Whether it’s an office shindig you just can’t miss or the holiday event of the season you’re dying to attend, there’s no reason your hair can’t be the most ornamental decoration at any soiree (move out of the way, Christmas tree baubles).

We’re total holiday season suckers at EBS, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the sweetest little holiday hairstyles to help you wow at any holiday party this season.

The best part? These holiday hairstyles aren’t just for you—add any of these to your service list this holiday season and watch the client inquiries come piling in like a sudden snowstorm.

We know how busy your holiday season is about to be, so we’ve done the hard part for you.

Kick back, pour a mug of eggnog (get the real stuff, you deserve it), and relax while you scroll through some of the must-attempt holiday party hairstyles rocking around the Christmas tree this season.

We Love a Vintage Look: Side-Clipped Curls

There’s something about going full-vintage-mode during the holiday season—don’t ask us what it is, we can’t quite put our manicured fingers on it, but it exists, and we know you feel it, too.

Take a classic approach to the big, bouncy, loose curl look by side clipping with some in-the-holiday-spirit barrettes for a side-swept moment. Pearls, bedazzled bobbies, and even holiday flowers will do! (Get creative!).

Our advice? Don’t forget to give those big, loose curls some well-defined love with a spritz of reliable hair spray (to last you through several rounds of underneath-the-mistletoe).

Soft Buns With Big Volume

You know what they say, the higher the bun, the more fun you have at the holiday party (well, OK, that’s not exactly the saying, but you get the point). 

This season, we’re loving an effortless, messy bun that’s full of soft volume and major-this-doesn’t-look-intentional-even-though-it-is vibes. In other words, take your bun to the next level with teasing and texturing, and don’t be afraid to get messy with it! 

Bonus tip: a texturized bun looks drop-dead-gorgeous with a little sprig of holly in it (if you’re trying to go all-out holiday-themed.

Classic Braid, Classic Christmas Chic

French braids, fishtails, simple side-braids, Dutch braids, waterfall braids—seriously there’s no wrong way to rock a braid for a holiday party. We love a good braid for so many reasons. 

They look gorgeous and super sophisticated, require almost no prep time (like seriously, just don’t wash your hair for a day or two and you’re golden), and they are so easy to weave beautiful accessories into.

Let your holiday cheer really come through by adding in some pops of holiday hair accessories into that big, beautiful braid of yours.

Festive & Fun, Half-Up-&-Half-Down

For a fun, festive holiday look, have a little fun—take a half-up-half-down approach for a holiday party look that screams sexy, sophisticated, and totally Christmas chic. This look is so easy to pull together, and, if you do it right, will last you for hours on end. 

Plus, it’s a total win whether you’ve got pin-straight locks, tight curls, or any texture in between. (We love a one-style-fits-all-moment). Spritz flexible hold hairspray into your luscious locks before you head out the door and get ready to wow the world.

Smooth & Sleek (With a Little Pop!)

If you’re really going for a sexy, simmering holiday look, might we suggest a tried-and-true classic? Nothing says have-a-sizzlin’-holiday-season like a clean, smooth, and sleek style. We recommend a stunning center part, straightening in sections (for guaranteed smoothness), and a little extra attention with a toothbrush and hairspray around your hairline to straighten out any frizzy, little flyways.

Want to spice this already-edgy look up? Consider adding in bedazzled barrettes, pearls, or other fun accessories to pin sleek hair back for just a dash of extra dimension. 

By now, you’re probably wishing you had at least 12 more holiday parties on your calendar so you can give these looks some serious honor (if you throw more parties just so you can show off your holiday hair, please, definitely invite us).

Got a hot hair look you’ve been cooking up for this holiday season? You better share it in our comment section! 

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