How to Elevate Your Men’s Grooming Business

Six Tips Just For You

It’s no secret that getting men into your salon—especially if that’s exactly what you are, a salon, not a barbershop—can be, well, tricky.

We’re not saying it’s totally unheard of for men to benefit from your salon services or anything. 

In fact, we’re actually super fortunate that we’re currently smack-dab in an era where that whole stigma doesn’t hit quite as hard as it used to. (Seriously, imagine trying to corral men into your beauty parlor in the 50s or 60s.)

Still, if your salon isn’t quite targeting the men’s crowd that you wish it was, you probably feel like you’re missing out on valuable relationships with customers, the opportunity to gift your skills to more people, and of course, a good chunk of the money market (hey, you’re allowed to want to make money and help people—nothin’ wrong with it).

Our advice? Elevate your men’s grooming business.

What’s that? You want to know how? We thought you’d never ask.

We’ve compiled a few tips here to help you elevate your men’s grooming business. These tips are pretty broad, ranging from advice on how to draw more men into your salon to insight on how to actually enhance the experience men have at your salon.

Read up, soak it in, and get to work—it’s time to make men feel just as at home in your salon as your crowd of ladies.

Make Your Men’s Services Known

We want those men’s services posted on your website, your social media, physically in your shop—make sure your men’s services are visible, known, and proud.

You wouldn’t put your women’s services in fine print shoved into the corner of a website page no one looks at. 

Make sure everyone knows that you don’t just offer men’s services, you offer a range of men’s services—and you’re pretty damn good at them, too. If no one knows that you even offer men’s services, it’s unlikely they’re going to sniff around and ask about it. 

Before you can even begin to think about how you can change your atmosphere to elevate men’s services, you have to make sure customers know you have them in the first place.

Hire on a Men’s Specialist (Or Train One of Your Current Hires) 

Male, female—it doesn’t really matter. Though every consumer is different in their own unique ways, when it comes to a service, they’re also basically looking for one thing—the surety that who they work with is going to take care of them.

Hiring on a specialist, or training someone on your salon staff, to specialize in men’s grooming can work absolute wonders for your business.

Sure, everyone at your salon can probably do a kick-ass men’s hair cut and style—maybe they can all do a sweet beard shape, too. But by declaring someone a specialist—a real specialist—you’re giving men a reason to give you a chance. 

You’re designating someone just for them, someone who’s a master in their craft, someone who’s going to take care of them and provide them with the best service possible.

Incentivize Customers to Give Your Men’s Services a Go

 If you’re still having a hard time selling your men’s services, consider boosting a little incentive. 

Think about loyalty programs, discounts on men’s services, etc. Something to give your men’s services a teeny-little-boost to get them going. 

Then, when you develop a little chatter about your men’s services, bust out the referral codes—that’ll get you a nice group of regulars!

Try to Take Gender Out of the Atmosphere

Look, we’re not saying you need to change your whole environment (don’t go redecorating on us or anything)—but we are saying it’s vital to take a look at the atmosphere of your shop and really evaluate it.

Take a step into your salon for a moment and ask yourself—is this an atmosphere that’s comfortable for both men and women?

It’s impossible to be the right place for everyone, and we certainly don’t mean that all men and women are going to feel inherently comfortable in your salon based on the color of your walls or something silly.

But if you’re able to take gender out of it and create an aesthetic, appealing, and comforting vibe, you’ll have no problem attracting exactly who you’re looking for—people. 

Make Your Men’s Services Just as Pampered as Your Women’s Services

Luxury is luxury, guys. Let’s forget the dated idea that men don’t want to be pampered just like women do—if you’re still holding onto that concept, we suggest you let that one go quickly. 

Take a moment and examine your women’s services. Then think about your men’s services.

Do they have the same luxurious extras? Do the men who come in get the whole treatment—the shampoo, the scalp massage, the mint conditioner? Make sure you’re making men’s services just as luxurious as the women’s.

Because hey, men want to be pampered too, OK.

We have great tips for you that go in to more detail on how to elevate your client's experience here.

Offer Little Extras That Make Your Guests Feel Special 

We’re talkin’ wine, beer, sparkling water, maybe little snacks. Your salon services—men’s or women’s—should be special! 

Make sure your guests don’t just feel like they’re getting a haircut when they’re with you—make sure they’re having an enjoyable, relaxing, and satisfying experience!

Ready to get your men’s services going? We thought you might be!

If you’ve got other suggestions for how to elevate men’s services in salons, we want to hear themdon’t be shy, guys, that’s what the comment section is for! 

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