A makeup artist creates a look for her client's trade show exhibit.

Your Guide to the EBS 2023 Tradeshow Calendar
The Must-Know Expo Details for Every Beauty Pro 

When the first month of the new year rolls around, you’re likely filled with ambition, goals, and the desire to take your career to whole new levels. Those goals are killer, and we want to do everything in our power to help you tackle them all. 

You know what can help you crush those goals? Education. And where can you get some of the most valuable industry education out there? At expos, beauty shows, and tradeshow events, of course. 

It’s true. When it comes to learning new things, getting the inside scoop on the latest products, networking, and hearing from the top beauty pros in the biz, there’s no place like a tradeshow. But here’s the thing–there are so many tradeshows out there. And they’re all over the place! They have different focuses, different guests, and different panels of experts. 

With all these options, how can you be sure you’re attending the right one? And moreover, what makes a tradeshow worth it?

This blog is going to cover all the tradeshow basics you need to know–and we’ll hint at a few we think are must-attends this year. 

But you know what? This blog is just the beginning of what’s on this year’s calendar. If you want the full scoop, the real deal, the whole enchilada, you’re def going to want to download the full EBS 2023 Tradeshow Calendar

Why Beauty Pros Should Attend Expos & Tradeshows 

If you’re one of those beauty pros who’s on the fence about attending a tradeshow, know you’re not alone. Tradeshows can be a tough sell–especially when they come at a steep price tag. But tradeshows–even when they cost a little money–can be hugely beneficial to your career, your progress, and your growth. That makes a good tradeshow worth the cost in theory, right? 

But what exactly makes a tradeshow worth it? And further, what does a good tradeshow look like? Here’s what we believe you can glean from a quality tradeshow: 

  • Networking opportunities–great tradeshows will have built-in mixers, mingling opportunities, and plenty of events designed to encourage networking with other beauty professionals. 

  • Information on the latest products–tradeshows often have the latest products for discounted prices

  • Insight on trends–the beauty industry can be so hard to keep up with–tradeshows offer inside looks on what trends to pay attention to so you don’t have to do the dirty work of vetting popular trends

  • Certifications–many tradeshows give you the opportunity to get new certifications in fast, super informative sessions  

Hands-on learning–looking to learn a new skill? Many tradeshows have scheduled sessions for hands-on learning events that can teach you something you’ve been dying to learn. 
A stylist twists her client's beautifully bright colored hair into a gorgeous look for a tradeshow event.

The Must-Consider Shows on the 2023 Calendar 

Like we mentioned, there are tons of tradeshows out there. How can you know which is a good show to attend? 

While ultimately it’s up to you to determine what you believe is a worthwhile event, we will say that the high-quality ones usually include many of the factors we talked about above. To help kickstart your consideration process, we’ll drop a few names below to help you figure out which might sound like the best option for you! 

Why these shows, exactly? These trade expos have been around for a long time–some for over 20 years. They’re considered top quality in the industry, and they’ve got a ton to offer beauty pros of all levels. These events are going to be highly organized, filled with benefits, and have tons of networking, product, and learning opportunities. 

As we said–the few shows, expos, and trade events we mentioned here are just the beginning. There are dozens–maybe even hundreds!–of events happening this year all over the globe. So, how can you be sure you’re attending the right ones? Make sure you download our EBS 2023 Tradeshow Calendar so you can get the inside scoop on what’s happening, when it’s happening, and how to get tickets! 

And remember, when it comes to all your need-to-know info, EBS has you totally covered. We’ll do the legwork to get you all the info you need–all you need to do is subscribe to our blog for regular updates, industry gossip, and beauty pro career insight.