Reassess Your Business: 

Your Guide to Evaluating Your Salon to Secure Post COVID-19 Success

Look, we get it—you’re probably either sick to death of not being able to go into your salon and do the thing you love or wholly frustrated that you’re back to work in a very limited, very restricted way.

We’re all dealing with a super tough situation. While we understand the severity of the pandemic, we’re also probably itching to get back to work, to boost our businesses, and to make sure we’re better than ever.

Guess what, you guys—you don’t have to be in the salon to make that happen (not always, anyway). True, your beauty biz can’t truly grow unless you’re in the salon, shop, or spa kicking ass and taking names, but you can help your business achieve post-quarantine success without ever stepping foot inside.

How, exactly?

With a full-fledged, totally comprehensive evaluation of your business, your goals, your brand, and your efforts.

Yep, this quarantine craziness calls for an entire assessment of your biz to help you refocus, realign, and come back from the quarantine revived and better than ever.

How To Evaluate Your Business & Kick COVID-19 to the Curb

Not sure where to start? We got you. Here are a few of the first few things you should start evaluating.

From taking a deep dive into the number-crunching data to skimming your social media efforts, there’s no facet too small to evaluate and improve on during this time!

Take a Good, Hard Look at the Past Year

It’s hugely important to take this time to clearly lay out what your goals for the upcoming year might be, what you want to accomplish, and what your plans include. But we can’t look forward without taking a glance backward—how else could we ever learn from our mistakes?

Now’s the perfect time to evaluate the past 12 months.

Evaluate your achievements and failures, your business approaches that worked and tactics that fell by the wayside, think about your goals and whether or not you reached them—evaluate every inch of your past 12 months in an honest way (even if you didn’t get where you wanted to).

It’s easy to skip this step and just plow forward, but this part is important—if you don’t look back, you risk making the same mistakes over and over!

Check Out Your Social Media

Most people either love managing social media or hate managing social media—but no matter how you feel about it, you gotta do it. Our modern world is all about social media presence, connecting with your customers through your platforms, and being a consistent resource via these pages. In other words, if your social media isn’t on par, your customers might fall flat.

Make sure your branding and your message on all your platforms is crystal clear and cohesive. Ensure that you’ve been posting relevant, consistent content—and if you’re not, set up a schedule so that you’re never lacking again.

Take your skills to the next level, too, by taking some time to invest in social media marketing courses or classes—it’s a powerful tool to know how to operate, so evaluate your past mistakes and learn from them!

What’s Up With Your Website?

Is your website living in the stone ages? If so, now is the perfect time to create a sleek, fast, easy-to-use, intuitive website that your clients will actually want to use.

Odds are that your website could use a little sprucing up. We’re not saying that means that you have a 5-year-old website with dated trends and pictures, but websites need to be constantly evolving. If you haven’t updated yours in a hot second, it’s probably about time to do so.

(Just think how easy it will be for your clients to log-on post-COVID-19 and book appoints with you via your improved website).

Check-in On Your Insurance—Are You Appropriately Covered?

We’re going to chime in here with a very obviously biased—but actually very important—point. You need professional liability insurance.

Yes, we know how that sounds coming from an insurance company and yes it would be rad if you worked with us, but honestly, even if you don’t partner up with EBS, you still need to have reliable, quality liability insurance.

Now’s the time to really evaluate what you’ve been missing in your business and what could help you make key changes to drive you toward success. Trust us, professional liability insurance is one of those drivers.

Have you already taken on the tough job of evaluating your biz during quarantine? Let’s hear about it! 

Drop your knowledge in the comment section below. Let us know what we missed, what you found helpful, and even drop some questions for us or your beauty community—we’re all about getting the conversation started.

Remember, if you ever need insurance help, we can definitely have your back. EBS is all about providing members of the beauty community with the protection and peace of mind they need. 

Not sure if we’re the right fit? Have questions? Want to know more? Check-in with us! You’re welcome to contact us anytime—we’ll get back to you with all the answers you seek (and we’ll hook you up with some sweet insurance, too).