You Know You are a Stylist When...

Maybe you realize it when you come home from a long day’s work, you undress, and you realize that you’ve got hair clippings (not even yours) all over your body. 

Maybe you realize it when you have to explain that you can’t make it to the gym again because your body is so exhausted just from working all day.

Maybe you realize it when everything you own is covered in hair color.

No matter when you realize, every stylist has that moment when they look up, laugh, and say to themselves, you know you’re a stylist when.

Ever caught yourself saying that? We thought you might have. We took some of the classics and laid them out here. Have you said these yourself? Probably!

But whether you have or not, enjoy relating to these total stylist-isms and laughing up a storm—we bet your other stylist friends will totally agree with all of these, too.

You’re Giving People Hair Makeovers In Your Head—

Even When You’re Not Working

Maybe you’re in line at the grocery store. Maybe you’re dropping your kid off at school. Maybe you’re on a date.

No matter where you are, you’re giving people total makeovers in your head, deciding how you’d fix their do’s, and mapping out a totally new look for them. It’s not that you’re judging people, it’s just that you know exactly what to do to make them look fiercer than ever before—you can’t help that it’s your job to improve someone’s look!

Your Days Off Never End Up Really Being Days Off

You’ve got your entire day off planned—relaxing, catching up on errands, hanging out with your significant other, actually cooking dinner for once—when your best friend calls you up. “Hey girl, wanna go get brunch?” Of course, you do. “Cool! Let’s meet at my place in an hour…can you bring your scissors?”

Just like that, you’re on duty again—a stylist’s work is never over!

Finding a Stray Hair in Your Food Stops Bothering You as Much

I mean, why would you? You’re already always covered in strangers’ stray hairs anyway. You’re already constantly picking trimmed hair out of your mouth. Your food at work is always peppered with a few hairs here and there. Why’s this any different, right?

Your Battle Scars are Dyed Skin and Mini Finger Cuts

Every job has its own set of battle scars—yours are dyed skin (in every shade of the glorious color wheel rainbow) mini finger cuts from snipping that angled style a little too far (at the expense of your hands), and super bruised arms and legs from long days of hair styling, cutting, and coloring battles.

But hey, you wear those battle scars like badges of honor—they represent a long day’s work and a ton of dedication!

You Look in Your Closet and Realize All You Own is Black Clothing

Have you always been gothic or is this new?

You look into your closet and it’s totally devoid of color. Everything you own is suddenly black—that unspoken uniform every stylist knows and loves. It’s not that you’re boring, just that you’re always working. When’s the last time you threw on something pick, blue, or green? Who knows, right?

You Have the Same Conversation Eight Times a Day

You know how these conversations go: No, you can’t go from black hair to platinum hair in one session. I totally get it; you only want me to trim one-inch—I’m sure you did have a stylist who totally ignored you when you said that. Oh, you want your hair to look like this Instagram model—let’s see if that’s doable.

Insert a conversation here that you have every single day—you know the drill.

It Takes Months Before You Get Your Own Hair Done

Who has time to do their own hair when they’re constantly doing everyone else’s hair?

Plus, it’s not like you’re going to do your own hair after spending every hour of every day doing hair—that’s unheard of! Even though you know all there is to know about style, cuts, and color, your own hair falls to the wayside every day for the betterment of others—talk about sacrifice, right?

You Can Go an Entire Day Without Eating or Taking a Bathroom Break

Ahh, a stylists’ rite of passage—going an entire day of back-to-back clients without ever stopping for so much as a granola bar or a bathroom break. You know what we’re talking about—gotta love those busy days!

You Love a Good Black Sharpie for Covering the Stains on Your Black Clothes

Like you have time to wash your black clothes every week? With the crazy client load you’re working, long hours, and all of life's other little (but pressing) demands, who has the time to strip down and wash all the black salon clothes? Enter in God’s little gift to stylists—the black sharpie. A quick swipe here over some dye stains and your dirty salon clothes are looking fresh and good as new in no time.

Your Feet Fall Asleep Before You Do

Don’t act like you’ve never been here. You bust through the door after a long day and as soon as you sit down (probably for the first time that day) your feet are out like a light! Who can blame them, right?