Why You Need Insurance: 

Beyond the Basics

You’ve heard the argument time and time again (probably from us TBH). You’ve probably heard it so many times that you’re totally sick of hearing it.

But we love you, so we’re bringing it up one more time (seriously, we’re not trying to annoy you, we’re doing this because we care)—you need professional liability insurance for your beauty pro career.

You’re probably sitting there, rolling your eyes saying something like “yes, yes OK, I get it—I need liability insurance to cover damages, claims, malpractice, allergies, burns, yada yada yada…”

And you’re right, you do need liability insurance to help you mitigate those risks and cover your butt (and your pocketbook) should something like that go wrong.

But queens and kings, those are just the basics behind why you need professional liability insurance.

That’s right, we said the basics—the necessity for liability insurance goes far deeper than just coverage for the off chance a client slips and falls in your studio or you accidentally make your client break out in allergy hives (fingers crossed you never have to deal with these scenarios, you guys).

By definition, professional liability insurance is a form of risk management that can help you—the insured party—stay protected and be relieved of the financial responsibility of a potential loss.

Plus, you gain some serious peace of mind, too, because you know experts are handling your claim, watching your back, and footing the bill.

P.S., we’ve got a lot more info about that right here if you wanna learn more about the liability insurance basics.

There’s really no one, single reason to invest in liability insurance—there are a ton of small, vital reasons. And they go far beyond just general liability issues and product liability issues.

What are those issues, you ask? We’re diving into them right here, right now—so keep up!

Why You Need Insurance: What Everyone Talks About

Typically, when someone (even insurance companies) is talking to you about the risks of being in the beauty biz and trying to connect the pieces of the puzzle back to why you need liability insurance, they talk about the big picture items—slips and falls, product issues, allergies, injuries, negligence, burns, etc.

We’re talkin’ obvious scenarios here—a client gets a nail infection a week after a treatment from you; a client slips and falls near the waxing chair because you spilled a little hot wax; someone reacts poorly to a new cream you’ve been dying to try on their skin, etc.

Don’t get us wrong, these are hugely important reasons for a professional like yourself to invest in professional, general, and product liability insurance. What we’re here to express is that the good reasons don’t stop there.

Why You Need Insurance: The RISKS You Never Hear About

At the end of the day, your insurance is there to protect you against risk—even the ones you don’t think about all that often. In other words, it’s not just about the basics.

Liability insurance protects you from the unlikely, the unexpected, and the improbable, which means factors like break-ins, salon robberies, stolen equipment, damages, and more.

Believe it or not, criminals rob salons, spas, and studios. It makes sense, right? You’re a commercial business—you’ve got valuable property, assets, cash, and data inside your space. Why wouldn’t a criminal go for your business?

The good news? Any liability insurance partner worth their salt can protect you from the fallout of these risks.

No, having insurance doesn’t stop a criminal from breaking in, robbing you, and running off with all of your valuable equipment (we’d love to promise that!), but it does help cover any damages or losses you might incur, help you get your business back up and running faster, and take away the stress (both mental and financial) of dealing with a horrible situation like that by yourself.

And guess what? At EBS, we cover that.

If you want to partner with a qualified partner who knows your biz like the back of their hand, Elite Beauty Society is the perfect pick. We’ve got a ton of solid packages for you to choose from (check them out right here) like student insurance policies, monthly payment plans, and even two-year packages, too!

Plus, we’ve got some pretty sweet member benefits, too!

At the end of the day, it’s all about providing you with the affordable coverage you need from a partner who gets the industry—because only a beauty pro truly understands the risks that you face on a day-to-day basis.

Got questions? No problem.

Reach out to us anytime, anywhere and we’ll give you the answers you’re looking for.

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