Why Independent Beauty Pros Should Have Health Insurance

There are a lot of benefits to working as an independent beauty pro.

You’re the boss (which, c’mon, we all love), you decide your schedule, you can focus on what you’re passionate about (without anyone telling you otherwise)—the advantages are pretty limitless if we’re being honest.

But like with anything in life, there are some disadvantages, too. One of the main ones? Having to figure out your health insurance all on your own.

Unlike working in a traditional employee setting, you have the sole responsibility for your work, your liability coverage, and your health insurance, too! That means that there’s no employer to offer you plans to choose from.

This can be good because if you’re in charge of your own health insurance, you can pick the perfect plan for you. But it can also be challenging—typically, you’ll deal with pricier options and endless plans to sort through.

The kicker here?

Health insurance is more than just a “perk”—it’s necessary. 

You need health insurance—especially if you’re a freelancer, independent contractor, or solo beauty pro. This blog is going to dive into the top few reasons that you should always invest in health insurance—so read up and get ready to learn!

You Need Health Insurance as an Independent Cosmetologist—Here’s Why

Annual Appointments are Vital to Your Health

Like it or not, you need to go to the doctor to get check-ups, check in, and make sure everything is right as rain. Not only is it important to your career, but it is also super important to your overall health and well-being (you know, the most important thing in the world).

Without health insurance, it’s likely you’ll avoid these annual trips because they can get costly. With health insurance, you’ll be more inclined to actually attend these annual appointments because it’s highly likely they’re going to be covered.

Stuff Happens—You Need to Be Ready

We’re not wishing anything bad on you—but the reality is that sometimes things just happen. Having health insurance can cover any costs that arise and ensure that you get the treatment you need when you need it.

This is super important when you’re a freelancer or independent contractor because you won’t have your employer’s insurance to fall back on. You’ll need to tackle this one on your own, and health insurance can help you make sure you’re as prepared as possible should you ever need it.

It’s Vital to Your Career

If you’re in bad health, you suffer—but so does your career.

You need to make sure you’re healthy, happy, and taken care of, which is something that doesn’t often go hand-in-hand if you’re unable to go to your healthcare providers. 

If you’re simply thinking of health care as an additional, stressful expense, just think about how costly it could be to not be able to work.

Minimize the Cost of Big, Surprise Bills

Like we said earlier, things happen—and in the healthcare world, that can often mean expensive things happen. Minimize the cost of big, surprise bills with proper health care coverage that doesn’t leave you totally broke!

It Can Be Considered Illegal to Not Have Health Insurance

Unless you qualify for an exemption, it’s likely that you’ll be subject to a tax penalty if you don’t have coverage under a qualified health plan.

While it’s definitely a necessity for your own health and wellbeing, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to avoid that tax penalty, right? (We’re sure that’s the case).

The Good News? Elite Beauty Society Has Your Back

At Elite Beauty Society, we’re all about helping you safeguard your career, your passions, and yourself—that’s why we’ve built a whole company around professional liability insurance for cosmetologists just like you.

But we’re not just in this thing to get your business—we want you genuinely protected so dang much that we offer you health, dental, and vision telehealth insurance as part of our exclusive members’-only benefits package.

Want to learn more about EBS, our insurance, and even our amazing members’ benefits?

We thought you might. Check us out right here to see how we can fit your independent beauty pro career!