Remember Your Why—

Don’t Forget Why You Love What You Do

This year has been—well, let’s just say unique. With the constant challenges, unrest, and oh, yeah, a global pandemic, it’s easier than ever to feel a little bit lost and a whole lot overwhelmed.

In this middle of all this chaos, constant adjustment, and (what probably feels like tons of) failure, it’s easier than ever to lose sight of the most important piece of our lives and ourselves—why we do the things we do. 

As professional beauty pros who care a ton about our work, it’s easy for that doubt and uncertainty to bleed into our careers.

If you’re struggling with the current state of the world, if you find yourself grappling with your career, and if you’ve totally forgotten why it is you’ve chosen to do what you do, then honey, take a deep breath and listen—we’re all living that reality right now.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (and again and again)—you are not alone in these feelings

It’s normal to feel crazed and confused and uncertain, we’re all dealing with a really weird time in the world.

And while there’s definitely no one-size-fits-all solution to help you manage those emotions, we can give you a brief glimpse into something that might help you regain focus—remembering your why.

What is Your “Why”? 

Your “why” is a totally unique concept—it’s the purpose behind who you are, why you do what you do, and what keeps you choosing your career (and your life, really) time and again. Everyone’s why is different—and that’s perfect because every beauty pro (and person for that matter) is different, too. 

Your why is more than just a thing you tell yourself or a fun catchphrase to repeat or a mantra you recite at parties. 

Your why is a concrete, real thing that motivates you, drives you, and reminds you who you are and why you are. 

What’s more? Your why is crucial to your understanding of why you make the choices you make—including why you chose to be a beauty pro in the first place.

And guess what? Taking a good, hard look at your why, trying to uncover it, and even dusting it off to be reminded of your why is a must when it comes to practicing your purpose—especially when it comes to your career. 

Need a Reminder? Ask Yourself the Important Questions 

We’re not saying that reminding yourself of your initial why—or even reinventing it, for that matter—is going to be the secret to beating burnout or eliminating complex emotions, but we do believe that if you make the effort to dig deep and remember why you do what you do, you’ll light a fire in yourself that can remind you that you can overcome anything that steps in your path. 

So, how exactly do you start the journey to remembering—or rediscovering—your why? 

Try asking yourself a few important questions to uncover your why again and re-ignite your desire for your career.

Why Do You Love What You Do?

Sit down and really evaluate this question. Maybe start with an even more honest version of this question—do you love what you do? Hopefully, the answer is yes. Hopefully, as beauty pro, stylist, esthetician, etc., you’ve built a career on doing what you love to do. 

So, ask yourself—why do you love what you do? Is it because you love connecting with people? Is it because you love being a resource for your customers? Is there something so appealing about the artistry and creativity behind what you do? Is your career choice just representative of a really killer way to make lots of money?

Answer this question first, then move on to the next. 

Why Did You Start Your Career?

What made you choose your career in the first place? Did the opportunity present itself randomly? Did you work with a great apprentice who saw something in you? Did you dream of this career from the time you were a young child? Try to revisit this through this question. Then ask, “does this reason still define me why?”

If it doesn’t, that’s OK—that doesn’t mean you’re not meant to do your job. Sometimes, our why will evolve as we grow—don’t be afraid of this! 

Why Do You Stick With Your Career (Even When It Gets Tough)? 

This one might be the hardest question to answer of all—why do we stick with this career when it makes us angry, annoyed, frustrated, or hurt?

We can’t answer this one for you, but we know you have that answer inside yourself. Don’t be afraid of whatever this answer might be—just be honest. 

There’s no denying it, you guys—a career in the beauty industry can be tough as nails. There are unrewarding days, challenging stretches, unruly and unappreciative clients, and even moments where we feel like throwing our hands in the air and giving up altogether. 

Our why—whether we know it or not—is what keeps us doing what we’re doing. Rediscovering or re-establishing our why can be a powerful way to remind ourselves what’s important to us, to balance our lives back out, and to refocus on our careers.

Don’t put a ton of pressure on this process—be gentle and honest with yourself. Above all, focus on defining your why as it exists for you—don’t worry about what someone else’s why might be. 

Have some tips for your fellow beauty pros about how to discover their why? Share it with us!

Drop your comments below and let your beauty community know you’re here for them, have been where they’ve been, and understand how challenging this career can be!