Why Cosmetologists Trust Elite Beauty Society for Insurance

Why Cosmetologists Trust Elite Beauty Society for Insurance

Unfortunately, Insurance providers can have a bad reputation for failing when their policyholders need them most. Trusting insurance companies can be challenging if the payout is too low or the provider flat-out refuses coverage.  

At Elite Beauty Society, we operate differently than other insurance companies. We've cultivated a beauty insurance plan that cosmetologists and beauty professionals can always rely on. Our policy is built on trust and reliability. We hold our policyholders in the highest esteem and know they count on us for their liability insurance coverage. Here's why cosmetologists across the nation trust Elite Beauty Society for insurance. 

If you're ready to join the thousands of cosmetologists who enjoy the protection and satisfaction of reliable liability insurance, today.

Backed By the Best in the Biz

It's important to acknowledge our parent companies before we go into more detail about our coverage and insurance policies. Elite Beauty Society is proud to be backed by some of the most trusted names in the insurance landscape: Arthur J Gallagher and Co and Arch Insurance Group. These incredible insurance companies are known globally for reliable coverage and connection-centered operations. 

Arthur J Gallagher and Co. is consistently rated one of the most ethical companies in existence. As a parent company for thousands of insurance providers, AJG has a glowing reputation for reliability and is known for above-board business practices. With a proven track record of reliability, Arthur J Gallagher and Co. is a name people around the world have come to trust for insurance provision. 

Arch Insurance Group is on par with Arthur J Gallagher and Co. because of their outstanding reputation in specialty liability insurance coverage. Arch grew into a global phenomenon and is among the most reliable insurance providers in the realm of specialty liability coverage. 

With these two powerhouse companies standing behind Elite Beauty Society, our policyholders can rest easy knowing they are protected by the best in the business. We are proud of our heritage and rich history that comes from our parent companies. We understand the burden of trust and strive to relieve our policyholders of any worry or doubt in their coverage. 

A Legacy of Building Trust

Our parent companies are the essence of who we are at Elite Beauty Society. Their focus on people-centered operations is a pillar of how we treat our policyholders. In fact, Arthur J. Gallagher and Co. has been listed as one of the world's most ethical companies for the 12th consecutive year. We take that legacy to heart in everything we do. 

How our parent companies treat their employees and clients is precisely how we operate. We built on their foundation of trustworthiness by doing right by our people in every way possible. We know other insurance companies don't have this mindset, but treating our policyholders with respect and reliable care is paramount to us. 

History of Elite Beauty Society

Since our inception, Elite Beauty Society has been dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage for beauty professionals across America. When our small company was formed, we set out to grow an insurance provider that cosmetologists, estheticians, and beauty workers could trust with their liability insurance needs. 

From the beginning, we consulted with countless beauty professionals to learn and discover what they want and need from a liability insurance provider. In other words, our policy is built based on the needs of genuine cosmetologists and beauty workers. Naturally, cosmetologists themselves are the best source for understanding their insurance needs. That's why we did more than consult them; we hired them to help develop our cosmetologist insurance policy. 

We have a history of on-the-ground insight into how we can best serve our members. 

Our Team Makes All the Difference

Our team of dedicated insurance providers has a passion for cosmetologists and beauty professionals. We genuinely care about every one of our members. When you contact our team with questions, concerns, or queries, we will do everything in our power to help. Our policyholders are everything to us, and they should always know they are our highest priority. Whether you send us a contact through our website, shoot us an email, or give us a call, you can bet our friendly staff will provide you with their utmost attention. 

When you contact our team, you'll recognize their expertise and insight. Our experienced team brings decades of inside knowledge to the table and uses that knowledge to help guide you through your insurance process. With skill and a customer-centric approach, our team promises to do everything possible to help you. 

Our Collaborative Partners

Elite Beauty Society has allied with elevated companies and organizations to advance and grow our members. Our partnerships allow our members to enjoy better benefits, enhance career advancements, and engage in self-care opportunities. These brands are top-notch when it comes to salon operations, continuing education, and Industry services. We are proud to partner with these incredible organizations to give the best to our policyholders.

Here are a few of our esteemed business allies:

  • My Salon Suite

  • Phenix Salon Suite

  • Salonrepublic

  • Salon Z Beauty and Spa Suites

  • Behindthechair.com


  • Learn Skin

  • Pro Skincare Training

  • Paul Mitchell Schools

  • Booksy

  • Gloss Genius 

  • Salon S.O.S.

  • Premiere Show Group

This is just a small sample of the remarkable list of our beauty allies.  Working with brands and organizations like these, Elite Beauty Society offers a better opportunity for cosmetologists and beauty professionals to enhance their careers and improve their skills and efficiency. 

Coverage for Every Situation

One way our customers know they can count on us for their liability insurance coverage is our all-encompassing professional liability insurance policy. Cosmetologists from around the nation have noticed Elite Beauty Society because we include multiple coverage areas in a single, straightforward policy. 

Unlike some other insurance companies, which nickel and dime their members for each type of coverage, we include everything from the get-go. In other words, we don't require our members to pay extra to get the coverage they need. When you register for cosmetologist liability insurance, you'll have access to the total protection package. 

Our cosmetology liability insurance policy includes coverage of multiple angles to surround you with liability protection. You'll be covered for multiple types of liability to help you feel safe and secure. With every beauty insurance policy, we include the following coverage: 

  • Professional liability protection: This coverage helps protect you against errors and malpractice lawsuits. 

  • General liability coverage: This helps cover the cost of universal liabilities, like slips, falls, and personal property damage.

  • Product liability coverage: This protects you from lawsuits related to the products you use and recommend. 

  • Rental property damage protection: If you cause damage to your rented workspace, this coverage can help alleviate the cost of repairs. 

  • Stolen equipment protection: We can help cover the cost of replacing stolen tools and equipment. 

  • Identity theft protection plan: We provide Identity Theft Protection to help defend against compromised information and identity fraud. 

With all this protection and more, our policyholders can rest assured we have them defended from every angle. 

Honest and Open Pricing

You shouldn't have to play a guessing game when it comes to what you'll pay for cosmetologist insurance. We don't abide by hidden fees or exploiting our members for every penny. That's why we have our prices listed prominently all over our website. When you register for liability insurance, you'll know precisely what you'll pay, and that’s the way it should be. 

Honesty is the best policy, especially concerning an insurance policy. The first way our customers know we stand by what we say is our open and transparent pricing. Before you’re charged, you'll receive a comprehensive explanation of every dollar you pay. 

The Proof is in People: Real Stories from Our Policyholders

While we can tell you all about the comprehensive coverage, transparent pricing, and excellent parent companies, let's take a moment and hear genuine accounts from a few of our policyholders. The following stories can all be found on our Trustpilot reviews, where we are proud to hold an “excellent” rating.

“My insurance had expired, and the renew-now option made it simple to edit my information to get it up to date. The payments are so affordable with the plan and have an auto-renew option, so I won’t have to worry about not being insured! Thank you so much!” - Ariana

“This was one of the easiest applications I have ever done. It was very informative, and I was able to complete the process in no time at all. - Mallory

“Easy sign up and check out, and very reasonable prices, especially for small businesses!” - Maria

Contact Our Team for Customer Support

At Elite Beauty Society, we want our members to know they can count on us when they need us most. We provide much more than mere liability coverage; we also offer the support and additional benefits that make beauty work much sweeter. We have a genuine passion for beauty professionals and strive to enrich their lives and protect them from every angle. 

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