A cosmetologist opens TikTok shops on her phone to sell her products.

Why Cosmetologists Should Put Their Products on Instagram & TikTok Shops 

Thinking that your retail shop has to sit stagnant in your physical shop? Think again. 

Don't get us wrong–you absolutely should sell your product in-store–that's where a good chunk of your audience is (duh). But your retail products aren't limited to your brick-and-mortar anymore. In fact, there are a ton of unique ways to get your retail products out there without needing customers to walk into your shop.  

Yep, the digital world and social media marketing have opened the door–once again–to modified shopping. 

Thanks to apps like Instagram and TikTok, there are new and exciting shop features that get your products–physical or digital–in front of the right pairs of eyes seamlessly and directly. 

But WHY is this a big deal? And to take it one step further, why should you–a busy beauty pro with, like, a million responsibilities, go through the steps of optimizing a social media shopping experience for your customers? 

We'll tell you why–keep reading! 

Why You Should Create Shops on Instagram and TikTok 

Targets the Right Niche 

Love the algorithms or hate them; the reality is that they do know how to get your content in front of the right people. 

The whole point of marketing is finding your audience, right? Well, TikTok and Insta shops are great at ensuring your products are getting in front of the audiences that are looking for them. 

Does that mean you don't have to do a little work on these platforms to find your audience? No way–you still have to put in the effort.

But at the end of the day, shops like these are designed to help you find your people and target them with the products they want to buy. 

It's Great for Physical & Digital Products 

Yes, these shops are great resources for your physical products (hello, retail!). But they're also the best way to sell your digital products, too.

If you're jumping on the bandwagon of digital products–for your customers, for other cosmetologists, etc.–then you know you need a digital platform to sell your items! 

Unlike retail products, you can't just set your digital products on a shelf and hope for the best–they need to live in the digital world! 

IG and TikTok shops make it easy to market, speak to your audience, and act as the perfect platform to bridge the gap to your digital products. 

Provides Direct Sales Channels 

You know how you get ads on Insta or TikTok for things you like, then you're directed to the site where you can jump through a few hoops (finding it in the collection, inserting your information, etc.) to purchase said thing? 

A beauty pro goes live on TikTok to sell her products on Instagram and TikTok shops.

The general rule of thumb with sales (and booking appointments, BTW) is that the least amount of steps possible, the better. You want to remove all opportunities for obstacles during a purchasing decision. 

And Insta and TikTok shops do a fabulous job taking all those steps out of the way. They leverage their visual power and appeal, then eliminate all the stops in the process.

You can even create shoppable posts for your feeds and tag your products directly in your stories, too, for seamless one-and-done style purchases. 

This can help you hook your buyers ASAP, without all the intermediary steps in the way where they could change their minds. 

Builds Credibility (And Trust, Too!) 

The larger footprint you can build on the internet and social media apps, the better. Why? Because it helps establish credibility! 

Socials are already great for brand awareness–if you can seamlessly leverage your shop into the mix through testimonials, reviews, user-generated content, and more, you can build brand loyalty and influence potential customers. 

Integrates With Your Social Media Ads 

If you're already running social media ads through TikTok or Meta (Facebook), these shops are going to be super simple to integrate.

That means you can leverage the power of social media advertising and funnel buyers directly to your shop.

The process is pretty simple. A buyer will see an ad, click on it, and be directed immediately to a check-out option.

You can eliminate those other steps through the website, manage products seamlessly through your social media platforms, and integrate shop details into your already existing social media ad strategy. 

Love these digital savvy tips to keep you–and your biz–ahead of the curve? We thought you might.

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