Clients love to learn why you're pitching a new service to them-the stylist in this image explains the reasoning behind her new pitch.

When is the Best Time to Pitch a New Service to Your Clients?  

How to Tactfully & Professionally Add Services to Your Clients' Appointments 

New offerings and services are one of the most fun parts of being a cosmetologist.

If the options for expanding your business are endless, why wouldn’t you want to tack on services that could benefit your clients, bring in more money, and, of course, give your career a Lil more longevity?

Adding new services–to your salon or spa in general or to your regular client’s current routine–can make a huge difference in the life of that client–it can also make a huge difference in the long run for your profit margins, too.

Long story short, adding new services is a good thing for everybody. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to introduce new services to your clients without coming off pushy.

Look, we get it–you don’t want to push too hard and come on too strong.

But there’s got to be a balance, right?

How do you tactfully, gently, and professionally pitch a service to your client?

And further, when is the best time to do it?

This blog has got your back.

When Should You Pitch New Services to Your Clients?

Technically, there’s no wrong time to pitch a new service–you’ve just got to read the room. Here are a few examples of ideal times to pitch a new service to your clients.

Ahead of Time (Before Booking the Next Appointment)

Some people just don’t appreciate new services being sprung on them at the time of their present appointment. Obviously, this isn’t true for everyone–but some clients like a little time to research, process, and think about the new service.

Next time you have a regular client come in who could benefit from a new or different service, bring it up for the next appointment, so they have some time to think it through.

This shows your client you’re not trying to add time or money to what they already agreed to–but it also shows them you’re thinking about their overall hair health and goals.

When a Client Has Brought Up an Issue

Then, there are times when a client brings up an issue and actively wants you to solve a problem at the moment–this is the perfect time to pitch a new service or an add-on service

Let’s say that you have a client who’s dealing with super dry strands. You just so happen to offer a new moisturizing mask service.

Is it a good time to pitch that service? Hell yeah! 

They have a problem; you have a solution. They’ll appreciate that you’re thinking on your feet and concerned about helping them remedy their issues.

When You Know the Client Well

If you’re very familiar with a client and you know their personality, what they appreciate, and what they don’t care for, then you’re probably in the clear to pitch a new service when it feels right–no matter the circumstance.

 If you’ve got a new client that’s just come in for the first time, don’t feel like you need to push a bunch of services on them from the start (even if they could benefit from them!).

When You’re Running a Special or Discount

If you’re running a special promo, seasonal treatment, or deal for your new service, there’s no shame in pitching it to clients who come in in that frame of reference.

You know what we mean. Something like, “Hey client, so glad you’re here today! Just want to give you a heads-up, we’re running a deal on XYZ–would you want to add that to your appointment today?”

This is casual, it doesn’t come off like you’re targeting that specific client, and they have plenty of freedom to say no–that’s the key for when to offer a new service!

Pitching new services starts with conversation, like the stylist in this image.

Tips for Pitching New Services to Your Clients

Be Transparent & Communicative

Try to be as upfront, direct, and open as possible about new services. Some clients might feel like adding new services is a way for you to get more money out of them. Being open and honest about why you’re pitching this service to your client is the best way to open the door for something new.

Avoid a “Make-or-Break” Conversation  

Make it very clear that you’re OK with a client saying no to a conversation about a new service. Don’t pitch it as a “make or break” type deal­–they’ll still leave the salon with stunning hair even if they say no to the new purchase.

Educate & Inform as Much as Possible

Don’t make the mistake of pitching a service without an explanation or education.

Tell your client why you’re pitching it, what it can do for them, and what the service is. Clients care about what you’re doing for them–they’ll want to know what you’ve got in mind!

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