A professional cosmetologist drops a bit of her homeopathic serum on her hands.

What is Homeopathic Beauty? 
Your Guide to Understanding the Principles of Homeopathic Beauty

The beauty industry is built on one sure thing–nothing is a sure thing. We know, we know, that sounds a little funky, but hear us out. This industry is one of constant evolution. Every day, something new is popping up on the market, a buzzing beauty trend is sweeping the nation; clients want this one day but that another day.

All that to say, the industry isn’t ever the same. When new trends pop up–and then sometimes disappear just as quickly–it can be hard to take them all seriously. So, when you start seeing “homeopathic beauty” trends on the beauty industry radar, you probably can’t help but wonder something like, “how soon before this fad is gone?

Well, beauty pros, we’ve got news–homeopathic beauty isn’t one of those flippant fads that’s here one minute and gone the next. Why? Because homeopathic products–and homeopathy in general–has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. This principle, now infused into beauty products and beauty practices, is more than a trend–for many pros and clients, it’s a guiding light for the standard of beauty.

And today, we’re going to dive into what we think you should know about homeopathic beauty trends, products, practices, techniques, and so much more. Go ahead, beauty pro–get the 411 on homeopathic beauty.

First Things First–What Does Homeopathic Beauty Mean?

OK, so before we dive into how homeopathic beauty applies to you, beauty pro, we want to give you a quick breakdown of homeopathy in general. Context, you know?

First, let’s chat about the definition of homeopathy.

Translated, homeopathy literally means “like with like.” Homeopathic solutions are generally made through ingredients like plant, mineral, or animal materials–then diluted repeatedly before being crafted into their final form.

The general idea of homeopathy is that the body can solve most of its own problems with a little natural assistance–hence the “like with like” explanation. So, homeopathic beauty products and practices are focused on natural, from-the-earth, or from-the-body ingredients and treatments.

Why Homeopathic Cosmetics, Products, & Beauty Practices?

Homeopathic cosmetology is often looked at as a more natural approach cosmetology. It tends to avoid chemicals, rather focusing on natural remedies like diluted plant extracts or substances that naturally occur within the body or on the planet.

No, homeopathy isn’t specifically about avoiding chemicals–rather, the perspective is to “treat like with like.” If your body or the earth isn’t producing it, it’s likely not found in homeopathic treatments, products, or practices.

Some people believe that homeopathic beauty is the trend to turn to because the manufacturing of other products with excess chemicals and artificial ingredients can cause irreparable diseases, deformities, and more.

Of course, that’s not everyone’s reasoning for turning to homeopathic beauty. Some people like that it takes a more natural, “like with like” approach. Others like that it all sort of coalesces with the holistic beauty trend, too.

Either way, homeopathic beauty is taking off–and it’s something to consider in your own establishments and practices.

A variety of homeopathic beauty soaps are shown in this image, all made of natural ingredients.

Top Tips for Breaking into the World of Homeopathic Beauty: What You Need to Know

You Don’t Have to Go Full Homeopathic Beauty – But You Also Can

Who ever said it had to be all or nothing? Just because you can get behind some homeopathic beauty principles and products doesn’t mean you have to jump on board with every homeopathic principle or product.

Back the things that matter to you, the products you believe in, and the techniques that you think make a difference. If that means you’re split somewhere between mid-homeopathic and mainstream beauty pro, that’s great! There’s no reason you can’t live in both camps repping products you care about and believe in on both sides.  

On the flip side, if you find that homeopathic beauty is your JAM, lean into it!

Get Familiar with Homeopathic Beauty Ingredients

Really investing in the homeopathic beauty movement is amazing, but if you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk. Learn about, understand, and gain a super solid foundation about homeopathic ingredients like lavender, shea butter, and sea salt.

Immerse yourself in the world of ingredients like these to better understand what they do and why they do it better than non-homeopathic products. Knowledge is power in the homeopathic beauty world!

Educate Your Clients as Much as Possible  

If you’re thinking of swapping over to homeopathic beauty practices or products, be sure that you’re giving your clients a full education on the switch. Explain the foundation of homeopathic beauty to them, be upfront about your reasons for making these choices, and encourage them to try things with you if they’re nervous!

Have a long list of products and practices ready to recommend them with as much information as possible so you can make any transition easier.

Be Aware About the Lack of Regulation–Do Your Research

Homeopathic products aren’t regulated by the FDA the way other commercial products are. That means there’s a little more wiggle room for people making homeopathic products.

Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily–but it’s definitely something you should be aware of, especially when investing in products. This is just one of the reasons it’s so crucial to do your own research and understand what’s in every product you purchase and use.

OK, pros, we want to hear your thoughts. Are you pro homeopathic beauty? Against it? Do you think it has a place in your salons, shops, or spas? Drop a comment in the reply section below and tell us everything–we (and the rest of the beauty community) can’t wait to hear about it.

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