A+ rated insurance coverage is about more than customer experience, it's about reliability.

What is A+ Rated Insurance Coverage & Why Does it Matter? 

Elite Beauty Society's A+  Coverage is a Big Deal– Here's Why

When we talk about our coverage at Elite Beauty Society, we like to drop this phrase: A+ Rated Coverage.

It sounds good, right? A+ is usually the highest mark you can get in anything. And spoiler alert here, it is good.

But why is it good? And further, what does it even mean to be an insurance company with A+ rated coverage?

Here’s the major thing we want you to take away from this: working with an insurance partner with A+ rated insurance coverage is a big deal.

In other words, this term actually means something, and it’s not just semantics or a marketing thing. What does it mean, though? We’re here to dive on in.

What Does A+ Rated Insurance Coverage Mean?

When we talk about being an A+ rated insurance company, we’re not just sharing our marketing metrics with you.

Sure, it’s not lost on us that our members would probably give us an A+ rating based on their own experiences with us (and that means a lot, trust us!). But ultimately, having an A+ rating has nothing directly to do with a customer’s experience at all. That being said, A+ insurance coverage does have a dramatic but indirect impact on any client who decides to work with an A+ rated insurance company like Elite Beauty Society.

Let’s break it down with the most basic definition. An A+ rated insurance company with credible coverage is defined as an insurance company that credit agencies count as liable, dependable, and on strong financial footing.

In other words, an insurance company can only be rated as an A company if they’re almost always going to honor the terms of your policy. Companies with lower grades don’t carry that same reliability or dependability.

Essentially, the stronger the financial footing and rating of an insurance company, the more likely they are to do what they say. That makes sense, right? They have their finances on lock and are able to not just talk to the talk when it comes to coverage, but walk the walk, too.

A+ Rated insurance coverage is the best feature a cosmetologist can seek out in their insurance company.

Why is it Important to Work with an Insurance Partner with A+ Rated Coverage?

We’re not going to be those people and just say that A+ marks are good and you should be chasing that in your insurance coverage–we want to explain why you should choose a company with coverage that has an A+ rating.

You Need (& Deserve) an Insurance Company You Can Depend On

Your career needs–and deserves–an insurance company that’s going to honor the terms of your policies and your coverage.

In other words, your job demands a company you can depend on–no matter what might arise.

A or A+ rated insurance companies are going to offer that dependability you’re after. Lower-rated companies, ultimately, may not.

What’s the point of putting time into choosing the right company for you if that company doesn’t offer the guarantee they’ll meet the terms of your policy, anyway?

There’s No Room for Uncertainty in Insurance Coverage

Insurance is about eliminating or mitigating risk–not increasing it. If you opt to work with a lower-rated insurance company, you’re not necessarily reducing your risk.

Why? Because insurance coverage only works if you know it’s going to cover you–if a company’s financial footing isn’t solid enough to offer that dependability, are you actually experiencing the certainty of risk mitigation? We don’t think so.

You’re Making an Investment–You Should Be Able to Trust That Investment

Let’s face it, every expense matters–and investment or not, insurance does cost money.

Do you really want to sink your hard-earned money into a company that may or may not be able to provide you with the coverage your policy outlines?

You’re making an investment in your business. You should be as sure as possible that that investment is going to provide you with the ROI you deserve.

Insurance is About Peace of Mind–Without A+ Coverage, are you Really Getting That?

The whole point of insurance is to settle your worries and quell your doubts. If something uncertain, unlikely, or improbably were to happen (accidentally or allegedly), your policy is supposed to have your back.

That peace of mind is worth the investment.

But if you’re not positive without a shadow of a doubt that your insurance company is going to honor that policy because their financial footing is a little bit wonky, then you’re not getting that peace of mind after all. And without peace of mind and surety that you’re going to be covered, what’s the point of insurance?

Elite Beauty Society: The A+ Rated Insurance Company for Cosmetologists

It might seem like we’ve got some strong takes on this topic–and that’s because we do. As an A+ rated insurance company, Elite Beauty Society feels massively passionate about this subject.

Why? Because being an A+ company is hard work–work we’re proud to do.

And we think that cosmetologists and beauty pros like you deserve the best coverage–and that’s the coverage we offer.

Our best advice to you? Don’t settle for anything less than A+ rated.

You, your career, and your future deserve the surety, confidence, and dependability of a company that’s going to have your back no matter what happens.

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