A client giggles while showing off her pink pixie cut, a warm weather style her hair stylist encouraged her to get.

The Warm Weather Hairstyle Trends You (& Your Clients) Need to Know

Summer’s comin’, you guys. And that means there are lots of good things coming your (and your clients) way. Yep, We’re talking plenty of sunshine, higher temps, and of course, Elite Beauty Society’s go-to guide for the warm weather hairstyles you need to know to keep your clients lookin’ as hot as the summer sunshine. 

These looks are spicy–but more than that, they’re going to help (or at least try to help) to keep your clients as cool as they look with their hot summer styles. If you’ve got clients who come in seekin’ something fresh, funky, and fun as the seasons change, this list is the go-to one to one to scroll through and admire. 

And remember, these looks are just inspo to get your creative juices flowing–use these as the foundation to create your own go-to looks for the warmer summer months. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give this list a little scroll and explore. We’re willing to bet you’ve got plenty of summer-loving clients who are on the hunt for a new hairstyle that looks as cool as it’ll keep them in the summer heat.

The Top Warm Weather Hairstyles to Try on Your Clients This Summer 

Pixies, Please 

Pixies are a fab option for clients all year around, but if you’ve got someone on the fence who’s been dyin’ for a pixie, the warmer temps are the best argument you’ve got for getting them to give it a go. Pixies

A client shows off her pixie cut, a warmer weather style.

 can be sleek and sweet or chunky and messy–AKA, they offer the perfect amount of individual expression for every client. And the best part? They’re cool AF–like, literally. If you have clients who are craving a little relief from the heat this summer, tell ‘em all about the benefits of the perfect pixie. 

Updated Shags for All 

Summer is the perfect time for a trendy little throwback, and nothing is as trendy as a shag right now. Clients with natural waves and textures will love what this cut does for their hair’s movement. And the best part is, a shag looks great whether it’s short, mid, or long. Plus, you’ll get some of your client’s extra thickness and length chopped while you’re incorporating those choppy layers. And that means less hair to get them all hot and bothered when the temps start to climb. 

Bobs & Lobs 

A client shows off her lob cut, a warm weather style.

‘Tis the season for a chop–and that’s something we love to hear. Now is the perfect time to talk your clients into a lob or bob (if they’re already thinking about doing it, of course). Bobs and lobs aren’t just fashionable; they’re a fabulous way to beat the heat (imagine getting all the long, thick hair off your neck during the heat of summer).

Plus, they look damn cute on just about every face shape and every hair texture. Have clients that love a bob or lob look but don’t want to fully commit to the cut? A faux bob is a must-try. 

Fun & Funky Ponytails 

Cinched ponies, bubble ponies, fishtail ponies–oh my! Summertime is the perfect time to bust out a few fun and fabulous ponies. Summer never takes anything too seriously, so why should your clients’ ponytails? Real talk, take that blah pony, and update it ASAP with something fresh, like elaborate braids, hair accessories, tinsel, and more! 

Creative Colors 

A client shows off a pink pixie cut, a fun color she decided on for her warmer weather hairstyle.

OK, no–the color of your hair doesn’t help keep you cool. But, like, it does keep you lookin’ cool–and that’s basically the same idea, right? But on the real, temps or not, summer is the perfect season to convince your clients to rock that fun color they’ve been craving. We vote funky and bright colors, bold patterns, and somethin’ a little crazy. 

Baby Bangs 

Bangs are always epic, but in the summer, they’re hot and sticky (think about all the times you’ve wiped them away from your sweaty face!). The key to keeping that bangin’ bang look without dealing with an excess sweaty mess? Enter baby bangs. Whether your client has a bob, a pixie, or even long locks, baby bangs (and we’re talking, like, a few inches above the brow) are a summer must for those stylish clients of yours.

Summer fans, this one was for you. Got a few go-to summer styles of your own? Share with the class, please. Drop a comment in the reply section below and let us know what’s hot (or, err, cool) this summer. 

And remember, we’re always dropping hot style guides like this one, no matter what the season or event might be. 

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