Unicorn Hair—How Do I Prevent Fading?

Spring is coming fast, and for stylists everywhere, that means fresh, breezy cuts and lush, vibrant hair color services on the books. While those fun, bright shades are thrilling to create for stylists, it can be difficult to maintain at home for clients.

Luckily, the hair care world took notice, and there’s tons of new ways to help your client maintain their vibrant fresh look with in-salon treatments or take-home product without worry of quick fading.

So, what are they?

Pre-mixed solutions that simply deposit color without affecting the actual health of the hair. Blending the perfect amount of color and care. These formulas take all the guesswork out of keeping fantasy colors looking bright and their locks staying conditioned.

We’ve gathered some of our favorites for keeping your client’s hair bright- and healthy- between services.

Top 3 Products On The Market To Sustain Vibrant Hair Color

Joico Color Butter

Joico Color Butter Treatment

Top of the list is a company that is truly at the top of their game regarding tons of options for maintaining or creating fun, vibrant hair colors: Joico.

With six shades: Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Red, and Titanium as your options. Color opportunities are seemingly endless! Not to mention your client can come in for inexpensive weekly treatments or take this product home to maintain their color.

Joico Color Butter is ideal for clients who really want to punch up their color with low effort and intense hydration. The conditioners are used just as you would any other conditioner, and they are so gentle on hair and skin.

Be sure to wash your hands after application!

Viral—Celeb Luxury Color Wash

For those looking for truly unique, vibrant hair color shades that truly last Celeb Luxury colors are a perfect choice. With a range of colors covering everything from bubblegum pink tints to deep, rich teal. Those with a taste for jaw-dropping color will love this sulfate and paraben free color wash.

The Celeb Luxury line also includes a range of vibrant and pastel conditioners for pre-lightened hair. Full coverage dyes make it easy for clients to either perk up their already wild color or jazz up their light-to-platinum blonde with something new. They’re simple to apply and deliver rich color results while cleansing and conditioning the hair.

A gorgeous formula with a fresh scent, you can be certain clients are getting a gorgeous color that will last- without causing any damage for their future appointments.

Celeb Luxury Color Wash

Colorme Temporary Hair Color

Colorme—Dream look 

Temporary Hair Color

For those blondes who don’t want the full commitment of a vibrant hair color, Colorme Temporary Hair color is designed for the client to use at home. Colorme offers three shades of each color: Red, Fuchsia, Violet, Blue, Teal, Orchid, Blueberry, Coral, Raspberry, Lavender, Rose and Turquoise.

These colors provide color with a want for easy to use and quick results. The quietest of the bunch on the color front, these are ideal for those with blonde hair who are dealing with more than your average amount of over-processing or can simply not commit to bright colors.

These cool wands will also please anyone looking for an all-natural option for retouching up their gray a few days leading up to their appointment. Just apply with the wand, blow dry in and run a comb or brush through.

Some colors even cover dark hair!

Let your clients know the best option for them to keep their latest look fresh, bright, and damage-free. You can purchase any of these directly or at your local distributor such as Salon Centric and CosmoProf.

Have any other color-boosting faves?

Let us know what you love to keep your look fresh in the comments below!