The Must-Know Trending Techniques for Nail Techs

Ready to nail it when it comes to the latest and greatest nail trends? (Go ahead and laugh at our pun, we know you want to).

Well, guess what—you’re in the right place.

This article is going to dive into a few of the top 2021 trends that every nail tech should know! Ready to amp up your nail game?

We got you, friend! Read on for more dish on the latest trends in the nail world.

Why You Should Care About Top Nail Trends

Don’t get us wrong—there’s nothing wrong with being a badass nail tech who specializes in the classic stuff (everyone needs a killer iconic look every now and again, OK). But if you’re a nail tech who’s consistently trying to appeal to new audiences (and even your regulars, TBH), you need to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not on the nail trend list.

Like it or not, cosmetology and beauty trends are not static—they never have been and they never will be. While some staples will live in popularity forever (don’t worry French manicure, you’re not going anywhere), there are some fads that, despite being quick trends, are must-know techniques for every tech.

So, no, we don’t think you should drop your most popular services at the drop of a hat, but we do encourage you to learn new nail trends as often as possible—that way, when a new client comes in asking for a killer coffin nail, you won’t have to give them a crazy look and wonder why they want such a morbid sounding style on their hands.

The Top Trends You Need to Know This Year

Here we have ‘em, you guys—some gotta-know trends that we’re willing to bet plenty of clients have already asked for this year. Do a little research, look up some sweet pics, and get to know these styles—it’s likely you’ll want to add one or two (or more) to your repertoire.

Airbrush Nails

Yep, we’re talkin’ about adding spray paint to your service repertoire—but don’t panic, just hear us out first. Airbrush nails use a hand-held air-powered tool to spray on gorgeous colors and designs.

What do we love about airbrush nails? The effortless look, stencils galore, and the seamlessness that comes with eliminating the different thickness of hand-painted lines. For all of your clients who love a look that’s straight-up perfection, this is the trend you should flaunt.

Multi-Colored Manis

Gone are the days of total synchronization—we love a little complementary-colored manicure.

Obviously, you can go totally wild with this, but if you want to make it subtle, just opt for a sweet little look that’s monochromatic, muted, or has complementary shades. Either way, different color nails have never been so fun.

SNS Nails

Or as they’re most often known, epic dip powder manicure nails. SNS is actually a brand of dip power, which is how the method of SNS nails got its name.

What makes this different than a standard nail polish or a gel? Mostly the technique and the smell—yep, no nasty acrylic smell here. SNS nails can end up lasting anywhere from 2-4 weeks without chipping—it’s all about how your clients take care of them.

Coffin Nails       

Sometimes referred to as ballerina nails, these beauties are best known for being a Kylie Jenner special (and like, we’re pretty on board with most of her nail choices, right?). While they resemble a stiletto nail in some ways, they opt out of that super sharp tip for a square, boxy top that resembles either a coffin or a ballerina slipper.

The best part about these beauties? They look epic—no matter what styles and colors you choose. They offer the right amount of flair without being too dramatic. And that’s the happy medium we love to see.

Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails aren’t new—but they’re definitely not going anywhere. Though many people credit the Kardashians for popularizing this trend, they’ve actually been around for decades!

These nail shapes, just like so many other facets of the past, are coming back into style with a huge vengeance. There’s something undeniably addictive and dramatic about a sharp stiletto look, and once you pair them with a killer color, you’ve got a nail look that’s equal parts fierce and edgy.

Oval Nails

This subtle but beautiful shape is an ode to the natural nail—but with a little enlightenment.

While big, bold shapes (we’re lookin’ at you Coffin Nails) are def still in, we find that so many people are transitioning back to a natural-but-elevated look for their nail shape. It adds a little elegance, a little fun, and a whole lot of stunning to any nail look—and it keeps it subtle, too.

If you’re glad you read this nail tech article, we’ve got good news—we’re constantly upping our knowledge on what’s on-trend so we can share it directly with you.

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