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4 Ways To Get Your Beauty Business Booming

What Ambitious Beauty Pros Need to Know to Kickstart Their Biz

It's no secret that social media plays a huge role in how your clients find you. 

In fact, SM marketing is topping the charts as the marketing method with great ROI. That's because it's (reasonably) cheap to do, even cheaper to execute, and often has killer return in the longrun.

Let's be honest, though. You can't root your entire social media strategy.

Yeah, we said it. 

Do we think you should ignore it? Heck no. Ignoring where your audience is a big no-no in marketing.

That said, you there are ways you can amplify your influence on social media AND invest effort into other strategies to ensure your business is booming (and your career is blossoming).

Spoiler alert: these are just a few of our fave tips–it's def not the only advice out there. Still, we think that beauty pros like you (ambitious, driven, shootin-for-the-stars kinda beauty pros) should know all about these tactics to boost your biz and drive your growth. 

Social Media Strategy is Key 

A lot of people would have you think that social media marketing is as simple as posting a few times every week with consistency and letting the chips fall where they may.

Well, newsflash, pros, it takes strategy. That doesn't mean you need to have a SM marketing degree to do it well–it just means you need to tackle this form of marketing like you would any other (with a plan). 

Pick the platforms you want to focus on, understand who your audience is, and play around with your technique until you find what works for you.

Sure, you should pay attention to the algorithms (if IG wants you to post reels over static posts or vice versa, it's worth it to give it a try), but ultimately, what's important is sticking to what works for you. 

Most importantly, be yourself–that's what's appealing about social media in the first place.

People want to know about you, who you are, and what you care about. They want to see your before and afters, hear your advice, and watch you show off your skills. So, go ahead and show 'em. 

Make Your Profiles Pop & Stick to a Schedule 

An MUA applies makeup to her client's face at her beauty business.

Yeah, yeah, we just said it's not only about sticking to a schedule–but you do still need consistency! Make sure you've got a strategy for keeping yourself true to a schedule.

Why? Because your audience wants to know that you're present and around. Being available on social (not just to post, but to engage with them and answer questions) is a must–especially if you're already investing in social media strategy. 

Oh, and make sure your platforms are popping, too. Your profiles need to be dripping in your brand identity, true to you, and what clients are looking for. That's how you find your people (marketing 101, you guys). 

Sound like a tall order? We promise you'll get the hang of it. 

Traditional Business Cards are (Still) a Must 

We know what you're thinking–"isn't that kinda old school?" Yep, it is–but it's a strategy that works for a reason. 

Business cards may seem obsolete in the digital age, but there’s simply nothing like being able to put all of your information directly in your client’s hand in a hard copy format. This ensures they have your information without having to hunt around online for it; all the information is right there in their pocket! 

And listen, we don't expect your customers to keep your business card on them forever. It's just the first little access point that directs them to other avenues to keep you top of mind. 

Don't forget to add all your social media handles, email, and other contact info to your biz card. Let your business card be the gateway for your clients. 

Invest in your Website & SEO Strategy 

We know social media can do a lot for you, but ultimately, the pillar of your marketing energy should go toward other parts of digital marketing–AKA, your website and your SEO strategy.

You want to make sure that your site is accessible, seamless, and speaks to your ideal audience–all while making it easy for your ideal people to take action (like, booking an appointment, for example).

Really want to make sure you're hitting the mark? Drop everything and do a website audit. When was the last time you updated your site? Are you ranking for keywords? What's your traffic like? Is your site converting leads? 

Focus on this and dedicate some time, love, and attention to it. This is one of the best ways to see the fruits of your labor come to life. 

Next, get on your SEO grind. If you're new to the SEO concept, it's time to start doing research. Look into boosting your content marketing, see how you can optimize your web pages, and figure out what's missing in your SEO strategy. 

Our advice? If you're not into this kind of thing, hire someone to help you. Whether you've got a marketing staff member or you outsource your efforts, getting a pro in to do the heavy lifting for you can be a huge burden off your shoulders (and make a ton of difference in your beauty biz). 

Be reasonable, of course; the cashier at Target ringing up your eggs and bread may not need a card, but if your work happens to come up, toss one out there! You never know when you’ll wind up meeting a new client.

When marketing yourself, consistency and frequency are key. The more you get your name and face out in the world, the better. As long as you are staying on top of your profiles and getting the word out about your business, you are sure to reap the benefits in the future. 

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