Preventing hair breakage can be a game changer for clients–healthy locks like these take work!

Top Tips for Clients to Help Prevent Hair Breakage
What You Can Tell Your Clients  

Clumps of hair in the sink, small pieces of hair breaking off, and shedding everywhere–those are all signs of breakage, and it’s likely you’ve got a client or two (or three) who’s showing signs.

Breakage isn’t an abnormal thing–you see it every day in your biz. No matter how well someone cares for their locks, what type of hair they’ve got, or what tools they use, most people will deal with the breakage thing every now and again.

It’s not a huge deal, but it can be avoided, and it’s up to as the go-to stylist to help them better understand breakage from the ground up. Why? Because with your help, they can mitigate breakage, take better care of their hair, and in turn, make your job easier, too.

Not sure how to broach breakage or advise your clients on tips to prevent it? This blog was written just for you!

How to Explain Hair Breakage to Your Clients

You probably already have a super strong understanding of what hair breakage is–you’re a verified beauty pro, after all. But here’s the deal–your clients don’t always know what this kind of stuff means. In fact, you saying the words “hair breakage” to them for the first time might mean literally nothing to them.

And you know what? That’s OK. Because you now have an opportunity to teach them what breakage is and what it means for their hair.

Not sure the best way to explain breakage to clients who don’t super click with the hair stuff? Here’s the best way possible to debrief them on their hair breakage:

“Hey, client, your hair is showing signs of breakage. Don’t panic–it’s not as scary as it sounds! See these sections where there are shorter clumps of hair? That’s breakage.

Hair breakage is exactly like it sounds–you’re experiencing more breaking in your hair shafts than we’d like to see. Ever brush your hair and see lots of little to medium-sized pieces fall into the sink? That’s breakage, too!

Breakage is super common for all hair types, and it’s not a huge deal! There are ways to help prevent it, though. Want to know more?”

Offering your client a little insight can help them understand that breakage isn’t a big deal and there’s plenty they can do to help mitigate the issue.

How to Help Your Clients Prevent Hair Breakage

Like with anything else in the beauty industry, it’s not just your job to fix problems–it’s your job to educate your clients on how they could avoid those problems altogether in the first place.

Unfortunately, some hair breakage is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t educate our clients on ways to prevent and mitigate the amount of breakage they deal with.

Here are a few tips you can share with your beloved clients to help them avoid–or stop–breakage in their lovely locks.

Nix the Hot Tools

This might sound bad coming from you–a stylist who literally just gave them a blowout–but tell your clients to avoid all heated tools. If your clients are dealing with lots of breakage, heat is only going to make it worse.

We’re not saying they should never use heat on their hair ever again, but it’s no secret that regularly using hot tools, curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers does damage and dry out hair. If you’ve got a client who uses these tools religiously, this might be the only way they can help heal their hair.

If you have a client that’s unwilling to give up heat cold turkey, make sure they’re using adequate heat protection and limiting how often they use heat.

Regular Trims are the Move

A lot of breakage happens at the ends of the hair. This makes sense, right? These pieces are often dryer, more subject to damage, and take the brunt of our mistreatment. That’s why regular trims are the only real solution to avoiding breakage in this section of our hair.

Encouraging your clients to ditch hot tools and invest in professional products can provide them with healthy locks like those pictured.

Make sure that when you educate your clients on this, you’re explaining that getting them in for a regular appointment isn’t just about making a quick buck. Be sure you’re offering clear insight into why this is a benefit for them!

Reduce Friction with a Silk Pillowcase

Friction leads to mad breakage. The less friction your clients deal with, the less breakage they’ll have to worry about.

That’s where silk comes in. Silk is one of those godsend fabrics that reduces friction and helps to prevent breakage.

We say recommend silk in any capacity you can. Silk pillowcases are often the easiest sell, but silk head wraps, silk scrunchies, and silk headbands are great options for clients with lots of breakage.

Toss Out Those Harmful Elastics & Stay Away From Too-Tight Styles

Plastic elastics and rubber bands are not the move for clients with lots of breakage. Instead, make sure they’re using silk, satin, or cotton scrunchies.

And while they’re at it, explain that loose styles that don’t cause friction are the best options for them.

Pulling, twisting, and tying up can often lead to breaking of weaker hair–looser styles that aren’t tight are much better at preventing breakage.

Got your own client tips to help them avoid and prevent breakage? Tell us everything. Remember, this space was created to help cosmetologists and beauty pros like you succeed–that means we’re big on sharing knowledge from professionals like you.

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