A cosmetologist uses an autumn leaf for inspiration as she gets hers fall salon ready for business.

How to Get Your Salon or Suite Ready for Fall
Tips for a Fall Ready Salon, Suite, or Shop

The sun, sand, and breezy beach weather had its go 'round–now, it's time for crunchy leaves, cozy clothes, and all the autumn colors.

Beauty pros, it's almost fall, and whether that makes your autumnal hearts rejoice or your summer souls a lil sad, the reality is that there's def some stuff you need to tackle before a full-fledged fall hits your salon.

In this blog, we're talkin' all the must-know info about what should be done before fall gets here.

 Obviously decorating is a big part of the fall frenzy, but that's not the only thing on this autumn checklist! 

So, go on, grab a pumpkin-spice somethin' and take notes– the colorful, cozy, sometimes-spooky, and always-welcome fall season is nearly here, and your salon, shop, or spa is need of a tiny facelift to get things aligned with the season.

Tips for Getting Your Salon, Suite, or Shop Ready for Fall 

A Full-Fledged Cleanse–Spring Isn't the Only Time to Clean 

Seasonal cleaning should be on your list already, but if it's not, go ahead and tack this on as the first step toward transitioning your sunny summer salon into a fall fave. On a day that shop (or suite) is closed, get your staff (or a friend or two if you're a solopreneur) to give the entire space a full-fledged cleanse. 

Sure, you want to clean and sanitize, but you also want to take down and store all your summer decor. Pack it away as pristinely as possible, get rid of or sell decor you don't want to recycle in your space, and get things organized. This way, when next summer rolls around, you're ready to go ASAP. Your future self will thank your past self for doing this (trust us).

Plus, welcoming Fall into your space with a clean slate without the remnants of summer to bog you down is just what the doctor ordered–if that doctor prescribed PSLs and sweaters and crunchy leaves. 

Fall in Love with Autumn Decorating  

All that summer stuff is locked away–let your Fall heart come out and play! Go as nuts as you want with fall decor; all the while, remember your branding should lead the charge. Decor isn't just for you and your love for fall–it's about the customer experience. You can actually enhance a client's time at your shop by ensuring their environment is comfortable, aesthetic, and on-season! 

No matter what kind of salon or suite you've got, try to channel all the comfy vibes in a way that makes sense for you–cozy fabrics in the waiting area, rich autumn shades, fall foliage swapped for summery plants. Whether you've got a clean and minimal shop or a eccentric and heavily-decorated space, there's always a way to bring the fall vibes in for customers. 

Do Your Research: Learn What's In This Fall 

A client with a fresh hair color from her favorite fall salon plays in the autumn leaves.

Part of your job is knowing what's hot and what's not–and as you know in beauty, that's constantly changing. One thing that never fails is that fall brings about a transformation in style

And even though what's trending changes every year, you can pretty much rely on some autumn staples–like going darker, plans for hair growth, extensions, etc. That means root shadowing, darker hues, fortifying treatments, and extension sessions are all going to be on the menu. 

Know your staples, but don't miss out on keeping up with what's new and exciting this year. The last thing you want is a client to walk in seeking your expertise on a brand-new fall look and for you to give them a blank stare back.  

Prepare Your Inventory for the Influx of Fall Looks 

You've done the work to figure out what's hot and what's not–now you need to prepare your salon for the shakedown!

You'll likely have a lot of clients coming in wanting to take their light looks a little darker for the season, so ensure you've got everything you need to make that happen. Your inventory needs your full attention before the season hits you full swing, so take a day (or two) off and dedicate it entirely to getting your inventory right. 

This goes beyond your back bar, of course. It includes any pre or post-products you'd recommend to your client. Sure, it's a way to boost your retail sales–but it's also a must to ensure you're a credible resource for your clients!

No matter what fall looks you've got on the table, you want to offer them support and product that will help them maintain a healthy look until the next season!  

Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Fall Campaigns

It's likely your summer campaigns were leading the charge for your digital marketing strategy.

Do your due diligence and make sure you're swapping things out for the season. The last thing you want to do is confuse your clientele with summer branding or July discounts when you're running an October special instead! 

Make things as clear and streamlined as possible for your customers and that they have all the info the need to take advantage of must-know about deals.  

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