The Top Stylists to Watch

10 Stylists to Keep Your Eyes on in 2020

The beauty biz is absolutely booming with all kinds of crazy talent that we, personally, cannot get enough of. 

If you’re anything like we are (and, we kind of hope you are), you’re constantly scanning the industry looking for the fresh talent to keep your eyes on at all cost—mostly so you can ooh-and-aww over their crazy skills, and maybe a little so you can keep up with what’s hot and on-trend in the biz. 

The only problem with our industry? Well, it’s nearly impossible to ever know where to turn for that good-as-hell talent you’re dying to dive into—seriously, with a total influx of stylists who are rockin’ all kinds of stylist skills, how can you even keep track of who’s crushing it? 

Relax, we’ve got you covered.

We’re constantly on the lookout for the top players in the stylist game because, like you, we appreciate the heck out of talent. So, we’ve laid out a group of our top 10 stylists we think you absolutely, 100 percent, no questions asked need to keep your eyes on this year. And we’ve even given you the one tool you need to really take a deep dive into their skills—their insta handles. 

This select group of stylists is stellar and so unreal—we can bet they’re unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Don’t believe us? Check ‘em out for yourself right now! 

Elizabeth Faye | @heyelizabethfaye & @hairloveretreat

What we love about Elizabeth Faye is that she’s not just a badass stylist, she’s the machine behind an entire movement for uniting a hairstylist community. 

Founder of Hair Love Tribe  & Hair Love Retreat, Elizabeth is all about education, empowerment in the industry, and coaching her clients to be the best stylists they can be on the business side of things. Elizabeth is also a brand ambassador for Redken, a biz coach for stylists, and a podcast host, too!

We also (obviously) don’t hate that she’s like, incredibly talented when it comes to all things hair, too.  Check out her insta to see what we mean!

Leysa Carillo | @leysahairandmakeup

This curl-specialist stylist has gone above and beyond creating the ultimate brand for herself, and we literally are so obsessed with her #forevercurls movement. A Nevada-based stylist, Leysa is a total badass when it comes to creating curly looks everyone goes nuts for, but she’s also a professional who knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to educating, too.

Check out her insta to see all the glorious curl goodness we’re talking about. 

Philip Wolff | @philipwolffhair

Self-proclaimed hair artist, Philip Wolff has built himself an absolutely badass career in the stylist game. A global educator, an in-demand stylist at Salon Republic, and an absolute talent, Philip knows exactly what he’s doing in the hair game. 

His insta (which boasts an impressive 670k followers, by the way), is literally overflowing with envious looks we sincerely cannot get enough of. Don’t believe us? Go follow him, like, right now and try to stop scrolling through. We dare you. 

Alfredo Lewis | @alfredo_lewis

Trying to describe Alfredo Lewis’ talent is literally fruitless because honestly, we simply don’t have the words.

This Beverly Hills, California hair artist was named AIA Colorist of the Year—and one look through his Instagram will show you why. His insta is packed with incredible behind the scenes videos, fab color transformations, and ever-so-satisfying before-and-after shots that we just can’t get enough of.

Plus, you’ll totally fall in love with his goofy, wacky personality. Go follow him ASAP and keep an eye on him, because his talent is too good to ignore.

Sarai Speer | @theplatinumgiraffe 

Sarai Speer is a multi-talented professional who basically turns everything she touches into gold—well, maybe not gold, but definitely blonde. Though she’s exceptional at all things hair, she’s got a real knack for color that we simply cannot get enough of.

Her insta is filled with platinum, blonde, and light pastels that we love, but don’t worry, there’s an occasional pop of brunette on that feed, too. Trust us, once you start scrolling through her page, you won’t be able to stop. 

Samantha Harman | @samanthasbeautyconfessions 

An Oklahoma blonde specialists, Samantha Harman is absolutely crushing the stylist game and we are here for it, you guys. Her feed is literally overflowing with gorgeous blonde locks that have us second-guessing if they’re even real—that’s how beautiful they all are.

While she’s not set up in a major stylist city like LA, NYC, or otherwise, she’s literally killing it in Marlow, Oklahoma, showing the world that it doesn’t matter where you are, all that matters is that you’re a total badass. Keep on keeping on, Samantha—we’re literally never going to stop following you. 

Ammon Carver | @ammoncarver 

This baddie isn’t just a crazy-talented stylist, he’s also the Chief Artistic Director For Ulta Beauty, the Global Creative Director for L’ANZA Healing Haircare, and owns his own studio in NYC. And to top it all off, he was named the NAHA Men’s Hairstylist of the Year, too. Yeah—he’s just that talented.

And one look at his insta will show you that he’s not messing around when it comes to skill. Seriously, we recommend you take a look at his page ASAP (if not just to gawk at the beauty he creates, to see where you can see him speak and educate this year). 

Michelle O’Connor | @michelleoconnorbeauty

Not only was Michelle O’Connor the winner of the NAHA Styling and Finishing Award this year, she’s officially a five-time award winner from the NAHA—so, she knows a thing or two about a thing or two (to say the least). And awe-inspiring talent, Michelle creates works of art (which we’re so thankful that she posts all over her Instagram).

More than that, though, she’s the Artistic Director for L’Oreal Hair and the Creative Director for the Salon By InStyle (don’t you worry, we’ll get to that in a second). You won’t want to miss anything Michelle O’Connor does—so follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest looks! 

Salon by InStyle Design Team | @salonbyinstyle 

Told you we wouldn’t leave you hanging on this explanation. Salon by InStyle isn’t specifically one stylist—it’s better. Salon by InStyle is the culmination of the latest trends curated by the InStyle Editors that features the work of Salon by InStyle team members in JCP stores across the United States. 

See all kinds of real-life inspo for your own style here! (PS. Salon by InStyle won the NAHA Team of the Year award this year!) 

Lucie Doughty | @luciedoughty 

A creative director, a 4x NAHA winner (she won Editorial and Session Stylist of the Year this time around), and an artist dedicated to staying true to herself, Lucie Doughty is a badass force to be reckoned with in the stylist world. 

Her insta is absolutely packed with the dreamy and creative styles, colors, and cuts that you just can’t get enough of. 

Following along with her is like following along with a fairytale because her posts and her talent are literally that unreal. 

Did we miss out on an epic stylist that we need to know about? Well, tell us! Drop the name of a must-watch stylist in our comment section so we can include them in our future lists of talented, need-to-know about stylists. 

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