All Balayage Looks Are Not Created Equal

What Better Place To Find A Wide Variety Of Beautifully Done Balayage Than Pinterest?

Here are 20 of the most unique, stunning styles of balayage to help you and your client decide on the perfect dimensional highlights.

1. Cool-Toned Rose Platinum Balayage

For those who want a blonde look without the brass, this cool, bright blonde adds brightness and vibrancy to your client’s look, while bringing warmth in the transition with pink tones.

Cool toned rose platinum balayage

2. Dramatic Transition Balayage

A bold transition from brunette roots to bright blonde ends may be difficult to achieve without damage, but judging by this gorgeous finished product, it’s totally worth it.

Brunette roots transitions to bright blonde hair

3. Sunkissed Balayage

Subtle yet sparkling, this deep blonde to gold flow looks fresh, natural, and effortlessly dimensional.

Deep blonde to gold colored hair

4. Darling Clementine Balayage

Bright orange hair used to be a major nightmare, but not with this stunning peachy-to-bright-orange look. Keep it out of traffic cone territory by skewing closer to pink than red or gold undertones.

Peach to orange colored hair

5. Curly Girl Balayage

Curly hair already has tons of movement and dimension, so attempt a more subtle yet still eye-catching look for a balayage with curly hair.

Curly hair balayage

6. Opposite Day Balayage

Turn the bold color balayage on its’ head by placing the bold color at the root and melting into a natural bright blonde! This is definitely a look reserved for serious trendsetters.

Bold color balayage

7. Subtle Barbie Balayage

Just a hint of pink sets this sleek, subtle balayage apart from the herd of rose golds and neon looks that have dominated the blogs in the most recent years.

Rose gold highlights

8. Floral Fade Balayage

This pink-toned lavender takes the lavender hair trend and adds some movement and light, while pink adds warmer tones to avoid a flat purple wash.

Lavender colored hair

9. Audacious Auburn Balayage

Take deep tones from flat to fab by melting into a warm, fall-ready amber-toned auburn balayage.

Auburn colored hair

10. Big Red Balayage

Who says redheads can’t get gorgeous dimensional highlights without looking unnatural? This beautiful, gentle brightening of vibrant red looks naturally sunkissed.

Curly red hair

11. Deep Rose Gold Balayage

Darker tones deserve all the rose gold love they can handle, and this stunning rose gold looks chic, not jarring, with darker roots.

Deep rose gold hair

12. Platinum Glow-Down Balayage

This reverse of the classic balayage brings depth and drama to your look by framing the face with bright, platinum roots that melt into a deep, cool blonde.

Platinum glow down hair

13. Berries And Cream Balayage

Bring a bold berry shade into a creamy, light blonde for a soft bold look that places some pink in an unexpected place.

Berries and cream colored hair

14. Bob-lyage

Balayage is all the rage for long hair, but you can add a gorgeous pop of color to any length! This subtle pinky-lavender fade doesn’t overwhelm the look—it simply enhances a shorter style.

Subtle pink colored

15. Ash Brunette Balayage

Buck the blonde balayage trend by lightening up brunette ends just a touch with subtle ash tones! This is an easy, unique way to shake up the classic brunette balayage.

Ash and brown colored hair

16. Sunset Balayage

Looking to experiment with different colors but want to keep it chic? Go for a unique combination of complementary sunset tones to give your clients fabulous, eye-catching hair without needing to go full neon.

Sunset balayage

17. 50 Shades of Grey Balayage

Looking to add some on-trend grey shades without going full Grandma Doris? Try a subtle silvery-gray balayage with slightly warmer roots.

50 Shades of Grey balayage

18. Caramel Drizzle Balayage

Adding some warmth to the face, these rich caramel tones brighten and liven up darker hair without appearing too drastic. A touch of gold adds vibrancy.

Caramel drizzle balayage

19. Melted Gold Balayage

Perfect for blondes looking to add warmth and shine, these subtly placed hints of bright gold give the hair that fresh-off-the-beach vibe without the sand or the sunblock.

Melted gold balayage

20. Pre-Platinum Balayage

For clients looking to build up to full platinum in a healthy way, start by doing a gorgeous platinum balayage! This allows the client to try on a platinum look while still maintaining some deeper shades at the root.

It might be hard to choose from all the gorgeous options, but you’ll definitely be set with enough inspiration for you and your client with the looks above!