The Top Five Nail Technician Programs

Everything You Need to Know About Beginning Your Nail Technician Career

So, you want to be a nail technician?

We don’t blame you, – it’s a pretty sweet gig. It allows you to be creative, passionate, and utilize your smarts as you build up your business the way you want to. It grants you the freedom to use your creativity eye and offers you prime opportunity to be up close and personal with customers, as well as create and build your own career path.

The problem?

You have all the skills required, but you don’t have the education you need.

True, a creative advantage mind and a thirst for hard work can get you far, but building up your nail tech career via education, licensing, and professional tutelage can get you even farther.

You know that being a nail tech or a manicurist is much, much more than simply slapping a pretty pink onto someone’s nails. You know it takes precision, training, and a bunch of natural talent to form yourself into the nail tech you know you can be – and that starts with the right program.

We've done the research, our top five picks for the best nail technician programs are below!

The Top 5 Nail Technician Programs

Paul Mitchell Nail Academy

Want to be a business-savvy creative genius? The Paul Mitchell Nail Academy is not only one of the top choices amongst nail technicians and manicurists, it’s also one of the most well-respected programs in the country. With over 100 locations, this program graduates about 10,000 nail technicians every year.

You’ll have access to some of the best teachers in the industry, get premium hands-on experience, and build the business tools you need to succeed!

This program ensures that you’re well-equipped to deal with your exam and state boards, as well as offering plenty of financial aid opportunities.

Milan Institute of Cosmetology

If you’re looking for the best of the best, this program is up there on the list. This is a family-owned school that’s been up and running since 1985, graduating over 25,000 students, and providing hands-on training (no pun intended) unlike any other programs in the game.

This school is an accredited establishment that has huge clout in the beauty industry – that’s not to say that if you mention you’re a Milan Institute graduate jobs will be handed to you, but there’s plenty of name recognition when it comes to this program.

Milan Institute students are able to attend the manicurist and nail tech programs at the Institutes Reno, Nevada, El Paso and San Antonio Locations.

The Elaine Sterling Institute

A famous Atlanta, Georgia school, this nail technician establishment is an accelerated program that allows students and prospective nail techs to become licensed professionals in as little as 6-9 months. With a 600-hour program (an affordable one, to boot), students receive all the training and special skills they’ll need to pass their state board and licensure exams.

They offer students classes at night and during the day and is also highly recommended for nail techs and manicurists. It’s certainly vigorous, but well-worth it for people looking to accelerate their careers.

The Ogle School of Hair, Skin, And Nails

This establishment has been setting up prospective nail techs and manicurists for success since the early 70’s and has offered students a high quality education, an amazing program, and the clout needed to land their dream jobs after graduation.

With several locations in Texas, the Ogle nail tech program, which is covered in their cosmetology program, can be completed in under one year. You’ll have to undergo 1500 hours of rigorous training, but at the end of your program, you’ll be ready to pass your exams, land a job, and build the nail technician career you’ve always wanted!

Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy

If you’re located in Florida and are looking for a top-notch nail tech education, you can’t get much better than the Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy in Tampa or Lakeland. The special perk of this program? It’s hugely accelerated. You can become a nail tech in just 9-15 weeks (the requirement is 300 hours). There’s a year-round schedule, as well as flexibility for part time and full-time students.

You’ll learn all the basics of nail art, create a niche for yourself, and learn the ropes of the business.