Hail to the Bad-Ass Women in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has been influenced and empowered by many great men and women, but today we celebrate some of the industry’s most spectacular lady contributors, game-changers, and leaders.

These women have put the beauty industry on the map, made great strides in philanthropy and giving back to the wonderful community that built them! Not to mention shared their expertise by educating the next wave of beauty gurus and pros.

Check them out below, gain a little insight from their empires, and go out and make your own way in this industry with so much potential!

Tabatha Coffey

The OG of the industry. Tabatha in one way or another has been a mentor to all of us. Tabatha preaches being bold, unapologetic, and genuine- after all this has brought her immeasurable success. Tabatha Coffey has devoted her professional life to achieving excellence, as a successful business woman, company owner and hair designer and educator. Drawing on her years of hands-on experience, Tabatha now travels the country as she helps struggling business owners and stylists turn their lives and businesses around.

With her signature edgy style, tough love approach and exceptional skills as an artist and as a business person, Tabatha is without question the golden girl of small businesses. She proves that her professional instincts transcend the realm of beauty and can transform owners and staffs across all kinds of businesses.


Tabatha is devoted to the art of hair. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and Tabatha has been dubbed as the go-to girl for beauty inquiries throughout the world.


Deborah Carver

An industry can’t advance without a news outlet to share information, education, and inspiration. That’s where Deborah Carver comes in. Though not a stylist by trade, she has done an immense amount for the beauty industry.

Deborah Carver founded Creative Age Publications in 1971. In 1990, Deborah redefined Creative Age as a leading media source for the professional beauty industry. Over the years, Creative Age won numerous awards that includes 22 Maggies, an ABBY, 3 Ozzies, 10 finalist certificates of excellence and an Intercoiffure Press Award. 

Creative Age is your connection to the professional beauty industry! 

Creative Age publishes  NAILPRO, Beauty Launchpad, The Colorist, Beauty Store Business, DAYSPA, Medesthetics, MAN and Eye Lash. With over 2.5 million active and highly engaged social followers across its social platform accounts!

Deborah is an inspiration and hero to many. Deborah was City of Hope’s 2018 Spirit of Life Award Honoree, for her contributions to the industry. We thank her for giving from the heart!

Bobbi Foster Kelley

You can’t be the best beauty pro you can be if you’re not taking care of yourself, too. Bobbi Foster Kelley has revolutionized the world of self-care for our industry.

Bobbi was a Redken Artist for 15 years, then over the next 20 years served as a team leader in various positions overseeing Education and Training for Redken and Pureology.

Her background in this industry and life experiences have provided her with a unique and diverse skill set, allowing her to offer a wide variety of services and personal development programs. In 2010 Bobbi was diagnosed with breast cancer, but that didn't stop her. 

During treatments, she went weekly for reiki, oncology and cupping massage, acupuncture, guided imagery, reflexology, naturopathic medicine and immersed herself in the world of healing and wellness practices. Her experience was profound and she found reiki to be so beneficial, she studied to become a practitioner. Bobbi offers her audience a variety of different services to help them achieve the peace, healing, and mindfulness they seek.

Mary Rector Gable

The other news power-house in the beauty world is helmed by another industry queen—Mary Rector Gable. Mary preaches “making it against all odds” after all, Mary has built a beauty empire at Behind the Chair through her strategic use of digital and social media.

In addition to top-tier content Behind the Chair provides continuing education through Behind the Chair University and begun started putting on their very own trade shows, just last year.

Each year at the #thebtcshow, BTC Founder Mary Rector-Gable opens the second day of the program with an inspirational message; sharing her insights, observations and lessons learned. 

Don’t Let Anyone Stop You from Listening to the Voice Inside—
"Are you willing to walk into the unknown, or will you turn around and go back to the safety you know? Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear. You know what you see in your dreams. Do you have the courage to keep taking the steps required to make that dream a reality?”  

Sherri Do​​​ss

Known for her over-the-top rhinestone glasses and sparkly style, Doss manages to shine wherever she goes. She began her career at 19 as a nail artist and then became a hair stylist at age 23 saying “I see myself as a full-service kind of a gal!” Now, VP of Redken Education Worldwide, Doss travels globally helping salon professionals realize the Redken motto that if they LEARN BETTER, they will EARN BETTER and ultimately LIVE BEST.

Sherri has transformed the world of beauty pro education and made so many strides to bring the industry into the twenty-first century. Sherri knew this was her path and strove to have a profound impact because of her mother. Her mother had salons while growing up. 

She struggled with the changing market and opened/closed several, Sherri became a salon professional to help people like her mom to be successful and to reach their dreams and goals. We certainly agree that Sherri has accomplished that goal and so much more!