The Top Modern-Day Challenges Every Esthetician Faces
& How to Overcome Them 

Let’s just get one thing out of the way before we begin—your job freakin’ rules.

Being an esthetician is an awesome gig, especially when you consider it’s not your typical 9-5, behind-the-desk type of career.

You get to combine creative solutions, art, science, logic, the service industry, and so much more all into a single job—that’s pretty wonderful, right?

We think so.

But just like with any other job, you’re undoubtedly gong to meet challenges head-on and have to figure out how to deal with them.

And, similarly to other jobs again, those challenges are going to constantly evolve as the years progress.

This means that the problems estheticians like you may have faced ten years ago probably don’t look the same as the problems you’re facing now.

So, how do you—an amazing esthetician with big plans and bigger dreams—tackle these problems head on so you can accomplish the ambitions you’ve got in mind?

Taking advice from those who have dealt with the same things. In other words, read up on some expert insight and, above all, know you’re not alone facing these battles.

The Top 4 Problems Esthetician Face in 2022 (And How to Conquer Them)

Can You Say Staffing Shortages?

You’ve probably noticed there’s a major staffing shortage sweeping the nation right now—it’s only natural that this is an obstacle you’ll have to overcome at some point in your esthetician career. 

While we could spend time getting into the details of why this is happening, we’d rather discuss what you can do about this issue instead.

So, how as an esthetician who’s on the hunt to hire awesome employees, can you get your hands on great staff during a shortage? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t underpay—pay your staff what they deserve.
  • Don’t just find staff, invest in your staff.
  • Try working with third-party recruitment groups to get your hands on staff that can make a difference.
  • Train your staff and be a helping hand that’s always there for them and is rooting for your success.

The Unexpected, Unanticipated, & Unlikely

This isn’t necessarily a 2022 problem, but it definitely has existed in a major way in recent years (does COVID-19 ring a bell?).

Unfortunately, dealing with unprecedented events unknown occurrences are part of being in the cosmetology world. Is it stressful?


Better question—can you avoid derailing your career by protecting yourself?


How? With top-notch, high-quality esthetician insurance that protects you should the unfortunate, unexpected, and unanticipated happen.

Developing & Strengthening Customer Loyalty  

Getting someone in your chair is tough—getting them to come back time and time again can be a little tougher if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal.

Customer loyalty is crucial, and not just because it’s much more affordable to retain customers (as opposed to paying big marketing bucks to get them in your shop).

Need tips to get customers to come back for more?

Start by investing in your customers instead of treating them like, well, just customers.

Get to know them, take time with them, and treat them like valued members of your community, not just another appointment.

Secondly, spend some time developing a great customer loyalty program that makes your customers want to come back for more.

Incentivize them to schedule a regular appointment with you, offer them discounts or deals when they refer new clients to you, and keep them coming back for more with lots of rewards at their disposal.

Pandemic-Related Problems

We’re a few years deep into a pandemic that’s been nipping at our heels and shutting us down—and while we’re maybe not quite all the way through it, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you advice on how to end the pandemic, but we can offer you some great resources for navigating your esthetician career in a world that’s punctuated by COVID.

Check out some of our must-read resources right here to help you with this very 2022 issue:

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