Top Beauty Podcasts For Stylists Success

Our Six Picks for the Best Beauty Podcasts in 2020

If you know us at all (and if you don’t, hey there, welcome to the baddest beauty community out there), then you know we’re totally nuts for continued education. When it comes to the beauty biz, we personally believe the quickest way to success is to allow yourself the freedom to learn as much as possible, as often as possible.

So, it’s probably a no-brainer to connect the dots on how we feel about beauty podcasts aimed at helping stylists succeed—spoiler alert, we’re absolutely obsessed with them.

But here’s the thing—the world of beauty podcasts is huge and dense AF. There are hundreds—probably thousands, honestly—of beauty podcasts out there that bring something new and exciting to the table. We wouldn’t dream of telling you which you must listen to and which you should avoid, but we will do the one thing we do best—share a list of our absolute faves.

We’ve laid out our 6 favorite beauty podcasts aimed at stylist success. We know it’s already, like, a whole month into 2020, but if you’re looking for a way to thrive and grow this year, we suggest you take a gander at these babies and start listening ASAP. 

Now, for our favorites—in no particular order.

Thriving Stylist Tribe

This adorable podcast is hosted by Britt Seva, a hardworking, badass woman who’s busted her butt to create a brand that’s all about business strategies solely dedicated to hairstylists. 

Her podcast is a mecca for marketing insight and advice and takes a super direct (but accessible) approach to coming up with a marketing strategy that’s unique to your business.

How? By bringing real-deal topics to the podcast that you might not otherwise have known how to tackle on your own (especially if you’re very new to the business and marketing side of the beauty business). She brings Q&As, real-life anecdotes, educational debates, and so much more to the table. 

In other words—what are you waiting for? Start listening now!

Beyond the Technique

From Beyond the Technique (a salon advocate partner that’s all about virtual coaching and salon success) comes the incredibly popular podcast Beyond the Technique. This show is focused on empowering you and your salon, as well as inspiring you as a person to live your best life—both in the salon and out of it.

How do they do this? By giving you the technical tools you need when you’re working and the wellness tips you never knew you needed when you’re not. 

They’ll talk about how to be more profitable in your salon, interview top-of-the-line professionals in all sorts of industries, and yes, they’ll work through actual in-salon techniques, too!

Profitable Stylist Podcast

This podcast is very much a how-to, hottest story, and informative guide for stylists in almost every facet of the beauty industry sphere.

A well-known podcast, this one takes a conversational look at how you can better yourself in all aspects of your business—from marketing to styling techniques to new technology and more!

The Hair Game

In a series hosted by Eric Taylor (who, by the way, has 17 years in the biz), you get a real, raw look at the absolutely wonderful mayhem of the beauty industry.

Taylor talks about and to highly influential players in the beauty industry, dives deep into the business side of things, and loves to give you an inside look at the behind-the-scenes stuff you’ve been dying to know about the industry. 

We 10/10 recommend this Salon Republic spin-off!

Hair Love Radio

Hosted by Elizabeth Faye, this podcast is all about inspiration, innovation, and intelligence. A quirky little show, Hair Love Radio takes it further than just tips on how to balayage (though, hey, we’re not knocking that kind of podcast either).

Instead, Hair Love Radio is all about opening your mind to boosting your business by interviewing some of the brightest and best rising stars in beauty, business, health, and wellness.

The overall goal of this show? To take you, a badass stylist, to the next level of success and happiness by broadening your horizons and inspiring you! 

Career Junky TV

What we like to call honest conversation, Career Junky TV is entirely aimed at beauty industry professionals like yourself.

Hosted by Moniece McWillie, CJTV does everything it can to bridge the gap in beauty, hold open the door for inclusion, and help you become the professional you’ve always wanted.

See? Continuing your stylist education doesn’t have to be boring—it can be as fun as flipping on your favorite podcast (and pouring out a healthy glass of your favorite wine, if you’re like us). 

We hope you love each and every one of these educational, exciting podcasts—they each bring something a little bit different to the table. 

If you’ve got a podcast suggestion for your fellow beauty community members, drop it in the comment section—we’re totally game to share more!

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