Top 3 Tips for a Successful Salon

Your Mini-Guide to a Seamless, Streamlined Salon

We’re going to start this article off with a quick disclaimer—there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for a successful salon.

Every cosmetologist out there is different, every audience is unique, and everyone’s idea of success probably looks pretty distinct—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t general guidelines and best practices that can set your salon(no matter what you’re about) for some serious optimization.

In other words, if you’re looking for a few, quick tips to streamline a seamless salon, then friend, you’re definitely in the right place.

Consider this article your mini-guideline for kickstarting a must-know checklist to get your salon fiercely on track and set up for success.

Keep reading for the Elite Beauty Society’s top three tips for setting up a seriously successful salon.

The Top 3 Tips Every Salon Needs: A Mini-Guide to Salon Success

Remember, these aren’t the only tips and tricks you’ll need to accomplish your salon dreams, but they’re a dang good start.

Opt for Next-Level Finance & Accounting Services, Tools, & Help

Taxes, payroll, bookkeeping—oh my! When it comes to your salon’s accounting and record-keeping, here’s our advice—don’t slack.

Look, we get it, not everyone was born a cosmetology CPA (do those exist?), but that’s no excuse for sloppy bookkeeping.

Our best advice is this—invest in the software, tools, and services you need to make your salon’s accounting as accurate and efficient as possible.

We know that funds are never limited, but if you’re just not feeling the accounting and tax thing (or you can’t hire someone full-time to handle it) take a good, hard look at your budget and find the cashflow for helpful software, tools, and services that helps you monitor and track your costs, income, and profits.

At the end of the day, hiring someone to handle this part of your business (if it’s not your thing) is definitely your best bet, but we do have a sweet little Tax Guide that might help guide your accounting journey (check it out right here).

Invest in Top-Notch Salon Software & Products 

When it comes to salon software and salon back bar products, we’ve got two words for you— don’t skimp.

Your salon deserves tools and products that are going to elevate and enhance your services and what you have to offer—opting for something less-than is just going to diminish what you can deliver to your clients.

When it comes to salon software, check out high-caliber options like GlossGenius, the all-in-one solution for beauty professionals that helps you automate appointments, maximize your income, schedule seamlessly, invoice without issues, and even includes built-in marketing tools for premium management. (PS. As an EBS member, you get a free trial of this salon software!)

Just as you’d never skimp on your salon management, you certainly shouldn’t skimp on top-tier products, either.

Our advice?

Check out Hairstory, a must-try selection of professional hair care products that helps your clients achieve their healthiest hair—AKA, something you must have on your back bar.

Protect Your Career, Protect Your Business, & Protect Yourself

Without adequate protection, you’re putting yourself, your career, and your entire business at risk.

We know, we know, we usually open with something a little cutesier than that, but insurance—and lack of insurance—is a pretty serious topic around here.

There are so many reasons you need professional cosmetology liability insurance, but the big three liabilities are probably reason enough—we’re talkin’ general liability, professional liability, and product liability.

With the right type of protection, you’ll safeguard your finances, your reputation, and your peace of mind should anything ever happen.

In fact, having high-quality, reliable liability insurance can change your cosmetology career entirely.

There’s a weird misconception about liability insurance that sort of spells out this idea “if you have liability insurance, you don’t trust your own skills.”

This could not be further from the truth.

TBH, only the most professional, concerned, and contentious cosmetologists are going to invest in liability insurance because they care about the wellbeing of their customers, they value the work they’ve put into growing their businesses, and they want to safeguard their career no matter what might happen.

Because guess what—stuff does happen, even if you never actually make a mistake.

Plus, top-notch insurance companies won’t just deliver insurance coverage, they’ll load you up with member benefits that will propel your career forward (**cough cough** at least, that’s what we do at Elite Beauty Society, anyway)

If you’re feeling wired and inspired, then this blog did its job.

Get out there and set yourself (and your salon, of course) up for the success you deserve.

Dream big and achieve it all—we’re here to back you up when you need it (and maybe even when you don’t—we’ve always got you covered).

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