What Is Precision When It Comes To Hair Cutting?

Precision haircutting means the exact shape and technique used. This can mean a perfect fringe or an A-Line bob with almost no imperfections. In hairdressing we know our job can only be as good as the tools we use. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which tools are the most effective in order to achieve the ideal end result.

Check out these tips for the top tools for a precision haircut.

Brunette models her new shoulder length haircut

Scissors (shears) 6”

Size matter when it comes to scissors. The longer the blade, the longer the “snip” you will get. This is extremely important when cutting one length haircuts in-comb. Reducing the amount of times you need to “snip” can mean less room for error. This scissor is made to create the perfect one length haircut. Giving you the ability to cut more hair at once—which will not only be quicker, but it will give you a more precise line.

Scissors (shears) 4”

These smaller blade scissors are ideal for palm-to-palm cutting. This means cuts that are done while holding the hair in your hand. Smaller blades can help create more detail when cutting.

Also, you won’t run into the problem of cutting your knuckles (sad, but true). Never cut past the second knuckle! We know what happens when we do—ouch! These scissors can help give you more control from the initial cut and while refining the hair. Scissors with smaller blades are also ideal for the perfect fringe.

Brunette with a pixie haircut

Flat Iron

Flat iron? Not necessarily a tool used to “cut” but don’t underestimate the power of a great flat iron when cutting hair.

When it comes to precision cutting the hair has to be smooth in order to refine lines around the neckline and around the face. Once the hair is blown dry, straighten it as smooth as possible and then go in and refine. This can show the perfect outline of the cut exposing any hair that may have been cut uneven. Never skip this step and style the cut prior to refining it in this stage. When it comes to precision haircutting those lines should be sharp as a knife!

Although precise cutting can seem effortless it is one of the hardest things to master. In addition to using the right tools it is important to practice this craft and understand the basics.

A great resource is Vidal Sassoon’s, ABC’s of haircutting. This haircutting legend will bring you back to the basics that are still used today and can help any hairdresser improve their cutting skills.