You’ve Just Signed on With a New Salon or Salon Suite

Now What?

So, you signed on with a new salon? You’re finally taking the plunge and taking over your own salon suite? You’ve decided to take an enormous, important, and exciting new career path!

First things first, let’s address the most important point of this entire blog post—congratulations! You’ve worked hard, you’ve set goals, and honey, you’re on the way to becoming the beauty professional you’ve always dreamed you’d be.

No, this isn’t the final step in your career, but it is one big, beautiful step in the right direction and we couldn’t be prouder—that calls for some serious celebration.

In other words, if you haven’t paused your day to celebrate however you see fit—might we suggest a glass of champagne and an in-salon dance party?—then that’s your first step to success. And we advise you to tackle that ASAP.

But once the champagne is gone, the dance party is over, and this next career move has been appropriately celebrated—what’s next?

You’ve made a big jump, and that’s great, but how do you bridge the gap between this new career opportunity and the success you’re ultimately seeking?

Everyone finds success in different ways, so we can’t offer you a step-by-step plan that’s ultimately going to guarantee success, but we can offer our best advice, our professional insight, and our long list of things we’d wish we’d known when we started out.

Finding success isn’t always an easy road, but we can guarantee that if you’re dedicated, determined, and damn good at what you do, you can absolutely make your cosmetology career dreams come true.

Know Your Niche

Don’t be afraid to be good at what you’re good at. 

By that we mean it’s important to know your niche and sell it hard. Don’t get us wrong, you shouldn’t be stuck doing one thing for the rest of your career, but if you’re just starting out—whether at a new salon or by kicking your own salon suite into gear—knowing your niche and kicking ass at it is a great way to set yourself apart, market to your audience, and fiercely beat out your competition.

As a note, it’s also helpful when you’re starting out to avoid stretching yourself too thin—by focusing on what you’re absolutely phenomenal at (i.e., cuts, colors, facials, brows, etc.) you can set yourself up for success without feeling the stress of trying to juggle too many services.

Be Ready to Market Yourself

Even if you’ve signed on to work at a salon, you’re going to have to take a crash course in marketing yourself, your services, and your skills.

This applies even more so if you’re running your own salon suite. Marketing is just as important as being great at what you do. Why? Because even if you’re top-notch at your craft, it won’t matter if no one has ever heard of you.

Don’t misinterpret us, we’re not trying to say you have to take a deep dive into marketing school (though we won’t lie, this can only help you in the long run), we just mean that it’s crucial to learn a thing or two about digital marketing, invest in social media, and think about creating your own website (PS, one of Elite Beauty Society’s many member benefits is a FREE, professional website that’s totally customizable!)

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Don’t Let Fear Get in Your Way  

Granted, you’ve just made a huge step, so you’re probably trying to play it safe while you feel out your new territory. But now is not the time for fear. Look, we get it. This is new, it’s scary, and you’re probably feeling you’re not ready for this new step—but you are.

You’re strong, you’re courageous, you’re talented, and you’re here to show everyone that you’re a force to be reckoned with. Being open to learning and humble is one thing—being too meek is another.

Make sure your humility is in check, but don’t forget that you’re a badass, either. Be yourself. Be willing to learn. And be ready to make some mistakes. 

Don’t let the fear of your new step keep you from walking even further down the path of your career’s epic journey.

Mentor or BE Mentored

Now’s the time to invest in yourself and in the people you’re working with. Ready to learn from someone who’s been in the game longer than you?

Now’s the time! Ready to pass along some knowledge to a newbie? Go for it! New adventures call for new opportunities!

Continue Your Education ALWAYS

Just because you’ve made this step doesn’t mean you’re done with your process—not by a long shot! The best cosmetologists out there know that the learning journey is never done, and that’s precisely what makes them so darn successful. Get new licenses, take new classes, be an apprentice for someone you admire.

The more you can add to your skill set, the more you hone your talents, and the better you prepare yourself for the future, the more versatile and exciting your career will be!

Any seasoned pros out there have some unique advice to offer our newly signed pros or the beauty pros who’ve taken a huge step and rented out their own salon suite? Drop your insight in the reply section below—that’s what the comment box is for, y’all!

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