Thriving During the Holidays as a Cosmetologist: It Can Be Done 

Tips to Take Your Holiday Season to a New Level

Thriving? Like, not just surviving? During the holidays?

If you’re a cosmetologist of any kind and you’ve been through a holiday season or two, you’re probably looking at that headline like, “umm, thriving?

Literally how—it’s the busiest time of the year.”

Listen, we get it—but we said thriving for a reason. Because we can actually help you figure out how to manage your time, draw in your clients, and set yourself up for serious festive success.

How? With this list of must-read tips that are sure to turn your holiday Grinchness upside down (at least, we hope).

The real kicker here?

We’re not just offering up marketing tricks to crowd your salon and drive you crazy—we’ve put together some comprehensive tips to help you do great work, assist your staff, and actually enjoy your holiday season in-shop.

Don’t look at us like that—it really can be done!

Try a few of these beauties out this year and watch your clients flip for the festive, holly-jolly, holiday nails that have been totally missing from their lives until you walked in the door (but will definitely never be missing again, that’s for sure).

The Must-Know Tips for Holiday Thriving 

Deck the Halls with Décor 

We’ve said this a few dozen times before but the advice never stops being good—get into the holiday spirit.

Let’s face it, guests love décor, but we’re willing to bet your staff does, too.

Showing everyone that you can add a little fun and festiveness to the mundane days leading up to the holidays displays something wonderful about your business—you love to bring joy.

The cool thing about décor?

You can do it your way.

Do you love kitschy décor? Get after it.

Are you hoping to create a classy and sophisticated look? You can do it!

Our best advice? Keep the holiday specifics pretty neutral so that you can incorporate everyone’s holiday and make everyone feel welcome during this season.

Celebrate Your Staff 

Your team has worked hard all dang year—now’s the time to show them how much you appreciate, respect, and cherish them.

A holiday party is one, small way you can show your entire team how much they mean to you, but feel free to take it to new heights!

Take a team trip, go to your fave fancy restaurant, have a catered party that’s all for them.

Whether it’s a unique experience or a traditional holiday party, the only thing that matters is that the team feels celebrated and appreciated.

Donate, Volunteer, Raise Money—Give Back How You Can

The holiday season isn’t about décor, making tons of money, or the best Christmas dessert—it’s all about giving back, loving each other, and making human connections. The best way to do that? Find a way to love, cherish, and serve your community.

Whether this means collecting for a food drive, donating a portion of your proceeds to charity, or volunteering as a team at a local organization, the real way to thrive this season is to spread love, cheer, and service.

Make Your Promos Count 

Holidays are prime time for sweet promos that can bring in the big bucks.

Obviously, this isn’t the only reason for the season, but we’re not going to deny that this time of year is a fabulous opportunity to make money in our industry.

Want a few ideas to help you get your promos right before the seasonal rush hits? Check out our blog here about some sweet marketing ideas that every type of cosmetologist can incorporate or our blog about how to usher in the holidays in total beauty-pro style (you’ll find lots of sweet advice on marketing those promos).

Be Grateful

Listen, this is not a cop-out—this is probably the best advice we could even start to offer you for the holiday season.

It’s no secret that even though holidays are great, they can end up being totally chaotic and stressful. But guess what? You’re working in a great industry, you’ve got amazing clients, and you’ve probably got a great support system backing you (your staff, your friends, your family).

Adjusting your attitude and being grateful s just the start—express that gratitude in real ways! Create loyalty programs for your clients, remind your team how much they mean to you, and give back in impactful ways to the community.

It’s our sincerest hope that you take this advice to heart!

This really is one of the most wonderful times of the year and while it can definitely be the busiest, too, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to enjoy it like the rest of the world.

So, be grateful, express love for those in your life, and don’t let a hectic schedule get you down! Thrive this year—because you and your staff deserve it!

Want more holiday tips to ensure this season runs smoothly?

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