A cosmetologist works through the ultimate tax guide for beauty pros on her laptop.

The Ultimate Tax Guide for Beauty Pros & Cosmetologists
Here's Your Go-To Guide for Taxes, Insurance, & Planning 

Listen, we get it. No one really loves talking about tricky stuff like taxes, insurance, and retirement. Unfortunately, as boring or irritating as talking about some of this stuff might be, it’s incredibly necessary. 

Heck, it’s even crucial –because to build a successful business that’s supported and protected, you need to do things right. And taxes, insurance, and retirement all weave into that doing things right thing. 

Often, these things can be intimidating–especially when they’re new. And unfortunately, this kind of stuff isn’t always taught in beauty school. 

The good news? You don’t have to figure out all this stuff alone. Recently, we shared a brand new eBook for beauty pros like you that details everything you need to know about this kind of stuff.

 This eBook dives deep into the details of doing your taxes the right way, discusses the importance of insurance, and even helps you figure out a perfect-for-you plan for your future. 

Want to learn more? Keep reading. This blog shares all the details about what you can expect when you download our latest and greatest eBook.

Putting Beauty Back into Business: What You’ll Learn in our New Tax eBook 

Tackling Taxes

What’s your employment status? Are you aware of the appropriate tax deductions? When should you get tax help, and when should you try to tackle it all on your own? 

This eBook gets down and dirty with the tax details so that you can finally (finally!) walk through your taxes and know what you’re doing. Ultimately, it’ll walk you through a few tax classifications to help you figure out how to start filing your taxes. Are you a W2 employee? Do you qualify as a self-employed person? Are you an independent contractor? This eBook can help you figure out how to file your taxes. 

But that’s not all. The best part about this eBook? It’s going to share all the insight you need to know about tax breaks. 

From education tax credits to business owner tax breaks, there are tons of discounts and breaks you could be subject to. Did you know that your business tools can be tax write-offs? We’re talking equipment, licensing fees, and miscellaneous business expenses. You could be deducting and writing off expenses that might have never occurred to you! 

Let’s Talk Insurance 

You might think of insurance as just another expense you have to deal with. But ultimately, insurance–like life insurance, cosmetology liability insurance, health care, and more–are investments that are going to protect you and your career in the long run.

This eBook isn’t just going to dive into the why behind getting insurance; it’s going to outline and detail all the types of insurance you’ll need to consider. We’ll talk about things like:

But more than just explaining those policies, we’ll explain why you should consider each policy. We’ll discuss how this protection helps, what it protects against, and the benefits of each. 

So, are you ready to learn more than you ever thought you would know about insurance? This eBook details it all in easy-to-understand ways.

Retirement Plans Matter 

As much as it’s hard to recognize and acknowledge it, we all get to the point where our employment status changes. And honestly, there’s a point in our lives where we all want to hang up our styling tools and retire.

Here’s a hard truth you need to hear about at some point – without a plan in place, your retirement likely isn’t going to be as pleasant as you hope it is.

Having money set aside for your future is absolutely crucial for anyone, no matter what industry they’re in. And it’s especially important for beauty pros who aren’t traditional W2 employees because retirement will be totally up to you. 

We’ve got good news, though; you can definitely plan for your future --- it’s just going to take a little extra attention to detail, care, organization, and planning. 

This eBook explains everything you need to know about retirement plans, even offering some step-by-step advice like getting rid of your debt, starting a savings account, and what sort of retirement plans to consider.

Are you ready to tackle insurance, taxes, and retirement planning? Our latest eBook can help! Download today and kickstart your journey toward planning for the future. Looking for more advice and insight on your cosmetology and beauty pro journey? Our blog can help! Subscribe to Elite Beauty Society ASAP to get a notification when we post helpful insight, career advice, tips, tricks, discounts, and more!