The Top 7 Signs You're Def a Cosmetologist

Or, to put it another way, you know you’re a cosmetologist when *fill in blank here*.

You know that trend online that goes a little something like “tell us you’re _____ without telling us you’re ____”—yeah, that’s exactly what this is all about.

We’ve put together a fun, light-hearted listicle that’s any cosmetologist is sure to read, roll their eyes, brush the hair off their clothes, and say, “yep, that sounds about right.”

Maybe it’s the sheer exhaustion you feel after working on your feet non-stop. Maybe it’s the fact that you’ve not seen a normal weekend schedule in years.

Maybe it’s the fact that you spend so much time tackling everyone else’s hair you haven’t had a second to do your own.

Whatever it might be, there are def some serious cosmetologist stereotypes that go hand-in-hand with this tiring, fun, exhausting, amazing, one-of-a-kind career we’ve chosen—and TBH, we kind of love it.

No, we’re def not saying that every cosmetologist out there is the same (yeah, right!), but we are suggesting that we all have a lot of seriously similar experiences—so similar that there’s plenty of comical overlap we’re all bound to appreciate a little bit.

So, what are you waiting for?

You deserve a laugh and a smirk. We’re willing to bet at least one (and you know what, probably a lot more) of these cosmetology tropes totally apply to you and your beauty pro career.

Think of it like a little inside joke that only cosmetologists get to be a part of!

The 7 Signs You're Totally a Cosmetologist

Other People's Hair, Skin, and Nails? No Prob.

Your friends and family’s hair, skin, and nails? Gross. Your clients? No sweat. As a cosmetologist, you’ve got this barrier where a client’s shedding hair, skin, or otherwise simply doesn’t bug you—but that doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone in your life. Maybe just when you’re on the clock, huh?

Clients Are Friends Are Clients

And the loop continues on forever. Whether you met your clients and they became your friends or you hooked up your friend and they became your clients, there’s a definite overlap in your friend group—and they’re definitely all sitting in your chair at some point.

You Get a Mental Makeover and YOU Get a Mental Makeover

You probably just can’t help it, but you’re always mentally picturing how you’d improve someone’s ‘do or spice a style up.

Don’t feel bad, it’s in your cosmetology DNA—you know, just don’t insult anyone either.

Customer Service Voice is Down to a Science

Let’s face it, you spend a lot of time working with people.

You can turn your people-pleasing, polite-as-can-be, customer-service attitude on in seconds—but you can also probably switch over to your someone-who’s-way-too-exhausted-with-dealing-with-disrespectful-customers attitude on just as fast, too.

Your Fave Tools Are Always Close By

It’s not like you travel with your sheers or your makeup brushes or your cuticle cutters, but it’s also not like you don’t know where they are and how to access them at all times, either. Hey, it’s just a part of the job!

Pop Culture Isn't Just Fun, It's Research

That movie you’re planning to see with your pals? It’s not just a good time—it’s a case study in makeup, hair, or *insert beauty profession here*. As cosmetologists, we just can’t help it. Pop culture is chock-full of killer looks and cutting-edge trends that you def want to be ahead of the curve on.

Loving on this listicle?

We sure hope so.

Remember, we def aren’t suggesting that every cosmetologist out there is some cookie-cutter version of another, but we do think there’s something to be said for leaning into the stereotypes of our gigs and letting ourselves laugh at our careers every now and again.

Did we miss anything on this list?

Drop a comment below that answers the question, “tell us you’re a cosmetologist without telling us you’re a cosmetologist”—we’re always down for a good laugh.

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