A female beauty pro works on her clients hair, showing off her skills as one of the top women in beauty in 2023.

The Top 10 Women in Beauty You Need to Know
Female Beauty Pros Making History

To us, March is much more than a month dedicated to snow melt and upcoming Spring temps–it’s the perfect time to recognize the badass impact that women have had on the beauty industry. You know why march calls for this recognition, right?

Because it’s Women’s History Month, of course. (You know, one of the best months of the year!). 

And while we’re totally on board to celebrate female achievements and women making history every day of the year, we’re definitely not going to pass up an entire month dedicated to women’s success. That’s why this year, we’re doing something a little different to celebrate.  

We already shared a few ways that you can bring the celebration into your salon (and your life) this month, but now it’s our turn to do a little celebrating of our own.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing a must-read list of the top 10 amazing beauty pros, beauticians, estheticians, stylists, MUAs, and nail artists that we think you (and everyone else) should know! 

Keep reading to get an in-depth look at the top beauty pros we consider must-watch! (And, of course, you know we added their Insta handles, so now you can follow them with a single click!).

10 Women in the Beauty Industry to Keep an Eye On 

We’ll start this off by saying that this is by no means the end-all-be-all list of amazing and talented female beauty pros out there. But let’s face it–it’s impossible to include every single one. Still, we definitely believe that these talented ladies are must-follow pros! 

Elizabeth Fernandez | @luvlynailsss

This Houston Nail Tech is some kind of talented. A self-taught nail pro, she brings elegance, sophistication, and the perfect pop of sass to her client’s nails. The looks she creates are anything but ordinary. 

Her Instagram has a whole host of client photos that are massively impressive–whether they’re showing off gorgeous, bedazzled art, talented hand-painted designs, stunning color palettes, or the perfect pop of glitter in the right place. If you want to ooh and ahh over a supremely talented nail tech, @luvlynailsss is your go-to girl. 

This image shows several nail styles done by one of the top women in beauty.

This photo sourced from @luvylnailsss shows off her amazing nail tech skills.

Jennifer Danni | @MUA_Jennifer 

Makeup lovers–meet Jennifer Danni, an MUA who is guaranteed to wow and inspire you. A bridal and beauty pro, MUA educator, and a featured expert in publications like Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, MTV, and more, there’s no denying that Jennifer is MUA royalty.

This selection of images shows off makeup looks by one of the best females in the beauty industry.

This photo sourced from @MUA_Jennifer shows off some of her best glam looks she's shared on Instagram.

Her glam looks are magazine worthy, her Instagram is saturated with stunning (and must-try) looks, and her education is accessible and hands-on. Jennifer will become the MUA pro you admire most and the MUA educator you can learn from in a snap–so she’s kind of the MUA queen we all need in our lives. 

Marbelys Jade | @mjsnailgarden_

An NYC-based nail tech, Marbelys Jade is a must-follow gal who knows her way around nail art. Her IG is saturated with amazing nail looks that you’re bound to flip for.

From natural looks perfected with ease to complicated and intricate designs that must take years to perfect, Marbelys Jade truly does it all.  

Brooke Rozens | @theindyesthetician 

Looking for some serious skincare inspo? Consider Brooke Rozens your go-to girl. Brooke is an Indiana-based esthetician who’s a skin health expert. Her IG isn’t just packed with motivation before and after photos; it’s also filled with helpful advice for a slow and steady journey toward a healthier skincare routine. 

This photo, sourced from @theindyesthetician shares a few of the photos she's shared on her IG.

Those who follow along with Brooke can expect top-notch education, helpful skin tips, skincare ingredient recommendations, and a whole wealth of skin knowledge and information. Plus, she’s an expert facialist and self-care pro, so you can absolutely anticipate dreamy Reels and photos of must-have facials.  

Joyce Parker | @bundlsofjoy

For those who adore amazing hair colors, next-level wig styling, and unmatched hair skills, do not (and we repeat, do not) sleep on Joyce Parker. A Miami-based beauty pro, Joyce is an out-of-this-world stylist who takes everything you thought you know about hair color, wigs, and style and flips it right on its head.

Lime green looks that’ll make your eyes pop? She does ‘em.  The perfect set of blonde and blue girls? You bet. A stunning rainbow bang popping against a silver do? Hell yes. No matter what the assignment is, she understands it 100%. Even if you’re a beauty pro that keeps styles a little more conservative, you’re going to want to follow along and bear witness to her massive talents.  

Kisandra | @kissybombshellbeauties 

Lookin’ for some inspo for fashion color? Kisandra is the girlie to keep your eye on.

Big, bold, and vibrant colors are def her game–from rainbow ombres and silver tinsel looks to bold yellow dos and bright purple bobs.

This photo, sourced from @kissybombshellbeauties IG, shares some her vibrant and amazing color skills.

If you’re looking for something to brighten your day and liven your hair inspo highlight reel, Kisandra is a must-follow stylist. 

Katie Dang | @advance_microblading_academy 

Obsessed with the perfect brows? Same here. Katie Dang is a must-follow on IG and a must-learn-from beauty pro. Her stunning brow looks are a thing of beauty–if you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself wondering how she’s managed to create and perfect her incredible microblading technique. 

Whether you’re a client looking to find the perfect microblading pro or you’re a microblading professional yourself seeking inspiring mentors to learn from, Katie Dang is an easy must-follow! 

Athena Reavis | @theestiebestie

Consider Athena you’re newest Estie bestie. An award-winning esthetician located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Athena is a knowledgeable, relatable, and all-around fun esthetician to follow along with. 

She’s always dropping esthetic tips to help people on their skincare journeys, and she’s also a mega-motivating microblading artist whose work speaks for itself. From dermaplaning to microblading, she’s got something to say about all of it–and trust us, you’re going to want to hear it. 

Brow Wizard | @browwizard

For microblading, ombre brow, and eyelash inspo, look no further than Florida-based Brow Wizard. This company isn’t just offering top-notch services to clients (and trust us, they are top-notch); they’re also offering brow classes to other beauty pros to teach them how to create the best brow looks out there. 

This photo, sourced from @browwizard, shares gorgeous images from their IG of amazing brow skills.

Do you know what’s super inspiring about Brow Wizard? Their commitment to customer education. Their insta is filled with amazing info and helpful details to ensure their clients are educated and their questions are answered. Plus, their IG is packed with amazing before and after brow looks you won’t want to miss. 


A hairstylist and owner of A Lux Salon in Stockton, CA, @glamiris is more than just an inspiring beauty pro–she’s also incredibly fun to follow on IG. 

You can expect amazing hair transformations that showcase her incredible skills, but you’ll also get plenty of comical reels that are plenty relatable if you’re a beauty pro yourself.

Sure, her looks are to die for–but her reels (like what not to talk about in front of your clients) are what’s going to keep beauty pros like you coming back for more. She also offers amazing perspectives on her IG about how long it takes and how much money it costs to accomplish certain transformations–a great and approachable way to educate clients on her services. 

Got your own go-to beauty queen you’d love for us to keep an eye on? Drop her name and her handle in the comment section below. You know we’re always looking for hard-working, ambitious, badass beauty pros to add to our list of admired experts! Want to make sure you never miss another post like this one? Subscribe to Elite Beauty Society ASAP to ensure you’re always in the know when we drop a hot industry blog like this one!