A client plays with her springtime hair

The Spring Trends Every Cosmetologist Needs to Try on Their Clients 

Bright, beautiful flowers. Fresh rain. Warmer temps. It’s finally happening.  

Spring has sprung, you guys.

Whether you can feel it in the air or see it in your clients’ requests, the evidence is obvious–bye-bye, winter blues, and hello, fresh spring days.

Want to make sure your clients are springtime ready in the best way? We’re here to help.

This article is all about the springtime trends we think you gotta know before you step back into the salon.

From fresh hair and flowery nails to springtime makeup looks and bold transformations, these spring 2022 looks are perfectly representative of the season–fresh, fun, and a hint at what beauty there is to come.

The Top Spring Trends to Try This Year

Modern Shags are Here to Stay

This is def not a spring-specific trend, but it’s very 2022–and the verdict says this super popular look isn’t going anywhere this spring.

So, if you have a client who’s been on the fence about a soft shag that offers up a little edge without going too far, now is the time to get them on board with some funky layers and face-framing style. This style calls for lots of layers, face-framing at the forefront, and lots (!!) of volume.

Sheer Pink Polishes

Neons are out; sheer pastels and pinks are in! Take a softer approach to springtime with a sheer pink polish.

Is it classic? 


But it also represents the soft, supple vibes of spring before summer arrives–when big, bold nail trends tend to become a staple.


What do we mean by hyper blush? We’re talkin’ blush to the max!

Make blush the main character in your client’s makeup look by swiping on some hot-pink high on their cheekbones and eyes. The look? Astounding.

Curly Fringe for All

Curtain bangs paved the way for this trend. With the mass influx of clients asking for a face-framing curtain bang, the natural next iteration is to take your curly clients a step further with a stunning curly fringe.

With a few simple snips, a curly fringe can transform a client’s hair into a totally modern vibe.

Pro-tip, this style works best for clients with thick, curly hair because those fringe bangs will need a little weight to show off their maximum potential.  

The Bixie Cut

Yep, we said Bixie, not Pixie. First made famous in the 90s, this cute-as-can-be cut is less about a polished pixie look and more about a short, layered look that offers up all the intrigue and moment.

Not sure what this looks like? Think shaggy bob with a perfect mix of layers that add a healthy dose of dimensions and texture.

Pair this cute cut with a little flip at the nape of your client’s neck for a cheeky take on the Bixie.

A Shimmer of Sprinkle

Make it sparkly–but subtly. Adding a little glimmer to your makeup look is so spring­­­–but you don’t have to go all out to make it pop.

Try swiping a little iridescent glitter or shadow on your client’s eyes for a subtle sparkle when the light catches just right.

Throw in a little sheer gloss and a soft swipe of color on their cheek, and you’ve got a springtime look that’s both classic and modern.

Box Braids, Please

Box braids have always been a stunning go-to and absolute staple, but with big stars like Zendaya and Zoe Kravitz serving up these looks on the reg, everyone is asking for more.

Our thoughts? We couldn’t be more of a fan of these gorgeous styles.

Setting Sun Eyeshadow Tones

What’s prettier than an actual sunset? Sunset tones all over your eyes.

This spring, makeup trends are taking a bold stance with the shades of a sunset fad that’s currently popping up all over Hollywood.

Rich oranges, bold reds, and blended pinks are being paired with a big pop of mascara to make your eyes the real star of any scene. Want a pro tip? Sweep color across your lids and underneath your eyes for an eye-opening look.

Batwing Liner is Back

The 2000s called, they said batwing is back with a vengeance!

If you’re surprised to see this look make a comeback, know you’re not alone–but know that this resurface of a tried-and-true trend is bringing a little sophistication to the mix by going way back to the roots of this style that started in the early 60s (Twiggy’s era).

When done right, this look can help make the eye appear more open and add a little feminine twist to any look.

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