Bright pops of eye shadow, like in this image, are a hot summer makeup trend for 2022.

The 6 Hottest Makeup Trends to Try Before Summer Ends 

Fall is on her way fast. And while we lock a pumpkin spice latte and a cozy sweater just as much as the next cosmetologist, we can’t help but wish that summer–and more specifically, summer makeup looks–could last a little longer.

Our advice? Hold on to summer with all you’ve got–sweaty hands and all. How can you make that happen?

By trying some of the hottest looks you never got the chance to test. It may be nearly Fall, but in our eyes, there’s still plenty of time to rock a hot summer makeup look like there’s no Autumn tomorrow.

Not sure where to start? This list has you covered. Here are a few of our favorites we saw this summer that we 100% expect to see your clients rockin’ until Fall comes knockin’.

The Top 6 Summer Makeup Looks to Try Before Fall Rolls Around

These are a few must-try summer techniques to push into your clients’ looks ASAP! We're sure you’re going to love them, but more importantly, you’re going to love them, too.

Smudgy Liner

Precision? We don’t know her. We’re livin’ for a lived-in liner look this summer. Don’t get us wrong, cat eyes and razor-sharp looks will always have their moment, but summer is about fun, casual looks that are a little bit sultry.

Want to make this look even more smudgy and fun? 

Opt for a color that’s not so edgy. Browns, greens, and earth-tone colors will give this a natural look. Want to make it bolder? A black or blue liner is the way to go for this smudgy, sultry look!

Metallic Lids & Neon Eyes

Make those eyes pop ASAP! Now is the perfect time to opt for metallic, shimmery lids covered in the glorious summer-approved glitter you’ve been waiting for.

Neon lids and metallic shades are a must-try for the summer makeup trends of 2022.


Want to take it a step further? Try out bright neons in bold patterns around your clients’ eyes to give them a fun summer makeup look like no other! 

Bronzer Only Contours, Please

A contour never dies–but this summer, let’s uncomplicate the look for a sun-kissed glow that’ll have folks saying, “wow, now that’s a natural contour.”

 If you're spending days on the beach, out in the sun, and focused on getting your glow on, a bronzer-only contour will complement every summer look you’ve got on your list.

Go Glossy

An overly-glossy lip is the summer lip you should be chasing.

This is especially true if you’re planning on rocking a nude lip, too.

Though it’s understated, going extra glossy is like perfecting your summer look with a glazed donut look that’s so irresistible even you will wish you could kiss your own perfectly glossy lips.

Prism Eyes are Peak Summer

Otherwise known as under-eye shadow looks, prism eyes employ fun shapes and pops of unique color. When else can you incorporate a hot pink and neon green summer eye look other than summer?

Well, always, but it makes the most sense in the summer (we think). Want to make this look extra fun? Opt for a rainbow look under your eyes to really bring the summer sunshine to your makeup.


Coral Blush for All

Warmer hues are perfect for summertime-approved looks.

It’ll complement any other glowy look you’re hoping for (like that bronzer contour we just mentioned!) or make a great statement piece on its own.

Bonus points if it’s a creamy, lush blush, too! (We’re not anti-powder blushes, of course, but there’s something so perfect about a creamy blush in the summertime).

Got a hot summer makeup look we missed on this list? We want to hear all about it.

Drop a comment in the reply section below and share your cant-miss, gotta-try, never-skippin’ summer makeup looks here. We bet your fellow beauty pros will love you forever for it.

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