A hair stylist preps her client's hair for her wedding day, one of her many duties as a mobile stylist with a side gig.

The Mobile Stylist & Side Hustle Guide
Top Tips for Running a Killer Mobile Stylist or Side Gig

When you think about it, the beauty industry is pretty fabulous, right? 

The creative opportunities are great. The flexibility is amazing. The ability to blend customer service with artistic ability is one-of-a-kind. But do you guys really want to know what the best part about the beauty industry is? 

The fact that there’s literally no limit to what you can do. 

Being in the beauty industry means taking any route you want. Thinking of a traditional in-salon gig? Good, you can do that. Want something hybrid where you split time between clients’ houses and studio spaces? Amazing, that’s totally possible. 

Looking for something totally mobile or just a lucrative side gig? Both of these things are also doable–and today, we’re going to share some major tips to explain how! 

Full disclosure? We’re not giving away every secret in this blog. Sure, we’ll share some must-know insight, but if you’re looking for the real deal, we highly recommend you download our sweet little bundle–the Mobile Stylist & Side Hustle eBook Bundle. 

For now, let’s dive right into the need-to-know deets of how to be a badass mobile stylist or side gig beauty pro.

Top Tips for Running a Killer Side Gig & Being a Mobile Stylist 

Looking for some tips to get your mobile stylist or side gig career going? Here are a couple of must-know insights to kickstart that process. 

Education & Certs Come First 

We want to get one big thing out of the way–being a mobile stylist or running a side gig isn’t about expediting the process. You still need the right education, the right experience, and the right certifications. Focus on doing things the right way, build up the right background, and work hard–we promise it’s all worth it for the flexibility and entrepreneurial opportunity that comes when you’re ready! 

You Need Top-Notch Liability Insurance for Both Paths 

We know, we know–leave it to the insurance company to try to sell you on liability insurance. But hear us out. Even if you don’t team up with Elite Beauty Society for your cosmetology liability insurance needs, you still need to invest in liability insurance.

Why? Because even if you’re the best cosmetologist the world has ever seen, mistakes (accidental or alleged) do happen–and if or when the time comes, you’ll want a layer of protection to have your back, cover your costs, and help you recover. 

We’re not here to get preachy–we just want you to know that even if you’re just rockin’ a side gig, you still need insurance.

This applies to on-the-go mobile stylists, too! Liability insurance is about so much more than general liability for your salon or suite–it’s about covering your services and your recommendations, too. As a pro, it’s up to you to make sure you’re investing in protection that’ll take care of you should something bad happen. 

A makeup artist goes to work on her client's new look in a casual environment, one of the many benefits of running a side gig or having a mobile stylist job.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize–Your Target Market 

Just like with a traditional cosmetology career, you need to realize a major truth–you’re not for everyone. Sure, as a side gig stylist or a mobile stylist, you have a certain degree of flexibility that might fit for a wider range of clients than that of a in-salon setup.

But that doesn’t mean you need to stretch yourself too thin, serve clients that don’t make sense for you, or offer services that don’t fit your goals. Understand who your ideal market is, make sure you’re catering your services to that target audience, and don’t be afraid to niche down and specialize as you gain more experience in your new gig. 

Social Media Marketing is a Must 

You probably already figured this one out, but if you’re opting to be a mobile stylist or run a side gig without a permanent place in mind, you’ll want to make sure your marketing is top-notch. Why? Because you’re not going to get that foot traffic that brick-and-mortar shops do. 

That means your marketing–especially your social media marketing–needs to be on point! Make sure your customers understand you, your brand, and what the customer experience is like.

How can you make sure that’s coming across loud and clear? 

Invest in social media! This is a great touchpoint for communication, brand messaging, recognition, and, of course, engagement. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are fantastic points of focus as you build your strategy. 

An even better point? Social media marketing is a sliding scale–that means it can be as low-budget (or even no-budget) as you need it to be. The return on investment (ROI) for social media marketing is high! Use this knowledge to your advantage! 

Charge What Your Worth & Update Your Pricing 

You really wanna bypass the learning curve? Be real with your prices! Charge what you–and your services!–are worth from the start. But don’t forget to add in costs just like you would in a traditional salon. Maybe you don’t have the same kind of overhead as a shop or spa, but you do have expenses you need covered. 

Math out your costs, charge what you're worth, and make sure all the numbers are adding up. Then, update your pricing as you go! As you learn more, gain more experience, and become more in-demand, your pricing will increase. Don’t be afraid to update your pricing as it make sense–and don’t be afraid if this weeds out clients who aren’t your target market! 

Looking to learn everything there is to know about kickstarting your mobile stylist career or your side gig? Good news, we’ve got a guide for that! Download our Mobile Stylist & Side Hustle Bundle eBook for the inside scoop on how to start, grow, and thrive in the cosmetology career of your choice! 

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