A cosmetologist smiles big after learning about the EBS Summer Refresh Giveaway.

The EBS Summer Refresh Giveaway
Everything Cosmetologists Should Know

What if we told you that we–yep, us at EBS–were running a majorly amazing giveaway full of incredible prizes, benefits, and gifts? We’re talkin’ about top-notch styling collections, cutting-edge tools of the cosmetology trade, gift cards to your fave brands, and killer styling capes.

Yeah, when we do a giveaway, we do it big.

Sounds pretty incredible, right? What if we also told you that all you have to do to snag a spot in this giveaway is sign up for EBS’ reliable, high-quality cosmetology liability insurance before May 31st?

Whether you believe it or not, it’s the truth.

We’ve put together a sweet EBS Summer Refresh Giveaway, a contest packed with unbelievable prizes–and all you need to do is sign up for incredible coverage from Elite Beauty Society.

Want to know more? This blog is for you! Keep reading to get all the details on what you’ll win, how you’ll win it, and of course, how to sign up to snag this win for this giveaway.

What is the Summer Refresh Giveaway?

Cosmetologists, beauty pros, barbers, estheticians–whomever you are in the beauty biz, this contest is for you! Meet the Summer Refresh Giveaway, a one-of-a-kind giveaway from yours truly that’s packed with the prizes and must-have tools you’ve been dying for.

What’s this giveaway all about? If you’re unfamiliar with EBS, we’re a liability insurance company specifically for cosmetologists.

And we’re so invested in beauty pros like you getting the high-quality coverage you deserve; we’re always down to incentivize signing up for cosmetology liability insurance.

Want to know more about coverage, our options, and who we are? Check out our site and take a peek at what sort of cosmetology liability insurance we have available (spoiler alert, if you’re a cosmetologist, odds are we cover every service you offer!).

Now, back to the giveaway–here’s the real deal you need to know about.

Our Summer Refresh Giveaway is a contest filled to the brim with the prizes you want and need in your life–and all you need to do to win is take advantage of our $30 off discount for our EBS insurance and membership.

Yeah, you read that right–you’re not just getting to enter the contest where you could win a ton of amazing prizes, you’re also getting a $30 discount no matter what.

Let’s Talk Prizes

Those prizes? They’re amazing.

Aside from the fact that you’ll be a winner no matter what (because let’s face it, having liability coverage that has your back is a major win for your career and your finances), you could win a beauty bundle that’s valued at over $300.

And more than that, it’s stuff you actually want to win. Here’s a lil breakdown of what you can expect:

It’s Time to Sign Up & Win!

The best part about this giveaway? It requires almost no effort to enter.

Sign up for our EBS insurance and membership before May 31 and automatically be entered into this giveaway! Want quick access to enter this contest? We’ve got your back.

Click this link, enter here, and sign up for career-changing insurance to be automatically entered into this epic giveaway!

And remember, at Elite Beauty Society, it’s not just hot giveaways like these on the radar (although we do love to put together a sweet selection like this one).

We’re all about providing the beauty pros we love with the resources and knowledge needed to build their careers in a major way.

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