A cosmetologist wears a rainbow flag while she supports Pride 2023.

The Big Beauty Brands Supporting Pride Month 2023

If you’re familiar with our blog–or our brand, for that matter, you know that Pride Month is a big deal to us. And each year it comes around, we want to make sure each and every one of our customers-and could-be customers–are aware and aligned with our stance on supporting, encouraging, and being an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community.

But more than that, we want everyone to know that we’re not the only beauty brand out there that’s backing Pride 2023. In fact, a ton of your all-time fave brands are ensuring their support lies with the LGBTQIA+ community–not just for Pride Month 2023, but every day of the year.

The problem? Not all brands who say they back Pride do. For some, it might just feel like lip service. But if you’re invested in shopping with brands that are putting their efforts where their mouths are, then we’ve got quite the go-to list for you. Keep reading to learn which of your fave beauty brands–and which new ones–are backing Pride with, well, pride this Pride 2023 and beyond! 

The Top Beauty Brands Supporting Pride 2023–Which Brands to Shop

MAC Cosmetics

MAC lovers, you’ll be thrilled to know that your fave beauty company has been a longstanding supporter of Pride for years. MAC reports ongoing partnerships with LGBTQIA+ organizations, and states they’ve raised over $500,000,000 through their Viva Glam program, a program they’ve had for 27 years that gives back 100% to support healthy futures and equal rights for all. They even have a designed Proud to be Loud section of products created to help you design the perfect Pride look. 


Kiehls has long been a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. They’re best known as the official sponsor of the New York Pride March (and they have been since 2010). They also raised about $35,000 for The Tegan and Sara Foundation, The Hetrick-Martin Institute, Ali Forney Center and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in 2017.

Now, in 2023, Kiehls is on a mission to ensure “healthy skin for all.” This year, they’re honoring Pride Month by donating a guaranteed minimum of $150,000 to The Trevor Project in 2023. When customers purchase a special edition PRIDE Ultra Facial Cream Supporting The Trevor Project, they help Kiehls further their goal! 


JVN Haircare folks, this one is for you! You might have guessed that JVN was loud and proud about Pride, but what’s wonderful about this brand (with a famous LGTBQIA+ founder) is that they’re supporting Pride–and what it stands for–year around. Yes, JVN is def making a splash for Pride Month 2023–they’re offering a FREE Pride mystery box with a certain amount purchased and a Pride Hair Set where 10% of gross profits of the set support LGBTQIA+ students. But JVN has an unending commitment to welcoming everyone. As it says on their home page, “You Belong Hair.” 


The best way to back Pride this month? Shop LGBTQIA+ owned companies that support the same value as you–even if they’re not running some sort of huge Pride sale! ONE / SIZE is founded on the idea that one size fits all when it comes to cosmetics. Founder Patrick Starrr is running with the idea that makeup is a one size situation for everyone–making space for “everyone to belong in our movement for radical expression.” 

Peace Out 

Whether you’re familiar with Peace Out skincare or they’re brand new to your beauty repertoire, we think you’ll love what they’re saying and doing about Pride (and their products, too, of course). They have a Peace Out Pride Pledge. 

In it, they state, “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people experience higher rates of mental health challenges compared to their cisgender, straight peers as a result of chronic stressors such as discrimination and victimization. Peace Out Skincare, a LGBTQIA+ founded and run brand, is partnering with The Trevor Project with a focus on helping and assisting programs that support and help connect our diverse communities to achieve a healthier, more equitable future for our LGBTQIA+ communities.”

Plus, they’re offering a fun sale on their Pride-edition acne dots! 

NYX Cosmetics 

NYX, one of the biggest and most loved beauty brands in the game, is on board with supporting Pride– and we couldn’t be more hyped to hear it. This year, NYX is taking a full-fledged approach to their Pride campaign, educating folx on not just LGBTQIA+ matters but also making a big stand for educating and supporting LGBTQIA+  allies as well. 

Their campaign–Proud Allies for All– is partnering with Los Angeles LGBT Center for the month of June and beyond. On their site, NYX says their mission is to “build a global network of allies to ensure everyone can show up exactly as they are. We believe that pride is not a "monthlong campaign, but a yearlong celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community.” We’re all about it.

Elite Beauty Society Supports Pride, Too! Here’s How 

We’re big on Pride Month–so big that we’re backing it, too.

This month, we’re pledging a portion of every policy purchased in June to the It Gets Better Project. This organization was founded with the mission to uplift, support, connect, and encourage lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people (especially youths!) all throughout the world. 

This global non-profit has reached millions of youths over the last 13 years, providing them with education, resources, and access to community and connection. EBS is proud to team up with the It Gets Better Project.