The Beauty of NO:

​How One, Little Word Can Bring Balance Back to Your Beauty Biz

As cosmetologists who work in the world of customer service (because, yes, we’re artists, but we’re also service providers), we’re often taught and told that using the word no is, well, a no-no. Especially when it comes to dealing with those customers.

But guess what, you guys?

That’s utterly, completely, and totally wrong. Sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong (and everything right) with saying the word noto your clients, to your staff, to your boss, to your family.

No is a beautiful word, and it would do you some serious good to add it to your vocabulary.

Read that whole section again for a little clarity. Then, keep reading below.

Look, we’re obviously not sitting here saying that you can say no to every opportunity, every long night, every weekend packed with work. As cosmetologists, we often have to say yes to a lot of things that we might not necessarily want to do (we’re looking at you, working on a holiday)—and sometimes, that’s just part of the gig.

Unfortunately, though, when we get into the habit of saying yes to everything (adding shifts, working doubles, skipping meals and time with our families to further our careers), we forget that we have the power to say no.

The most important thing you can do for yourself—as a professional and as a person—is to start implementing hard-and-fast boundaries that promote balance, self-care, and maintaining order. The quickest way to that balance?

Start saying no right now.

How Saying No Right NOW Can Bring Back the Balance

We are not saying you should become a negative naysayer here—the important thing about no is realizing that its power lies in its ability to bring you boundaries and balance. Should you say no to everything and everyone in your life? Absolutely not.

No isn’t a word that we think you should sling around willy-nilly—it’s intentional and it comes with great responsibility. It’s important that you respect the power of no while considering the number of times a day you actually say yes—you’ll be surprised by how often you don’t say no when you should.

But how exactly does simply saying—and sticking to—no ensure that you’ll find some balance?

Keep reading.

NO Helps You Put YOU First

At some point, we’re all taught that being self-centered and focusing on ourselves is a bad thing—newsflash, you guys, it’s not.

Sure, if you can’t see past your own reflection and you don’t care about how your actions or existence impact or affect others, that’s no good—but to say that being focused on yourself is a bad thing, well, that’s something we can’t stand by.

When you start saying no more intentionally and more often, you’re better able to focus on yourself—AKA, your mental health, your well-being, your overall sense of self.

Does this make you selfish? We say—who cares. Be a little vain, be a little selfish, and be a little focused on you. Why? Because this is how you refill your own tank. How can you possibly help others, be a good person, run a successful business, or be an intentional friend or family member if you’re running on fumes?

You can’t.

If you’re not focused on you, you can’t possibly focus on anyone—or anything—else. So, go ahead, say no and put yourself first for once.

NO Shows You That You Can’t  Do It All

And P.S., you shouldn’t feel like you have to in the first place. You could be the most talented, balanced, put-together, intentional, amazing cosmetologist out there—and you still wouldn’t be able to do it all every waking moment of the day.

Guess what? You shouldn’t be able to—you are not designed to do everything for everyone, including yourself, at all times.

Saying no teaches you that it’s OK to ask for help, and further, that it’s OK to not be in control of everything.

Give yourself a little grace, accept that you can’t be responsible for it all, and say no—you’ll love how it feels.

NO Teaches You How to Reward Yourself

There’s a substantial difference between being a hard worker and being a worker who never gives themselves a break. Often, we synonymize hustle with determination—but you guys, you can’t hustle every second of the day. You need to take the time to stop working, relax, and reward yourself.

It’s the same concept as that refill the tank metaphor we gave you earlier—how can you possibly keep going at 100% if you’re not fueling yourself? If you don’t learn to say no and take a well-deserved break, you’ll be running on empty again and again.

NO Reminds You There’s More To Life

Do us a favor and walk through this scenario with us. It’s Christmas eve. You get a last-minute request for a cut and color and the client is willing to pay you big-time for this inconvenience. You’ve been working non-stop all month. You’ve got plans in the works for your holiday celebration. Most importantly, you’ve been dreaming about decorating your tree and cozying up with an enormous cup of eggnog.

You’re tired. You’re wired. And you’ve mentally checked out of work. Is saying yes to that bonus really worth the stress, mental anguish, and exhaustion?

There’s so much more to life than money, than just your career, than your professional service. Saying no reminds you that you’re a well-rounded human with interests, passion, and a life outside the spa or salon—there’s more to life than a Christmas Eve bonus, sometimes it just takes no to jog your memory.

NO Makes You a Better Cosmetologist

You guys, burnout isn’t just a myth—it’s a real thing that people of all professions (but especially cosmetology) have to battle with. Saying no—and practicing it intentionally—can help you avoid the dreaded burnout and keep you balanced.

NO In Your Professional Life Teaches You NO In Your Personal Life

Finally, when you start practicing saying no in your professional life, you can bet it’s going to carry over into your personal life, too. And honestly? That’s the best way to find an all-encompassing balance. Know your worth, value your time, and say no when you think it’s right. That’s the best thing you can do for your career, your sanity, and yourself.

Do you have some tried-and-true tips for saying no to your clients, your staff, or even to points in your career? Share it with us now! We’re all about spreading the love to our community (and that includes spreading the power of no).

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